Stoller to Audi–My Boy has Wheels!

In the beginning there was the Stroller (March, 1996)

But from an early age the boy wanted to be behind the wheel….

and soon had his own Big Wheel…

But a two seater had it’s advantages….

Over the years the boy explored alternative forms of transportation….


But in the end the boy knew what he wanted: A CAR. So he started saving his money and car watching…

This would be nice….

A car with muscle might be more more his style.

A car with speed and bling is every boy’s dream.

On his 15th birthday the boy got his drivers permit...and he drove…

And he drove

And he researched cars…

And on his 16th bithday the boy got his drivers licenses and he was very happy!

With research and cash in hand the boy and his mother went out to search high and low, from sun up to sun down, for a car with the boy’s name on it.  Lots, and lots, and lots of people helped along the way.

The mom and the boy looked at Toyota’s, Hyundai, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Lincoln, Honda. The boy did not look at the Prius. They looked at Mazda, Isuzu, Nissan, Kia, Jeep and Chrysler. The boy did not drive a Fiesta. Their search was filled with highs and with lows and lots of fast food and Starbucks. They would not settle for less than a safe, cool, manual transmission, fast, four door car with the name COLE on it.

And then they found it…

Perfect! The boy was in love but closing the deal on the car was fraught with problems. The mom and the boy walked away from the car with Cole’s name on it. They were very sad.

The boy said he needed a little mom magic but the mom knew it was harder to pull an Audi out of a hat than a Happy Meal Toy.

but then the mom remember what her sweet mama always said….

Somebody said that it couldn’t be done,
But, he with a chuckle replied
That “maybe it couldn’t,” but he would be one
Who wouldn’t say so till he’d tried.

The Mom grabbed her magic wand with a bit of a grin and started to wave a bit of mommy magic around.

The Mom demanded Divine intervention,

and wrote a blog post. Click here to read it.

And then a funny thing started to happen…the pieces finally started to fall in place, and the Mom and the Boy were able to say the words they longed to say…..

The car is bought, the boy is off driving his new car, the mom is home alone drinking a cold bottle of little coke and could not be happier. Thanks one and all for your help, love encouragement, and interest while we traveled our rocky car buying path. We might have been able to do it without you….but we would not have wanted too!



2003 Audi, A4, Quattro, 3.0. Manual transmission. 4 doors


14 thoughts on “Stoller to Audi–My Boy has Wheels!

  1. Well color me happy, my Grandson’s most desired wishes came true, he got the car!! I hope he drives carefully and stays safe. What an exciting day for him. He truly has the most magic of Mothers!

  2. Love this blog entry! I may need for you to use that magic to solve some of my issues. LOL! Safe travels to Cole. 🙂

  3. Best Easter basket ever!! Hope the new Audi proves enjoyable and safe for Cole — he got a good-looking set of wheels! And congrats to you for working that “mom magic” for him — enjoy your own new-found freedom from taxiing and sharing rides!

    • Thanks Debbie. Mom magic is a wonderful thing when it works and the absolutely worst power in the world when it won’t produce the desired results. Very excited to be able to have my own car back and to be able go out before dusk…I was beginning to feel like a vampire.

    • Thanks Dawn and Thanks to Bruce. We really appreciate all your help! We did not end up with American made but we did see some great American cars. We will try to make it for the car show in August! Oh, and tell Bruce that Cole has already started to save for those future foreign car repairs 😐

  4. What a lovely blog and a journey I enjoyed sharing the ups and downs. We were cheering him on all the way over here in Jo Daviess county. Cole is really starting to look more and more like you Katybeth. He has Joe’s hair but your smile. He’s adorable and you are too! Sending the angels of protection around that vehicle!

  5. I love happy endings. 🙂

    Did they fix the things that needed it?

    My husband loves his Audi. I hope Cole’s is as trouble-free as ours has been.

    Reintroduce yourself to your car now. 🙂

    • If they did not fix it, they warranted it. Mechanics had different opinions…surprise surprise. Good to know you have an Audi you love and loves you back!
      Yep–I have a car and can now do things like meet a friend for coffee every now and then…you know, maybe have a life.

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