June 6, 2012: Yo-Yo Day,Gardening Exercise Day,Running Day, Applesauce Day

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June 6, 2012

Summer Meadow ...

★~Today’s Quote: If I knew I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself. Mickey Mantle

★~National Yo-Yo Day:  Today will have its ups and downs!

So… when was the last time you went on a walk with your yo-yo? Wait! Before you answer that, let me clarify: I’m talking about the pocket toy consisting of a length of string knotted at one end to a flat spool. Are you a yo-yoer?  Do you know any cool yo-yo tricks? If you do, today is your day to show  off! If you are not a yo-yoer and you don’t know any impressive yo-yo tricks, it’s never to late to learn! Interesting Yo-Yo Facts.

★~ National Gardening Exercise Day:

Put on those gardening gloves, grab your straw hat, and let’s get moving. Gardening for an hour burns about 300 calories (depending on your weight and how intensely you garden). Lift those bags of soil. Come on, you can do it! And one and two… Now bend, and hoe, and bend, and hoe. That’s it; you’ve got it! Just two more reps and we’re ready to move on to some digging. The best health club is your backyard, with the added benefit of not only having a toned body but a beautiful yard.

♥~ National Running Day:

Run Don’t Walk! Join America in a unified effort today to promote running and exercise simply by… running! You won’t have a garden full of Zucchini but the more you run the fitter you’ll grow and the only thing you’ll have to water is yourself!

★~ Applesauce Cake Day:

Today’s the day to bake a cake with applesauce. Applesauce dates back to the Middle Ages. During World War I, applesauce cakes were promoted as patriotic because they used less butter, sugar, and eggs. By the end of the century, they were touted as a more healthful alternative to traditional cake. Applesauce can also be substituted for vegetable oil. One cup of vegetable oil has 1927 calories while one cup of applesauce has 105 calories.  No matter how you slice it, Applesauce cake is very tasty! I have been told this recipe makes a great Applesauce cake

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1882 – The first electric flatiron, or what we call the electric iron, was patented by Henry W. Seely of New York City.

♥~ 1933 – FIRST DRIVE-IN MOVIE OPENS:. Richard Hollingshead opened the world’s first drive-in movie on 10 acres off Wilson Boulevard in Camden, New Jersey.

♥~ 1946 – Actor Henry Morgan became the first man to take off his shirt on television.

♥ ~ 1962The Beatles auditioned for producer George Martin of EMI Records. After listening to a playback of the audition tapes, Martin said, “They’re pretty awful.” He changed his mind after meeting the group, however.

John Byner, Rich Little, Richard Pryor and so many more, as The Ed Sullivan Show left ”

♥~ 1973 The world’s tallest totem pole, 173 feet, was raised at Alert Bay, British Columbia.

♥ ~ 1996 – Hungary’s Arpad Nick set a world record at the Budapest airport by pulling a 17-ton airplane 36 feet with his teeth.

♥ ~ 2000 – Unilever (Netherlands) agreed to buy Bestfoods (Englewood Cliffs, NJ) for $20.3 billion in a deal creating the world’s biggest food company. Bestfoods’ brands included Skippy peanut butter and Hellman’s mayonaise. Unilever brands included Lipton tea, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and Dove soap.

★~Born Today:

♥~ 1926 – Tom Ryan cartoonist: Tumbleweeds

♥~ 1952Harvey Fierstein Tony Award-winning actor: Torch Song Trilogy [1983]; Mrs. Doubtfire, Bullets Over Broadway; and playwright: Torch Song Trilogy [1983]; La Cage aux Folles, Tidy Endings; actor: Mrs. Doubtfire, Independence Day

♥~ 1955Sandra Bernhard comedienne, actress: Roseanne, The Richard Pryor Show, Comedy Central: The A-List, The Late Shift, Hudson Hawk, King of Comedy

♥~ 1956Bjorn Borg tennis champ: French Open [1974-1975, 1978-1981], Wimbledon [1976-1980]

★~ Did You Know:

♥~ Park-In Theaters–the term “drive-in” came to be widely used only later–was the brainchild of Richard Hollingshead, a movie fan and a sales manager at his father’s company, Whiz Auto Products, in Camden.

♥~ Richard was inspired by his mother’s struggle to sit comfortably in traditional movie theater seats

♥~ The young entrepreneur opened Park-In Theaters (May of 1933), with an initial investment of $30,000.

♥~ The first screen was 40 by 30 feet.

♥~ Hollingshead charged 25 cents per car and 25 cents per person, with no group paying more than one dollar.

♥~ Drive-in theaters showed mostly B-movies–that is, not Hollywood’s finest fare–but some theaters featured the same movies that played in regular theaters.

♥~ At the height of their popularity in 1958, there were more than 4,000 drive-ins across America. Today there are fewer than 500 open.

♥~ Check out the cool Google Doodle!


My sweet mother arrived yesterday and all is right with my world. However she is STILL sleeping!! Sheesh, you would think she spent 27 hours on a train or something. . .Oh well I’ll let her sleep and run to the store for some butter for her toast. We are out of butter…how could that be?

First stop on today’s list is the fabric store to buy some pink netting so my Mom can make a tutu for a Box Turtle. . .more details will be forthcoming.

What was your first drive-in movie? Inquiring minds want to know!

Odd Loves Company!

6 thoughts on “June 6, 2012: Yo-Yo Day,Gardening Exercise Day,Running Day, Applesauce Day

  1. Thanks for the reminder to take my yo-yo to work and amaze and amuse the masses!
    Glad your mom arrived safely! Have a good one.

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  3. Cinderella might have been my first drive-in movie. My mom took my sister and I. Such fun. We sung the songs and could ask questions without any one shhhhing us.
    Please do explain a little more about the turtle…I must not understand.

    Have fun with your Mom. Think of me cleaning sticky hands, and the kitchen yet again while you “do lunch.”

  4. Love applesauce cake. We have drive in not far from where I live and my grandkids love to go when we visit. Last time they visited we took the to see Carrs. Fun, novel, and inexpensive.

    Enjoy your Mom!

  5. Love applesauce cake! And used to love to run…should have started that again today. My excuse is I didn’t read this till the sun was down…..good enough excuse as any I suppose!

  6. I was a sophmore in high school when I first went to a drive in movie. Loved it, as long as we didn’t have to park too far away from the concession stand where the “john” was. Always had to stumble my way to that everytime. Too much pop, I guess. Have a wonderful make-up time with Mom. So much to catch up on, I’m sure.

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