June 1, 2012: Say Something Nice, Dare Day, Flip a Coin, Go Barefoot, Random Links

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June 1, 2012

June's wild flowers

Rabbit! Rabbit! Happy June 1st! EL Morno was all ready to go in its usual stars-and-hearts format, but my lack of focus today has been epic. I blame it on my boys’ pending arrival. In any case, El Morno is late and the format is a bit gollywampus.

Joe was in my dreams last night, and right before he poofed, he said “Make this your Facebook status: ‘The martinis are heavenly.’” If you are a Mormon or Baptist, I’m sorry—it would seem that, at least in the area of drinking, God is more on the Catholics’ side.

Speaking of Catholic this amused me.

El Morno’s friend and garden expert, Isabel, shared a thought this morning when a friend expressed concern over how her basil would fare during the cooler June weather some of us are facing: “It’s true that basil doesn’t like it when it gets below 50 degrees at night. But they can usually tolerate a night or two (especially when they’re young). It will stress them, but mine look okay this morning. You’ll know if they’re gone because the leaves will be wilty even now. And the season is pretty early, so one could always get new starts and try again, if you did lose them. It’s always so ‘iffy’ here in Chi. I do remember one year where we got some snow in JUNE.” I hope if you planted Basil it survives the cold snap.

What, you are wondering, are we celebrating today? I am so happy you asked. Let me throw out a few stars and hearts and share:

★~ Say Something Nice Day: This one’s easy enough to celebrate.

★~ Dare Day: Tackle something today (or this weekend) that scares you, accomplish something new, or complete something that has been hanging over your head. I dare you! I double dare you! Okay, I triple-dog dare you!

★~ Flip A Coin Day: Heads or tails? Rumor has it that Julius Caesar invented the coin flip as a method for making decisions. Of course, he always called “heads,” because his own head was on the Roman coin. Caesar’s coin flip settled legal cases, property disputes, and marriage matters. Imagine what life would be like if our fate was sealed by the flip of a coin. “Heads, you go free, tails, you get life in prison.” Ahh, can we go best two outta three here?

★~ Go Barefoot Day: Set your piggies free—but only if your toes are pedicured and polished. Sorry, even for a good cause, if your toes aren’t pretty, don’t remove your shoes.

★~ National Hazelnut Cake Day: Hazelnuts are hard to find and even harder to crack, so last year I had a hazelnut cake that was made with Nutella hazelnut spread. The cake was a nothing-mucher. If you have a really great hazelnut cake recipe, please share.

Today’s birthday celebrations include actor Andy Griffith (1926) and actress Marilyn Monroe (1926). If your birthday is today, a BIG EL MORNO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

While traversing the Internet, a few random links and tips jumped out at me and begged to be shared for posterity.

Turn Any Blender into a Magic Bullet with a Mason Jar (we drink a lot of smoothies and our magic bullet bit the dust a few years ago, but this really works)

Twenty-one Quick Tricks to Feeling Better Instantly

Nine-year-old Food Blogger Takes on School Lunch

Best Advice of the Week-Think before you send!


I have found yet another use for binder clips. They can be used to display photos, or as a note stand. Just stand the binder clip on the flat end and place photos between the arms. Or use two clips on wider images and turn the arms down, balancing the holders on their arms.

Have you discovered Bandits? It is basically a very strong hair tie-like band with a plastic hook. I bought mine at Target because they looked cool (I am sucker for these kinds of things), but I have been amazed at how many times I have used them.

And last but not least, while most of my photos are sent digitally these days, I do like to send some photo prints. In the past I have used Shutterfly, but I was recently introduced to picplum and I LOVE it. They print and ship the prints for you. U.S. shipping starts at no cost.

If it makes you smile, giggle or laugh…do it again!  Thanks for stopping by….Odd Loves Company

8 thoughts on “June 1, 2012: Say Something Nice, Dare Day, Flip a Coin, Go Barefoot, Random Links

  1. I have been looking for something like those binders. Stronger than a rubber band but not a bungie cord.

    Cheers Joe. TGIF and GOLF! Have a good one!

  2. Loved this El Morno. So fun! I will have to try the mason jar trick.
    I know it was only a 4 day week but it seemed like it went on forever. So glad it is the weekend!

    Have a great day.

  3. Such a beautiful day. Not to cold, not to hot, just right! This El Morno has so much great stuff. I am going to check out the picplum. I still send a lot of pictures and this might be a great resource.
    Looking forward to a weekend of a lot of nothing!

  4. Dont know if this is connected to dare day but tomorrow is Dare Day in Manteo, NC, county seat of Dare County. Manteo (on Roanoke Island) is also where Andy Griffith lives AND where my son is living during his summer internship!

    Big goings on on the town square tomorrow! Let’s go!

    • I’m ready! I love town squares. I bet it is connected to Dare day. These holidays hop around a lot and often fall during the week but are celebrated on the weekend. Did you watch any Andy re-runs today??
      Have a good weekend.

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