Fence One-Hundred Dollars-Sense of Accomplishment Priceless

Cole decided that he wanted to build a new fence to replace the small wire fence that kept our campers back from the main fence and to coral off the back patio from the campers, turning it into an outside teen patio. Such a task should be entrusted to real professionals, fence builders West Palm. They went to https://www.skilledfencing.com.au/ to see what type of fence they would want. The kid has the upstairs television room, his bedroom, half of the garage, a good portion of the yard, which houses his trampoline, and now he has his own patio. I am beginning to wonder if this house, which was once home to seven children and two adults, is big enough for the two of us.

A fence-building plan was drawn up, and Cole and his partner in building, Patryk, presented it to me — not so much for my approval but for my debit card. I was somewhat reluctant to agree. The weather was in the 90s, and talking Cole into taking out the garbage was a big deal. I had no idea what level of skill was needed to build a fence, and power tools such as saws, drills, and nail guns would be used. Finally, after some negotiation, which included “you will finish what you start with my money, clean up each day, and avoid any and all accidents with power tools that would cause a trip to the emergency room, I agreed to the project and to invest in the materials.

The fence was started the very next day in 100-degree heat. The boys worked for about eight hours the first day and only stopped when it started to rain. Fence building is hot, dirty, exhausting work, but they stuck with the job, which took two days longer than they expected. Each day they got a little better at working together, and things went a little smoother. Watching out of my kitchen window, I witnessed men in the making — nailing, digging, leveling, measuring, and talking trash.

When Cole took sip of ice-cold water from his dad’s stainless steel martini shaker, it reminded me of when he was small and was working beside his dad on his pint size workbench. Joe was drinking a beer, and Cole was drinking root beer; Joe was nailing a play stand together, and Cole was nailing a box together. He looked up at his dad and said, “I feel just like you when I build, Dad.”

Lumber, $65; nails and screws, $15; saw blade, $20; sense of accomplishment and pride on the boys’ faces for a job well done, priceless.

Fence One-Hundred Dollars-Sense of Accomplishment Priceless from Katybeth on Vimeo.

10 thoughts on “Fence One-Hundred Dollars-Sense of Accomplishment Priceless

  1. Love this KB. The pictures are just great. What a sense of accomplishment for those boys “priceless.” Kudo’s to you for taking a chance and saying yes. Happy there are no emergency room pictures!

    • Me too! I really did not want to deal with stitches or worse. My brother-in-law is fond of saying when asked why he is doing something…”Well, you have to do something.” So I try and remember that when I say yes.

  2. WOW! Do those boys want to move south? I promise to cook for them every NIGHT. That fence is outstanding! Loved the slide shows…it looks like they worked hard and had fun. I hope I’m as good as you are about letting my kids “go at it” when they get older.

    • No you may not have boy and friend…Today. Ask me tomorrow tho and the answer may change.
      Just learn to close you eyes Liz. Practice NOW.

  3. Well done, Mom!! It’s easy for a parent (especially a female parent) to question a son when he proposes something lofty like this. Does he have the skill level? Will he persevere to the end? Will he be careful? You handled all that with grace, my friend, and I’m proud of you. I’m proud of Cole, too, for making such a great-looking, sturdy fence — and for taking several steps toward “manhood” in the process! He’ll be an asset when he hits college, too, if he’s allowed to build lofts with his dorm furniture!

    • Thanks Debbie. He may choose his college based on how liberal they are with hammers, saws, and drills…they may suggest he just drink instead.

  4. This is a positively an outstanding video. Fantastic pictures of three drop dead good looking guys, super music and the video was super in every way!!!

    • Really? You liked it? Outstanding, Fantastic. Super (twice)…yes I think you did like it. You may want to copy this comment and paste it frequently.

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