Let’s Swap Stuff!

I have an idea!!

Wait! Come back! It’s a good idea! You’re going to love it!

It occurred to me that we all (that is, every last one of us) have too much stuff. I know this because we’re always saying to one another, “I have too much stuff” and/or “I need to get rid of some stuff.” But some stuff is easier to get rid of than other stuff. Some stuff needs a new home (in that it doesn’t work for you but it might work for someone else), but you don’t feel right taking it to Goodwill and you’d like to make sure it goes to a home where it will be useful. This stuff is usually explained in any one or more of the following ways:

      • “I really should get rid of that.”
      • “I don’t have room for it.”
      • “I don’t know why I bought it.”
      • “It never really worked.”
      • “It was so expensive.”
      • “I’d hate to just pitch it.”

In other words: I’’ll show you my stuff if you show me your stuff, and maybe we can trade stuff. Let’s just jump in and DO IT. This is a real-life, real-time offer.

I’m willing to trade two almost-new pair of men’s Lucky 361 Vintage straight-leg jeans, size 34 x 30, holes optional. (They don’t have any, but you could add them.) Crafted for ease and comfort, these low-rise, straight-leg jeans are as enduring as America itself. Of course, at $99.00 a pair they aren’t exactly your dad’s jeans.

Now, you offer me a trade in the comment section of Odd. You don’t need to post a picture of what you’re offering; just describe it to me. It doesn’t need to be comparable; it just needs to be useful, or cute, or a cool gadget. Tell me why I can’t live without your stuff.

On Wednesday, September 4, I’ll chose an offer and we’ll agree to the swap. Let’s just each pay our own postage on the item we send. Can we agree 10 days is a reasonable amount of time to wrap something up and stick it in the mail?

A new swap will be posted every Wednesday. I know today is Tuesday, but I was just too excited to wait for Wednesday this week.

Make me an offer I can’t refuse…any offer…any offer at all. And hey, any aquarium decorations hanging out there? Just askin’….


25 thoughts on “Let’s Swap Stuff!

  1. What a great idea. Those jeans would be perfect for my brother. The trade doesn’t have to be clothes right? I have an idea. A Good Idea! I have a $30.00 Starbucks card. I’m not a fan of Starbucks. I know you love Starbucks! So my trade offer is a $30.00 Starbucks card. Did I do this right? Do I get extra credit for being first?

    • Thanks! It should be fun..Until I get the kinks worked out I think we will just do one item a week. Next Wednesday we can have another item. Open to suggestions. . .It’s a game in progress… 😀

  2. This is a great idea. I have a very well used but still workable husband—-Oh wait, that’s your Dad and Cole would probably object. Let me see what else I can come up with!

  3. Love this. My grandson loves those over priced jeans. They will be a little long but we can hem or cut them off for him. My son married a women who can sew.
    I have a wonderful pair of earrings that I was given last Christmas They are silver hoops about the size of a quarter and a tiny butterfly is on the lower part of the hoop. They were a very thoughtful gift but I can’t wear hoops anymore. I don’t think they were very expensive but they are very charming and I’m sure would look even better if you were wearing them!!

  4. Cookies! I’ll send you 3 to 4 dozen of your favorite cookies for your jeans. I’m not sure I need the jeans or that they will fit one of the boys (although I’m pretty sure they will). I just wanted to get in on the fun (and I heard you were in the market for cookies).

  5. I don’t need the jeans — wrong size! — but hey, I’ve got a box FULL of aquarium supplies — cute little bubbling things, tubing, fancy rock statuettes, filters, perhaps more. I’d be willing to part with the lot of it — I loved my fish, but they weren’t as cuddly as the Sheltie!

    • Want to trade a couple of Dear Antlers? Full disclosure–Shelties are not our best customers but if they don’t work they could be passed on…If not I’m sure I could come up with something else….

      • Let me dig out my box and see what’s in it. How big is your aquarium? Do you mind cleaning these things with hot water — I think I might have failed to do that. Maybe. But don’t send me the jeans — the Sheltie said he’d give a deer antler a try. He’s not much into chewing, but who knows? Perhaps I haven’t been buying him the right chew-toys!

          • Now you’re going to hate me — I can’t find that box! I’ve looked everywhere, and it’s not there. I know I had it. I know it was filled with aquarium goodies. But it’s not here! I asked mom, who told me she thought I’d thrown it out when I trashed the aquarium. Oh NO! This is why my entire family (except me!) is comprised of pack rats — the minute you toss something out, you’ll want it and find a need for it. Doggone it, Kb, how can I make it up to you?? Want me to go out and find an aquarium doo-dad and send it to you? I would, you know. Or maybe you’d prefer a pair of beaded earrings. Just specify colors and I’ll take it from there. Golly, I feel awful about this!!

            • Om my goodness…its not a big deal AT ALL. It was a very nice side offer. The only thing you can do about it..is not feel awful! There will be lots of other trades!
              Thanks for even giving it a thought.

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  7. Good idea! Jeans are not our size though..but you never know…the next item might be just right for us! PS: I had to change my blog. new address is dawnkinster.wordpress.com

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