Random Odds and Ends

I made my kid this magnificent Dutch Pancake for breakfast. He was not impressed. I barely got a mumbled, “its good” as I stared in shock and despair as he stuffed a piece of pancake the size of Holland into his mouth. Our morning did not start off well. I watch him breath a big sigh of relief as he walked by the kitchen window on his way to garage the cloud bubble above his head said, “Free, Free at Last.” I slammed a sticky syrup plate into the dishwasher and hoped he would get whip cream on his shirt if he stopped at Starbucks on the way to school. He hates it when that happens! I mentally flicked a Starbucks straw onto his shirt for good measure and felt better.

Speaking of shirts….I pulled this shirt out of my washer? I think my laundry skills are growing. Hot water shrinks…Does cold water grow?

The mailman swore he tried to deliver a certified letter. The mailman claims the problem is that I do not have a door bell. Really? Click video to enlarge

The good news is Starbucks is offering Frappuccino Happy Hour! Half Price Fraps May 4-13 from 3-5pm.

The bad news is the lines are very long.

The good news is the ‘Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino’ are worth waiting in for…

I learned that soaking your shower head in vinegar cleans out all the gunk. That’s a good thing.

My precious furs:  Scooby the beagle, Rascal the Jack Russel, and Skippy the Schipperke.

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8 thoughts on “Random Odds and Ends

  1. Had lunch with my nephew, and we were stopped by 3 different people, 1 asking directions, 1 from a web design company who asked my nephew to call and another who complimented me on my smile! Very random indeed. We made a deal to have lunch 1x a week!

    • You two must have looked like the friendliest people in Chicago…and you do have a dazzling smile. My sweet mother would adopt you on your teeth/smile alone…

  2. Been up to my ears in work today, but thankfully, I got a LOT done (with lots more left to do!) Poor Katybeth — sons that age can be a handful. They soooo want to be on their own, but in the back of their minds they know they’re just not quite ready to be. Hmm, I never had cold water “grow” anything. Must be using the wrong setting!

    • or detergent….Well Cole was a lot more pleasant over pork chops…I guess teen moods are like the weather they blow over and change quickly.

  3. After reading el morno yesterday while walking to the McDonald’s at State and Jackson (in the loop) I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spied a BRIGHT neon orange ukulele. After all, I had just learned it was Uke day. And I’ve never seen anyone walking around with a ukulele. Especially such a nice bright orange one. I started thinking about random thoughts and “yellow jeep” syndrome and just knew I needed a picture of that bright orange ukulele. So I whipped out my phone and took a very quick picture. It was only then I happened to notice who was carrying the ukulele. And his two companions. Suffice to say that when the female accosted me (verbally) and asked if I had just taken a picture of them I prevaricated a little and said, no, why would I take a picture of you? In my mind I thought I was just taking a picture of the ukulele.

    Now I don’t scare easily and it didn’t phase me in the slightest, not even when the trio followed me into McDonald’s (at a dollar a pop it’s the cheapest coffee in Chicago!) but later when I looked at the photo of the ukulele and saw not just that but the woman positively glaring at me I had to laugh. Seriously, if I’d been focused on anything other than that bright orange ukulele I would have been more than a little apprehensive and would have never dared to take out my phone, let alone snap a picture.

    How’s that for random?

    • I think that may win the random prize…Would love a pic of the orange Uke…we could crop the glaring women out of the picture :-D.
      I think denying and ducking into McDonalds was smart. I have heard the coffee is very good!

      Great story. Thanks!!

  4. Don’t you dare crop out the glaring woman, that’s the best part. Orange Ukeleles come and go but glaring women can stick with you.

  5. Well, I have also made many of beautiful and delicious breakfasts…and dinners for that matter to get a similiar response.
    Random facts: sitting listening to birds chirping early in the am helps me to be a little happier for longer into the day. Teen agers will give their parents wrinkles and headaches. One day, I’ll have all the time in the world to listen to birds and the kids will be gone. I wonder if I will treasure the fleeting moments of their visits as much as I do my mornings with coffee and birds these days?

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