May 11, 2012: Twilight Zone Day, Eat Whatever Day, Military Spouse Day, Tick Pickers Day!

~★~♥~♥~★~ El Morno! ♥~★~★~♥ ~
May 11th, 2011

Colors of Spring

★~ Today’s Quote: There’s nothing more daring than showing up, putting ourselves out there and letting ourselves be seen. ~ Brené Brown

★~ National Tick Pickers Day:

Here Ye! Here Ye! I am proclaiming today National Tick Pickers Day to honor Vickie, our friend and Camp Run A Pup helper and George a much loved camper. Please read VIckie and George’s story at the end of El Morno.

★~ National Twilight Zone Day:

National Twilight Zone day doesn’t correspond to any important Twilight Zone anniversaries, or to Rod Serling’s birthday—but for some odd reason, today is National Twilight Zone Day.

Today, nothing will be as it seems…in fact, are we even really sure today is National Twilight Zone Day…?

Cue music.

★~Eat Whatever You Want Day:

Now that we have entered the Twilight Zone, eat whatever you want.  Forget healthy, forget calorie counts,  just eat whatever makes your heart and tummy happy, from French fries to cinnamon buns. Put peanut butter on your buttered toast; enjoy a bag of Lays potato chips; have multiple breadsticks at the Olive Garden with your pasta; eat a fully- loaded baked potato. Eat whatever you want, but please, do take care not to eat too much…we don’t want you to end the day with a tummy ache.

★~ Military Spouses Day:

This is a time to recognize the sacrifices made by military spouses in support of their Soldiers. The Strength of the Nation is the Army; the Strength of the Army is the Soldier; and the Strength of the Soldier is the family.

★~ Today in History:

♥~1858 – Minnesota became a state known for its lakes, mosquitoes, harsh winters, and walleye. It’s also known for some great writers, including Robert Bly, August Wilson, John Berryman, Sinclair Lewis, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Not all of them were born in Minnesota, but they became associated with the state over the course of their careers. Bob Dylan, another native son, was born in Duluth and grew up in nearby Hibbing.

♥~1927 – The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was founded; although the first Oscars were not presented for several years after its founding.

♥~ 1970 – The triple soundtrack album ‘Woodstock’ was released in the US, going gold within two weeks.

♥~ 1978 – Margaret A. Brewer became the first female general of the U.S. Marine Corp.

♥~ 1997 – Deep Blue, IBM’s supercomputer, made history by defeating chess-master Gary Kasparov. After losing the first game in the match, the computer gained a win in game two, and managed draws in games three, four and five. The final score was 3 1/2 points for Deep Blue and 2 1/2 for Kasparov, who, for the first time ever, conceded defeat. Afterwards, he bolted from the room shaking his head in disgust. “I’m ashamed by what I did at the end of this match,” Kasparov said at a news conference. “But so be it.”

★~Born Today:

♥~ 1888 – Irving Berlin– Little Israel left school after his father died. He was only 8 years old when he took to the New York streets and sang on street corners and in saloons to make money for his family. This was the start of his career in song, dance and movies.  Although, Irving never learned to read or write music, and he never learned to play in any key but F sharp he wrote God Bless America (1917) and scores of Broadway tunes

♥~ 1894 Martha Graham modern dancer:  Denishawn dance school and performing troupe, Graham company, established school of modern dance at Bennington College; choreographer: Cave of the Heart, Appalachian Spring; “The center of the stage is where I am.”; died Apr 1, 1991

♥~ 1904 – Salvadore Dalí surrealist artist: Accommodations of Desire, The Persistence of Memory, Visage of War; died Jan 23, 1989

♥~ 1946 – Robert Jarvik physician: inventor of the Jarvik 7 artificial heart [implanted into Barney Clark in 1982: kept Clark alive 112 days]

★~ Did You Know:

♥~ After WWII, Rod Serling tested experimental parachutes for the U.S. Army at $500 per jump!

♥~ The Twilight Zone is an American anthology television series created by Rod Serling, which ran for five seasons on CBS from 1959 to 1964

♥~ Rod Serling served as executive producer and head writer; he wrote or co-wrote 92 of the show’s 156 episodes. He was also the show’s host, delivering on- or off-screen monologues at the beginning and end of each episode.

♥~ Guest stars on the Twilight Zone  included :Jack Klugman, William Shatner, Burgess Meredith, Dick York, Roddy McDowell, Cliff Robertson, Lee Marvin, Jonathan Winters, Carol Burnett, and  Robert Redford, Burt Reynolds

♥~ The Twilight Zone won an Academy Award for its final episode. The final episode was a short film made in France, which qualified it for an Oscar.

♥~ The Twilight Zone won an Academy Award for its final episode. The final episode was a short film made in France, which qualified it for an Oscar.

♥~ Rod Serling has been hailed as the most honored and prolific writer in the history of television.


And now the story behind National Tick Pickers Day…

Vickie, our camp Mary Pupkins, has a special attachment to one of our long-time campers, George, and likes to take him on a field trip to her house for a visit with her cat Ninja when he comes to camp. George was on his outing with Vickie when she sent me a text:

I think George either developed a sudden mole or he has a tick by his ear. I’m not sure which one it is, but I think it is a tick. Poor George!

I tried to appear intelligent, but I had only seen one tick before, and it had attached itself to Joe’s . . . ok, never mind. Suffice to say that when we had that particular show and tell, I was laughing so hard I did not get a good look at the offending tick. I was not always the most sensitive spouse.

I suggested googling ticks, which Vickie did, and she reported back that indeed it was a tick. She then asked how it should be removed.

To which I responded, “I don’t know nothin’ ’bout removin’ ticks.”

Vickie went back to google and discovered that tick removal was pretty straight forward.  She even had the right tweezers for the job! She asked if she should pick the tick. I didn’t hesitate to give my go ahead. A few minutes later she sent me a text saying


I applauded wildly and bestowed upon her the title “ Tick Picker Extraordinaire” but sadly had to tell her that new title did not come with a pay raise or a corner office. But I would do something special to honor her. I  asked her if she had taken a picture of the tick, and she said she had smashed it on the alcohol pad wrapper and tossed it in the garbage.

“Vickie,” I explained, “when I blog about your heroic tick picking, Odd readers. will want to see a picture of the body.”

She completely understood and said that the tick had not fallen too far into the garbage can and that she would recover it and bring me his body (I would have settled for a picture).

A little while later she brought George back to camp along with the tick‘s body and told me George handled the whole tick orderal like a champ.

Keeping my promise to honor Vickie and the pup behind her greatness George…..I’m proclaiming May 11th  ‘Tick Pickers Day.’ Please congratulate Vickie by leaving a comment. Tick Pickers Day is also a reminder to check your own precious furs for ticks on a regular basis!

TGIF! What are your plans for the weekend? Odd Loves Company! 

21 thoughts on “May 11, 2012: Twilight Zone Day, Eat Whatever Day, Military Spouse Day, Tick Pickers Day!

  1. You are an early bird today! Today is a half-day for me and I have a weekend of golf planned. Life is good. Unless you are tick. Good Job Vickie! Good Boy George.

    I am taking Donuts into the office. Have a good one!

    • Darn Mike–now I want a Donut. A glazed donut! Sounds like the perfect day and weekend. Enjoy your golf weekend -and don’t get ticked! Did I mention we think George picked up his tick on a golf course….?


  2. Ahh Friday!
    Good Job Vickie! Can I have your phone number in case I should ever find myself in need of a tick picker extraordinaire! Only the best for my Peanut.
    Today I will eat a Hotdog Chicago style. I have been hungry for one all week.
    Happy TGIF!

    • A hotdog does sound good. Remember no catsup! I will share a lot of things but I am not sharing my tick picker extraordinaire.

      Hope you have a super day!

  3. Guess we are all early birds this morno. I hope PETA does not come after you and Vickie–That tick looks like it was killed with a sledgehammer. I have heard that is just about the only way you can make sure they are dead.
    If I can eat anything today, anything at all I am going to have a loaded baked potato at the Food Court when I go over to shop today. Yum!
    Way to kill a Tick Vickie. Have a great day one and all.

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  5. YUCK! Poor George is right. Way to go Vickie! I love watching Twilight in re-runs. Rod Serling voice just pulls you in and in and in. We are off to see family this weekend. It’s a hassle to leave town but I always enjoy getting away for a few days once we hit the road.

    • Vickie was awesome! Hope the effort of hitting the road is put behind you once you hit the road and start having an a great time!

  6. I’ve heard the best way to remove a tick is to apply liquid soap to a cotton ball, swab the tick with it for 20 seconds, and simply lift the tick out attached to the cotton ball. Don’t know whether this works, but it sounds less painful than wielding tweezers and taking a chance on getting a leg or two stuck! The Sheltie uses flea and tick preventative — how I’d hate finding one of those nasty things in his heavy furs!

    • I wish that worked and I guess it can if you get the tick immediately but your best bet is to use a tweezers. The flea and tick meds work better for some pups than others…the good thing about George’s tick (a Golden) is that I know know more about them than I ever hoped too! :-D.

  7. Did you know that there is a thingy-do at the pet stores that is a Tick Remover? It’s this weird looking thing that is like tweezers on hormones. I think it would be a perfect Vicki gift for her heroism and accomplishment & much better than a corner office and & a raise.

    • I like it! A tick removal tool worthy of Vickie. I will be going to my local pet store over the weekend and will look for one. THANKS!

  8. Way to go Vickie! Job well done. I hate ticks and fleas! Thank you god we don’t have either in NM. I fought the flea wars in Houston for 25 years, and I finally won. I give my girl a bath every Fri. and go over her like a Mother monkey.

  9. My poor Millie had a tick right on her eyelid and if you don’t think that was fun to try to get off. This was just last summer and being a terrier she always has her nose to the ground sniffing so I have to be extra careful on our walks along the roads. Hate those nasty things! Guess birds also bring them into your yards and in the bushes. I always give her a good going over now.

    • Fun looking back and seeing the comments you somehow managed to miss. A tick or her eyelid? How awful. Poor Millie. I go over my dogs too, but for the most part we have been pretty lucky.

  10. Thanks for the accolades, but I hope to never use my newly acquired skills again!

    George was amazing throughout the process. He made it easy for this first time tick remover and got a few extra treats for his trouble.

    I love Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone! I’m pretty sure that Rod could have written a wonderful script just around the picture you posted. It looks like something from the Twilight Zone, don’t you think?

    • It’s your one year tick anniversary Vickie. I should have bought you chocolate or flowers. I feel awful! The tick did look very Twilight zoneish….

  11. Vickie, as George’s “mom” I give you a HUGE thanks. Especially after seeing the carnage. I know you don’t want to have to ever do that again, so here’s hoping George doesn’t pick up anymore. We normally apply flea and tick meds in the summer – guess with our abbreviated winter we waited to long.

    Thanks again, and Katybeth, thanks for having such a great worker with such special skills!

    • Happy to report that this year we are tick free! Thank Goodness and the boys are both doing great aside from being a little spring itchy.

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