Turtle In A Tutu–We Outdid Ourselves!

Thinking outside the box….

I tried to come up with a great story, to go along with these pictures, but I think the pictures are worth a 1000 words.

Thank you, Funtowitz family, for bringing your turtle Maxine, along with your pups, to camp!

A big thank you to my sweet mother for only giving me the “you’re crazy” look and swearing twice when I asked her to sew a tutu for Maxine. My sweet mom hates to sew, but she took needle to net and created a beautiful double-ruffled tutu for Maxine the turtle.

Thank you! Thank you to our friend and helper Vickie, who was our turtle whisperer. She helped dress Maxine, coaxed her out of her shell, and had her smiling and practically pirouetting as I snapped her picture.

We had a flower for Maxine’s head (my sweet mother thought a tierra was over the top) but decided her head did not need to be adorned (and the darn thing kept falling off–Elmer’s glue was not an option…)

Maxine makes a beautiful ballerina! Don’t you agree?

Would you like an autographed pictures of Maxine? Just let her know you would like one by leaving  a comment and I will contact you for a mailing address and send one speedy quick!

Odd Loves Company!

20 thoughts on “Turtle In A Tutu–We Outdid Ourselves!

  1. OMG this is too wonderful and too funny! Maxine is beautiful and you and your turtle team are amazing! Yes, of-course I want an autographed picture! Maxine even looks like she knows she looks beautiful!

  2. Is it so wrong that I find these not only amusing but, adorable as well? Sure my son would have a major meltdown if he even knew about these photos. He only trusts a small handful with his most prized pet, so how could I blow that trust. I will have to stash these wonderful photos for my own personal giggle and share with those who are sworn to secrecy. On a personal note, having her dressed up has really helped Maxine come out of her shell. Don’t tell me that this turtle is not posing and smiling. Work it girl, you look marvelous!

    Joann (Grandma to Max) ;-D

    • Joann, Maxine was handled as little as possible and with the utmost care.

      I would love to introduce her to my turtle nephew, Snappy. He’d be captivated by her beauty and want to take her out for a twirl or two on the dance floor.

  3. P.S. – and yes Katybeth and team, you truly outdid yourselves with this one. If you ever publish a camp photo book, please reserve me a copy or two. Thanks!

  4. Katybeth, Katybeth Sweet Mom, Vickie how in the world!! I have never ever….ROLF. How do you do these things!! Maxine looks like she has wanted to be a ballerina her whole and entire life. YES! I want a picture!
    BTW-Maxine is a very pretty turtle with or without a tutu!

  5. Ok now I have seen everything. Of-course I am laughing but I am also amazed that this turtle is cooperating and actually seems to be saying “I have been doing this my whole life.” I would love to have a picture

  6. Team Turtle is sure a creative bunch. I can not imagine looking at a Box Turtle and envisioning her in a tutu. I want a picture so I always remember to think outside the box! Love this!

  7. Of course I want an autographed picture!

    Amazing pictures and costume design. You and your sweet mom totally outdid yourselves. Max sure was strutting her stuff all dressed up in the tutu – she’s beautiful and she knows it!

  8. You are absolutely right I have never seen a turtle in a tutu before. I like it! Maxine is a beautiful ballerine-I can imagine her with her turtle hair pulled back in a bun spinning across the stage in a performance of On Turtle Pond. Maxine would of-course be the star and outshine any of the other performers. Yes, I think the next step is for you to produce this ballet! Please send me a picture so I can hang it and be a part of the “I knew her when club…”

  9. Your sweet mom is bucking for sainthood, sewing that lovely tutu when she hates to sew! This is just what I needed to see to culminate my weekend — Maxine is too much. She looks like not only is she ready to pirouette, she’s eager to strut her stuff! Well done, everybody!

  10. I could never imagine a turtle in a tutu…What a stitch this is. Good thing she isn’t agressive or your would have had a finger missing by now. I need to have an autographed picture to show my friends. They don’t believe me when I tell them about your antics. This will prove it. You already have my address I believe.

  11. You just know I have to have her autograph ( well I hope she’s a she) I do believe this is the first time I have ever seen a ballerina turtle. Maxine, you are truly a prima donna…in the loveliest sense of the word.

  12. Thank you one and all for your comments! I am proud to report that Maxine has even received a marriage proposal from Snappy the turtle–Vickie’s sister’s turtle.
    In answer to a few questions and inquires:
    Maxine has a gentle disposition and actually seemed to enjoy the attention which is good because her beak looked pretty sharp.
    Of-course Maxine is a girl turtle! If she had been a boy we would have made a black leotard and knitted him tights.
    Pictures will be sent by the end of the week (I hope)….

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