June 3, 2012: Queen’s Jubilee: I’m A Royal Watcher!

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June 3, 2012

Highlights of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant

If you were looking forward to Repeat Day or Egg Day, we missed them. On Repeat Day, you are encouraged to send people the same e-mail several times or keep repeating your Facebook status. Well, there’s always next year, but we do have something to celebrate: the Queen of England’s diamond jubilee (2-5th of June)! I love everything about the royals, so I’ve been following the celebration and doing a little royal watching. Let me bring you up to date, in case you haven’t been following the celebration.

Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne for 60 years this year. She inherited the job when her father, George VI, died in 1952. It’s a bit confusing, because George (“Bertie” of King’s Speech fame) actually died in February 1952, but the actual formal coronation did not take place until June the following year (1953). I’m sure the weather also had something to do with the change of dates; a party in London in February would never do.

Now some sharp Odd readers will point out that a diamond anniversary is at 75 years and not 60. Traditionally, the golden anniversary of a person or event was at 50 years, and the diamond anniversary was at 75. This changed with the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria, the only other British monarch to have spent 60 years on the throne. There was considerable national unrest when Queen Victoria withdrew from public life after Albert’s death in 1861, and it was therefore decided to bring her diamond jubilee forward (by 15 years!) to the 60th anniversary in 1897. A diamond anniversary is now usually the 60th, not the 75th, much to the delight of jewelers everywhere.

If you’re wondering if the Queen is going into retirement soon, from what I’ve read, there is not a chance. The Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, are known to be extremely nervous about the impact on the British people that the unpopular King Charles-and-Queen-Camilla combo will cause. Contrary to popular rumor, Chaz and Camilla have no intention of standing aside to allow William and Kate to take the throne. If the Queen lives as long as her mum did, she will live another 15 years, and by then who knows what will happen.

Lots of pomp, circumstance, and shindigs are going on in London to celebrate the coronation. If you are into the royals, grab a glass of champagne and offer a toast: “Long Live the Queen.” Do the Royals fascinate you? 

Hope you had a super Sunday. See you tomorrow!

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13 thoughts on “June 3, 2012: Queen’s Jubilee: I’m A Royal Watcher!

  1. I’m not much of a Royal Watcher but I am always up for a toast.
    Great weekend weather for golf and I even managed to get a few things done around the old homestead.

    See you in the Morno

  2. Love the Royals but had not heard much about the coronation. Loved the update. A lot more fun than Repeat day!

    The weekend went much to fast!

  3. Boy, you were busy…Huge fan of the Royals and as Debbie ^mentioned the royal Corgis are terrific. i had not seen much of the coverage on the Diamond Jubilee so it was fun to be brought up to date.


  4. Sorry to hear that Prince Phillip is in the hospital. I hope the old duck will be okay. Would be a tragedy should anything happen to the old “F–t”. And from what I have seen, he does a bit of that!! Otherwise, I love everything about the royals. I sure would not like to see Camilla as Queen. What a sour puss.

    • Shaking my head…I think he does do a bit of that. You are right Camilla is no Queen but then I’ve never thought of Charles as much of a prince. Diane brought good genes into that family!

  5. Americans can take a lesson from the British people on how to celebrate history, tradition, and how to honor their country. They make themselves a very proud people and a very popular country. Long live the Queen and thank you for a lesson in humility. We could all use a lesson in humility.

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