It’s A Dog’s Life ~ Monday Mornings

 Monday? Tucker and Scout don’t seem to mind. . .

Picture shared by My Odd Family Friend–Erica

All fidos love squeaky toys, but why do dogs like squeaky toys with a passion? What is it about dog squeaky toys that draws out such a reaction from pooches? There are several reasons or theories that would explain such behavior from your pet.

First reason or theory is that the hunting instincts of your canine are what make the animal go crazy over such toys. All pooches are descendants of wolves, and both species share a strikingly similar DNA pattern; thus both dogs and wolves exhibit and share similar qualities in their personalities.

The squeaky noises that the toys make sounds that an injured or scared prey would make. Toughest Dog Chew Toys For Small and Large Dog Breeds, hears the squeaky noises of the toy, their instinctual wolf-like drive shows up, and it will “attack” the toy. The dog will only stop “attacking” the toy when it ceases its squeaking noises.

A fido playing with squeaky dog toys is simulating the act of chasing and capturing prey. The terrier, herding and sporting canines have a strong hunting instinct, and they will like the squeaking sound of a toy. Most heavy chewers are large dog breeds that started as hunting animals in the beginning, and these pooches will love chewing on a squeaking toy.

The second reason or theory as to why pooches love squeaky toys is due to the immediate gratification that their actions create. Your pet enjoys the immediate reward that comes from the squeaky sound a toy being played. Your dog also knows that their bite if effective enough will produce a reaction.

Lastly, your squeaky pet dog toys just because it gets your attention and it wants you to notice it. The need for a fido to draw its owner’s notice is one of the results of its interactions with humans. One thing to keep in mind about the attention-getting antics of a canine is that such actions in some cases are not favorable. If a pooch tends to chew on such toys a lot and its owner gives it little attention, then those attention-getting antics is a negative behavior.

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  1. Looks like my Boxers! Such a hard life they lead! These boys sure look comfortable and are very cute!

  2. Talk about living the life of Riley….these guys sure fit the bill. I sometimes wish my Millie would realize just how lucky she is for all the pampering she gets.

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