The Whole Picture: That was Then ~ This is Now

That was then…

A few weeks ago, I went out for a birthday dinner with some dear friends. We went back to a place that we had celebrated the first communion of their daughter years earlier and I remembered snapping this picture of the boys at the bar… I love this picture.

I decided after the birthday dinner that I wanted to take another picture of the boys at the bar so I could have a “that was then and this is now” picture. So I took this picture.  I love this picture…

but this picture was not quite right…. it was missing something..It wasn’t the whole picture.

So I fixed it….

Much better now.

14 thoughts on “The Whole Picture: That was Then ~ This is Now

  1. Love this, Katybeth. Not sure what gives you the inspiration and magic but you sure do have the touch that makes life and death special.

  2. Good for you, Katybeth — Photoshopping Joe into the “now” picture just makes it feel complete, doesn’t it? I’m glad he still has hair — not as much as Cole, but then the other guy doesn’t have as much as his son either!

    • Oh my goodness Joe had tons and tons of hair. This was during his slick back time but if you check out his “moses” picture it’s wild and crazy. The other “guy” not so much so ( ♥ Dave if your read this)

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