Postagram App is Great!

Don’t you love postcards? I have always loved sending postcards home when I travel. In fact, in the old days I used to take along pre-addressed labels so addressing them would be a snap. I also bought the appropriate postage before the trip, and I always mailed them before I returned home. I wrote snappy little notes that I thought would interest the person I was sending them to. I’m thoughtful that way. If I sent you a postcard you would say, “Like WOW! A postcard from Katybeth! This is awesome!” You might even have saved it for years and years. Really. Ask anyone.

When Ryan (our 12-year-old visitor) wanted to send some postcards while he was in Chicago, I was thrilled because I had just found Postagram, a new app, that gave me five free postcards to send when I signed up. Customized postcards—what could be better? We took lots of pictures of Ryan doing Chicago-type stuff, and then each day I let him choose the picture he wanted to use to make a postcard.

Chicago: Millenium Park

Go Cubs!

Cole and Ryan Kayaking (Cole only removed Life Jacket to show off muscles for picture!)

After Ryan chose the picture he wanted to use, Postagram let him customize a message and tell people what an awesome time he was having visiting his Chicago cousins. We then added the address (which the app saves for future uses), hit “send” and Postagram sent the postcard by snail mail. The Postagram arrived in record time, and everyone who received one made a point to tell us the quality was “awesome.”

Personalized postcards of you or loved ones in front of memorable places on vacation (or even at home) is FUN. Postagram works on Android and iPhones, the app is free and the Postagrams cost 99 cents USA, $1.50 International (rates include postage).

If you want to sign up, here is my link: Postagram Katybeth. Of course, you don’t have to use my link to sign up, but if you do they add a few free postcards to my account and then provide you with your own link so your friends can sign up and generously give you free Postagrams.

Isn’t karma grand?

Postcards are fun. Not having to hunt down addresses or find the appropriate stamps (stamps: those sticky things you put on bills) and being able to send a customized postcard is even more fun!

Wish you were here!


6 thoughts on “Postagram App is Great!

  1. Thank Kb. I will sign up today. Sounds like an easy way to keep the grandparents updated with pictures. They love “real pictures.” that they can tack on the fridge or carry in purse to show off to friends.

  2. Passed it on to my sister. My phone is very old and just takes and receives phone calls. The camera does not work anymore and I taped the top on. My kids insist my phone embrasses them but it’s hard to give up something that WORKS.

  3. Wow, this is so cool. I send postcards too…trying frantically to find appropriate ones before we finish our trip. I always mail them as well…generally they arrive in my friends’ and family’s mailboxes well after I get home. I don’t have a smart phone or android however. My husband does…maybe I can get him to sign up…through your link of course!

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