Lighten Up and Laugh!

 If this made you laugh, we might share the same sense of humor…

The Oobleck is out of the living room. It was starting to get a little whiffy, so I think we moved it out just in time. It was a bit more of a challenge than I thought it would be to bag up because it is, by nature, both a liquid and a solid, but we managed to bag most of it, and when we were down to the slushiest part, I suggested to Cole that we each take an end of the pool, fold it together so we could get through the doorways, and walk slowly outside with it. It was light enough to carry at this point. Tired of lugging bags of Oobleck to the garbage, Cole readily accepted my idea.

As we stood in the living room, each holding one end of the folded pool, the Oobleck inside slushed back and forth between us as we tried to work our way towards the door. Cole’s eyes met mine, and he started to laugh, and then I started to laugh harder. The situation was absurd. Cole started laughing even harder when the grown-up in me sputtered, “STOP LAUGHING or we will spill it.” Somehow, we managed to get the pool outside but not without some spillage along the way. I’m not sure what Cole will remember in the retelling of the Oobleck party years from now, but I bet he’ll remember when our eyes met, the Oobleck slushed, and we dissolved into hysterical laughter and when he remembers he  laugh all over again.

Not long after Joe died, Cole and I were walking through a mall and passed the place where Joe bought his glasses. I’m not sure why I said, “Oh, there’s the place your dad bought his glasses,” but when Cole quipped back, “… before he died,” we both started laughing so hard we had to sit down.

As Cole and I have waded through our grief over Joe’s death and navigated the last few years together laughing at the absurdities that life and death have presented to us, humor has been a powerful way to feel connected to one another, and to Joe. Cole shares my sense of humor (it was handed down from my sweet mother), so we know that, more than likely, we’ll find the same things funny.

We laugh a lot. I love that about us.

When was the last time you laughed so hard you weren’t making a sound; so hard your stomach ached; so hard you could not tell the whole story; burst out laughing unexpectedly because you remembered something funny from the past?

What makes you laugh?  The whole world may not laugh with you … but I will.

13 thoughts on “Lighten Up and Laugh!

  1. I am a barrel full of laughs 24/7. People are always laughing and having a good time when funny Mike is around and sometimes I even share the FOOD OF THE DAY with them when I know what it is….just sayin’

    Have a good one. Should I stop back by later?

  2. Oh how I love the unexpected snott coming out of your noses belly laugh. It’s been too long. But usually stupid moments start me off and when they do it can take me hours or days to regain my composure.
    Your right, time to lighten up.

  3. Thanks for starting my day off with a laugh. . .yes I laughed. It’s so important not to take life too seriously something I’m often guilty as charge of.
    Staying up to late to watch the Olympics!

  4. I can always count on you to bring me a laugh — I know just what you mean about that eyes-meeting-and-laugh-erupting feeling. Domer has a quirky sense of humor, and I love laughing with him! I don’t think of myself as terribly funny, but he says I come up with funny things out of the clear blue — laughter makes any day better!

    • Debbie–not to stereotype but speaking from experience I think most tried and true Catholic women are very funny. I have never meet one that wasn’t. Especially the Irish one’s….

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  6. I love to laugh. My daughter and Grandson and I have the same kind of wacky sense of humor, which confuses the hell out of my husband!!!!

  7. My daughter and I have the same weird sense of humor and find the dumbest things funny and that gets us laughing. I have always said that laughter is the best medicine in the world and after you have had a big, can’t catch your breath laugh, don’t you just feel a 100%better all over?

    • Cynthia and I have found humor in the silliest things over the years.. and you are so right after you have laughed hard you do feel so much better!

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