Boys! Heading Shaking and Headlock Included!

Cole and his 12-year-old cousin, Ryan, are visiting the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry today. Ryan is Cole’s second cousin twice removed because he is my first cousin once removed.  But doesn’t “once removed” sound just awful? “Twice removed” sounds even worse, like the family wanted nothing to do with you. In any case, let it be known that we love Ryan and are glad he is visiting. And he can marry Cole if he wants too!


I asked Cole and Ryan to bring me some mint from our overgrown, bursting-at-the-seams mint pots before they left to go sightseeing…and they did….

I requested that they send me some nice sightseeing pictures and they texted me this one.

I texted back…

Mom: Since your cousin’s fingers are all facing outward, I assume he is saying something different than what it looks like he might be saying. Right?

Cole: Yes. He is saying “Chicago is number one.”

Mom: With his middle finger?

Cole: Mom, he is 12. What else would he be sayin?. Look at how his fingers are facing. Out.

I believed Cole and Ryan, turned the picture into a Postagram and sent it to his parents by snail mail. When I proudly showed Cole and Ryan a copy of the postcard, they started to beat on themselves with laughter. Really! I told Ryan that I was only glad I had sent it to his parents (who will be amused) and not his grandfather. He quipped back, “Oh, he taught it to me.” I gave up for the moment.

But the last word was mine when they came home smoking cigars. I immediately grabbed my camera and asked them to pose.

The cigars put out real smoke and have ash on the end, so Cole was rather surprised I didn’t fall for it. Ha! I’ve smoked a few candy cigarettes in my day, even if I never flipped anyone off before the age of 30.

Last night, when I went to hug them good night, I found myself in a headlock.

Boys! What’s not to love?!

10 thoughts on “Boys! Heading Shaking and Headlock Included!

  1. So FUNNY. You believed them….Suffice to say you have an only child. One is One but two are trouble. Those boys are very cute.

    BTW–Blue in case I don’t make it over to El Morno.

  2. Love my daughter and we have a lot of fun together maybe because we think alike and enjoy many of the same things BUT nobody can make me laugh like my son and he was so much easier in every way than my daughter. I’m glad I had one of each just so I could experience the best and worst of both possible worlds.

  3. My daughters pushes my every button. Love them fiercely and enjoy them for short spurts but if I had to be stuck on a desert island (and I sincerely hope it never happens) with any of my children I hope it would be my oldest son. He was easy to deliver and has been a piece of cake his whole life.

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