July 2, 2012: World UFO Day- Roswell, New Mexico

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July 2, 2012

its not so much the big sign

Today is World UFO Day. I don’t know anything about worldly UFOs, but I do know about Roswell, New Mexico’s claim to UFO fame. For those who don’t know, Roswell’s main claim to fame is that in 1947, a flying saucer allegedly crashed nearby. Newscasts reported that locals were involved in retrieving debris from the mangled spaceship and in conducting an autopsy on a dead alien. The United States Air Force quickly recanted these claims, however, stating that the craft was actually remnants of a weather balloon and nothing more. Even so, books, movies, TV shows and a slew of deathbed confessions by people claiming to have been hushed by the US government keep this local legend alive. One could say that the Roswell incident is the original X File.

World UFO Day was created to acknowledge the Roswell crash, raise awareness about UFOs and encourage governments to declassify their knowledge about sightings throughout history. As a result, a lot of people now walk around Roswell, New Mexico 365 days a year wearing bobbing green antennas on their heads and greeting each other by saying, “Na-Nu Na-Nu!”

I was born in Roswell, New Mexico, and spent many a weekend and school holiday driving the 200 miles between Roswell and El Paso, Texas, and the only good thing about Roswell was that my grandparents lived there. Most people who lived in Roswell back in those days believed the world was flat…because when someone made it to the edge of town, they NEVER CAME BACK. Growing up, I never remember anyone mentioning a word about flying saucers or government cover-ups. My grandfather and I used to go to the airport to watch the planes land and take off and he never told me a single UFO story, my mother’s younger brother never teased me about being part alien, and my mom never told me flying saucer stories on our 200-mile (felt like a million) trips back and forth to Roswell. I’m not sure I believe Roswell’s alien stories, but I do appreciate good marketing. “The Crash of 1947” gave Roswell a new dollar to pass around, just in time, the old dollar was almost worn out.

Click “Did You Know?” if you are curious about more UFO facts.

Happy Birthday Lindsay Lohan, who is turning 26… or 62 in drug years. If it is your birthday: Happy birthday too you!

What are your thoughts about UFOs?

Na-Nu Na-Nu!! (“Odd Loves Company” in Alien!)

8 thoughts on “July 2, 2012: World UFO Day- Roswell, New Mexico

  1. I have never been to Roswell but I was a huge X file fan and always wanted to make the trip.

    Lindsey is only 26 how can that be possible. Her birthday is on the same day as World UFO day–coincidence? Maybe.

    • As one person said I don’t think it’s a coincidence at all-aliens obviously abducted her sense of right and wrong.
      I would make Roswell a day trip on your way to some place else—just saying.

  2. Great comment about Lindsey. I can’t believe she is only 26, either. I find it hard to believe that we are the only planet with people in the whole Universe but I also find it a little unnerving to think there is a whole other planet full of people that we don’t even know about. There are just a whole lot more questions than answers, I guess.

  3. Color me crazy but I think there are UFO’s and people on other planets. I went Roswell and was fascinated by the crash site and think something more did happened than they talked about at the time. Fascinating stuff!

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