Big Bird Feathers His Nest!

Last week, our friend and helper, Vickie gave me the bad news that something had ripped the guts out of two birds and left the remains behind in our yard. I hate litter birds! Today she found part of a squirrel tail at the base of one of our trees, and looking up saw a very large nest.

I called my dear dad—bird watcher extraordinaire—and asked him what kind of bird might have built that nest, explaining that it had already killed two birds and a squirrel. His best guess was a ‘BIG BIRD’! Right, thanks. When I pressed him for a little more information he said it might be a hawk or perhaps an owl.

I asked Cole to climb on top of the garage roof and take a closer look at Big Bird’s nest! He agreed, but was not high enough to see anything, so he suggested climbing the tree next to the tree with the nest for a better look.

In Search Of Big Bird from Katybeth on Vimeo.

I agreed to his idea and encouraged him to put shoes on to protect his feet. At which point he reminded me that monkeys don’t wear shoes and that you could do more with toes than just paint them! Who knew?

Meanwhile, my good camera—and expensive lens—swung from Cole’s neck as he climbed upward, moving from branch to branch. It was hard not to suggest that he put one hand underneath the camera, but despite the risk to my camera I could see the value in hanging onto the tree branches with both hands.

Cole’s final destination still put him under the nest so his pictures  aren’t as clear as we would like, but they do tell us a little bit about Big Bird.

The nest is made of medium sized twigs and is about 20 inches across. It was feathered with purple fabric scraps, grey feathers, and fur that seemed to match the leftover squirrel tail.

Big Bird, it seems, has bold taste and likes colors that complement one another! It seems likely that Big Bird is, in fact, either a hawk or an owl. Naturally—me being me—I had to look up what the hawk and the owl represent spiritually.

A hawk is considered a messenger, protector, and visionary. Keen vision is one of its greatest gifts. Hawks see things others miss. And when a hawk visits, it’s an indication that you are now awakening to your soul purpose, your reason for being here. It can teach you how to fly high while keeping yourself connected to the ground.

When an owl visits, you are being called upon to open your eyes, ears, and mind to the truth of a situation. The owl is a messenger that can bring clarity and illumination.

So the question now is, owl or hawk?

I’m betting a hawk has come to visit. We will keep you posted… I feel certain we’ll have a Big Bird sighting within the next couple of days!

16 thoughts on “Big Bird Feathers His Nest!

  1. Sure seems like a hawk has come to visit. Trying looking for him in the late afternoon. This may sound crazy but pull one of your baby pools into the center of the yard towards the tree and add water…who knows what might swoop down for a drink!

    Keep us posted.

  2. You and Cole are pretty brave!

    As cool as I think it is to have Big Bird around, and I can’t wait to find out what kind of bird she is, I’m so glad the nest is empty! I’d hate to see mama Big Bird chasing Cole down the tree.

    Cole did a great job of getting pictures of the inside of the nest. Clearly, he takes after his mom.

    • I never even thought of Mama bird being in that nest when Cole climb up–but I learned when Cole came down the tree it had been on his mind the whole time. He really does not like things that fly or have claw feet. Ya gotta remind me of these things a little earlier…
      Poor kid probably thought I would make him go back up if he did not get the picture. We aren’t quitters. 😀

  3. Hmmm – we have owls in the back yard every night – Daisy (the 60 lb. Boxer) is deathly afraid of whatever is saying “hoo, hooo” and won’t stay out by herself. I have not seen any owl roadkill, however. There are also redtail hawks in the neighborhood – had one sitting on a branch about 15 feet from the porch a few months back. They love the fact that I have birdfeeders, but I haven’t seen them catch anything. The partial squirrel tail sort of creeps me out.

    • The tail is creepy! I know if Cole was younger it would have been his show and tell! So glad we are past show and tell. You have Owls and Hawks! That is pretty cool. I bet the Hawks think you run a “fly by” restaurant with all your bird feeders!

  4. You two are soooo brave! I don’t know who’s braver — Cole for clambering up that immense tree, or you for letting him! My guess is you have a hawk, a very large hawk. I’ve spotted several in my neighborhood. The Sheltie just sits and watches them, but I pull him inside as fast as I can — those things look hungry, and a furry Sheltie might make a wonderful dinner!

    • Cole grew up climbing our trees and it never occurred to me Mama bird might be waiting for him. I’m really glad she wasn’t home. I would put my money on you if a Hawk came after your sheltie!

  5. The sight of my Grandson miles above the ground does not make my heart happy!
    I’m betting it’s a red tailed Hawk. They are big enough to grab a Squirrel. We had a broad tailed Hawk on our feeder a couple of weeks ago. They look so fierce.
    Now let’s just kick back and wait and not let Cole go back up there. You need a fireman to climb up a ladder and take a look.

    • Your grandson is like a monkey. Now that is has occurred to Cole that mama or papa bird could be waiting for him I’m pretty sure he won’t climb up for another look. I do need a fireman!

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