The Duck that Didn’t Sizzle. My Poor Brother-in-Law!


Happy Martini Day! Well, officially it is “Dry Martini Day”. When my sweet mother visited, my brother-in-law (BIL) and sister-in-law (SIL) invited us over for cocktails before we all went out to dinner. My BIL is a modern day Renaissance man. He is a gourmet cook, plays beautiful piano music, and shakes a martini with James Bond precision. My SIL is patient, thoughtful, and goes beyond the beyond when it comes to presenting things well. Together they are the perfect “pairing”—the hosts with the most.

When we arrived, my BIL was playing the piano. I have a treat for you…a sampling of the beautiful music we enjoyed!


Martinis were shaken, served, and enjoyed. I, of-course, enjoyed a little bottle of Coke.

Next we took a tour of the garden–Notice how pretty, my sweet, mom looks wearing the shirt I gave her for Mother’s day!

After our garden tour, we sauntered (it’s Martini Day and Saunter Day) out the door for a stroll over to a neighborhood Thai restaurant for dinner. The appetizers were very good, and more than enough to call dinner—well, at least for my sweet mom, SIL, and me; Cole and my BIL, however, needed “more” so they ordered a plate of Sizzling Duck.

My BIL does not order food casually: He evaluates his choices, politely listens to the list of specials, politely asks a lot of questions, and politely clarifies any potential areas of misunderstanding. He gives a good waiter an opportunity to shine, a mediocre waiter a chance to grow… while bad waiters usually switch tables after the drink order. Before placing the order for the duck plate, he asked if the duck was fried and was told it was “no fry-sizzle.” He then asked if the duck was served with vegetables, which he did not want, and was told “no veggie, you want rice?” It took a minute or two but eventually an agreement was reached, the order was placed, the contract was signed. More champaign was poured and the Sizzling Duck was waited for with anticipation.

When the duck plate arrived, it was clear something was lost in translation. The duck  was fried, did not sizzle, and was smothered in vegetables. It looked like this….

My BIL’s face looked like this…

We all tried to renegotiate with the wait staff, but it was clear that when it came to returning or fixing the order nobody spoke English all that well. So we put the duck on a fresh plate and removed the offending soggy veggies. When a duck does not sizzle there is not much you can do about it, so we encouraged my BIL to say ‘what the quack’ and get over it—which he did—and then, along with Cole, ate the offending and offensive duck offering.

We had a toast to Better Duck next time!

Like most mishaps in life the “duck that did not sizzle” left us laughing as we sauntered out of the restaurant and made our way home after an otherwise lovely evening and dinner. I did, however, promise my BIL that I would share the story of the “duck that did not sizzle” with my Odd readers so you could offer him sympathy, support, and share your stories of restaurant meals that failed to meet your expectations and perhaps left you disappointed and even depressed and despondent.

Odd Loves Company!

21 thoughts on “The Duck that Didn’t Sizzle. My Poor Brother-in-Law!

  1. That is some great piano playing. Bad duck is such a bummer but Marini’s are something else and those look like dam good martini’s!

    Cheers to better duck next time.

    • Doesn’t he play beautifully! I have it on good authority that the Martini’s are very good! Thank you for catching and carrying forward my pun!

  2. Your mother looks lovely in her Mother’s day shirt! The whole evening sounds and looks perfect! Except for that dam duck! I can not believe they tried to pass it off as sizzling when it does not sizzle at all and who would want mushy veggies on a their duck! I hope you gave them the evil eye all night!

    Katybeth I am sure your BIL did not look like that but I could not stop laughing at that picture!

  3. I do not like bacon on my potato. I know that is odd but I just don’t and I always very clearly ask the waiter to leave it off several times but they never do and sometimes I just want to take that potato and throw it on the ground so I do know how your BIL feels.

    Beautiful music!!

    • How Odd is this…my mom just told me she did not like bacon on her baked potato and I never knew this…and I bet her reaction is a lot like your’s when they do put bacon on her potato. I feel that way about tomatoes on my hamburger.

  4. I’ve been told, I just stop short of interrogating the wait staff when it comes to ordering food. I really don’t appreciate surprises. I hate sending food back, it’s awkward for the people who are already eating so I really want it, to be the way, I want it’s served. When it’s not I rarely say anything but I never go back.

    • it is hard to send something back and then sit watching everyone else eat while they watch you not eating. I do ask them to pop my steak back on the grill tho when it is too rare.

  5. Richard plays a mean piano and I can attest to his magnificent martinis. Your mom certainly looks radiant in her new blouse! Nothing ruins a meal like an uncooperative, un-understanding, un-make it my way staff. I agree with Cynthia if you have to have an un-sizzling duck with anyone, it would be you.

  6. Your poor BIL. I totally sympathize. Why won’t waiters listen when you’re ordering? Too many times, I’ve ordered salad dressing on the side or butter on the side of the potato, yet when they show up at my table, there they are, draped across what they shouldn’t be! I’m afraid to send them back (for fear they’ll spit in the new ones, ha!), but if I hadn’t wanted my food a certain way, I wouldn’t have bothered ordering it that way — grrrr!

  7. Let me assure you all in spite of the duck it was a perfectly lovely evening. Richard’s martini’s are wonderful and the Champagne with dinner was delightful.
    Much laughing and fun company are what makes the meal.
    I love bacon on the side but not in anything.

  8. The piano playing is beautiful!! And yes, your mom looks lso lovely in that blouse you gave her. 🙂 Sorry about the duck!! What a quack!

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