Fortune Telling Why Not…

I have a confession. I’m a fortuneteller.


I know you thought I ran a business that provided overnight care for pups (Camp Run-A-Pup) and sold deer antlers (Deer Antlers for Pups). Well, I do…but I read cards and told fortunes long before I took care of pups or sold antlers.

I haven’t read cards or told fortunes in a very long time, and I’ve never had a red flashing crystal ball in my window. But I did use to have an appointment book that was full of clientele ready to cross my palm with banana nut bread and cookies. I was invited to some cool parties and fortunetelling became my hobby, so to speak.

Life got busy after Cole arrived on the scene, and I needed to focus on different priorities, like groceries and utility bills. So my hobby took a back burner and Camp-Run-A-Pup and Deer Antlers, along with being a full-time mom, took off. I still told fortunes, but only for a select few.

I’m not a witch. It takes a whole lot of work and study to become a witch. One does not just wake up one morning and start waving a magic wand. I do love the clothes, though. I just have a natural talent for fortunetelling. Or so I’m told.

As I have mentioned in past posts, I’m a big believer in synchronicity…and lately, all signs have suggested I revisit my fortunetelling hobby: a book from Cousin Carla, people I haven’t head from in a decade asking me to read for them, random and various people asking if I still tell fortunes, and an invitation to read for a Halloween birthday party, along with a very specific dream. The universe has been persistent in suggesting I pay attention to this area of my life, but I have resisted. And then a friend asked me for a reading and at the end of the reading she said, “You know, you could offer to tell fortunes on Odd and see where it takes you.”

My motto in life is “Why Not?”

So here is the deal. If you want me to tell your fortune, leave a comment with a question or two. I will pull a tarot card or gaze into my crystal ball and do my best to answer your question or provide direction. I’m not a mind reader, so please be specific. Feel free to make up a name; if you use your correct e-mail address, nobody will know it’s you and you won’t be whisked away to my spam folder. Please provide me with feedback. In the comments or by e-mail. In time I may read fortunes regularly on Odd, but let’s just take it one question at a time. If you want a more in-depth reading, e-mail me and we’ll work something out.

One last thing: I don’t take myself too seriously, and you shouldn’t either. If I did, I would call myself a psychic advisor or professional tarot card reader and charge you a small fortune. (Ha ha.) I’m told that I’m accurate, but do take my readings lightly unless I tell you to go to the dentist or check a stone in your jewelry.

 (aka Gypsy Kb —- :-D)

53 thoughts on “Fortune Telling Why Not…

    • I sezzzz a group of wild and crazy women descending on your hearth and home in the very near future. But I think they can be tamed and will not run amuck if you offer them wine and Chocolate brownies (with nuts?) ♥

        • Hi JJ,

          Does one of your kids want to go to school or back to school for a degree? Perhaps a technical degree of some sort? Your youngest has the potential of been enormously successful but seems afraid—not of hard work, but maybe of being trapped by something? The middle child is getting ready to have (or just had) a hissy fit. If only she would listen…if only. (That’s the mother’s anthem.) I rarely say this, but she needs to put a little less heart into the matter and a little more brain. She is going to be fine—but it doesn’t have to be so hard.

          Your kids are lucky. Every card I pull around them is lucky. I would encourage them to reach out right now. Take risks. Your oldest—still too much worry, responsibility and pressure. Lighten up, oldest, or your sweet wife is going to show you the Irish side of her foot.

          This feels a little random, but I might be able to offer more clarity when I am in front of you.

  1. Love this. Ok I just ask a question? It’s scary being the first. Kind of like cutting the pie on the dessert table at a party. Tell me if I do it wrong.

    A new work opportunity has presented itself to me. I have been at the same place happily for a very long time and love my co-workers and boss but the new job would allow me more flexibility and the opportunity to do what I love doing in a deeper way. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Geri,

      Thanks for being my first! It is scary.

      Your current situation looks healthy, even robust. The company you work for values its employees. The people you work with respect and like you. However, I think you should consider the new opportunity. WHAT!? Leave all those great things behind in a risky economy? Yes. The time is ripe for change, and this opportunity is worth seriously considering. You’re not leaving your job willy-nilly; you are leaving for a better and more exciting opportunity. I’m guessing that you have a healthy savings and can afford some risk. The new company isn’t going to feel like “family” right away, but you will be well paid and have some fabulous opportunities. Go for it. And if you decide not to, I don’t think this is going to be last your job offer, because it seems like another one is coming your way…perhaps in a different field?

      How did I do?

      • Man this is more scary than I thought. Another opportunity came my way on Monday. Very different. Company wants to branch off a division and is asking me to talk to them about heading the division. Lots of room for trying new ideas and I would be working with great people. The money won’t be as good as either of the other postions at first but lots of there perks and an incentive if we reach our goals. Thanks so much. I may contact you for a little more insight.

  2. You are just what I need. If I were to ask what my next job will be or should be is that to hard? At a crossroads and need to know.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Lets give it a shot. I see you in less of a maternal world. I don’t see you working with children, but for some reason numbers, finance and organization keep coming up around you. Building, construction…perhaps some sort of rehabilitation or elder care, but really for some reason I see a lot of numbers around you dancing (odd, I know). I see you in a field with more of an edge. A straight-edge ruler with sharp drawings is sitting on a desk somewhere. Something you did? Thinking of doing? Ok, this is odd, but I see a pile of jumbled, knotted shoes, which might indicate the need to cut something loose so a new opportunity or way of presenting yourself can show itself.

      Please be careful walking in high-traffic areas, and pay attention especially to young children. I don’t see anything bad happening, but I do see a nightmarish sort of scare.

      I think you may find a $20.00 bill or recently have found one. Maybe in a coat pocket or old purse—I usually see this kind of thing with a now-to-six-month time frame—so look down when you walk!

      How did I do?

      • Well I will look down when I walk and keep a close eye on the kids I watch. I am always terrified of getting in a car accident. I am thinking of starting a buisness organizing and errands. I always wanted to flip houses so maybe that’s where construction came from. I do need to cut ties with the job I have to pursue new ones. Thank you!

      • Well I look down when I walk and keep a close eye on the kids I watch. I have always been terrified of getting in a car accident. I have been thinking of starting a buisness in organizing and errands. I always wanted to flip houses, so maybe that’s where the construction came from. I do need to cut ties to pursue other options. Thank you!!

  3. This is great. So happy you decided to give it a try. Good idea to take a vacation trip right now? I’m anxious about work but my wife really wants to get away and feels I will be fine once we go. Not sure. What does your crystal ball suggest is now a good time?

    • Hi Mark,

      Stay home and suggest your wife go on a girls’ weekend or have a spa day. Now is not a good time to be away, and I think you will be needed to help solve a sticky crisis that may already be brewing.

      How did I do?

      • Thanks. You did great. A crisis is brewing but I thought I was making a bigger deal out of it than i should be and so did my wife. I told her what you said and she is not happy but liked the idea of a spa day! We will take the trip in a few months and have a much better time.

  4. Well who knew our El Morno gal is a fortune teller. I can stop by for a cuppa Joe, find out the food of the day, talk about golf and have my fortune told. I have never even thought about having my fortune told before but why not.

    I need to hire a person for a job and two equally qualified people are applying. Unfortunately feeling will be hurt either way. Both of the applicants are men. Which one do you think I should hire?

    • Hi Mike,

      Grab a cuppa and look deep into my eyes! Who is wearing the red something or other? I’m not sure it’s either of these people, but the person you want to hire needs to have a certain fiery passion. He won’t leave you with any doubt that he is the right person for the job and will make the choice easy because he will almost hire himself. This person isn’t a team player and won’t fit in right away but will revitalize the position—and I think the position needs to be revitalized. Follow the passion.

      How did I do?

      • Ha Ha. Your right both of these men are low key and do a good job but neither are go getters. I thought about going outside the company and happen to know a guy at another company who can be a pain in the ass and is eccentric but man can he get the job done and he takes care of his client like they are family. The last time I saw him he was wearing a neon orange tie. Think I will give him a call for lunch.

  5. OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY. I have wanted to do this my whole life but had no idea who to go to and in my neck of the woods a referral is unlikely. Unless they read at the mental hospital. Let me think about my question. Can I ask more than one? Is 20 too many? I don’t want to be greedy.
    I’m so excited.

    • Hi Sendi,

      You have as good a chance as anyone else of winning the lottery. Right now, I see flowers around you. Lots of flowers. Good-smelling flowers. Does this mean anything?

      How did I do?

      • Flowers…. hmm….
        We try to plan my sister wedding, could that be it? Good smelling flowers – Jasmine is very symbolic in Indonesian wedding…
        Thanks Kb! You did great!!

  6. An Irish priest read my tea leaves once, and he was 100% correct! I’m fascinated you have “the gift.” Here’s my question: it’s becoming increasing hard to juggle all the things I’m trying to work at right now (especially since I’m one of those perfectionist Virgos, ha!). Which should I sacrifice for the good of the others??

    • Hi Debbie,

      Sacrifice. You’re very familiar with the word sacrifice, and unfortunately rather comfortable with it. The people around you could lift some of your burden…if only you would let them. You want to let them, but you just don’t know how. I think it’s time to start letting go of the things that don’t give you joy or satisfaction. Your duty is done; it’s been done a long time. You don’t owe anyone anything. And the fear you hold onto about providing for yourself is just a fear. While you might not be flush, you are secure. There is, or is going to be, a job you just don’t want to do….you’re tried, you don’t like the person, it’s not fun. IT’S NOT FUN. The bad news is, it pays well. Say no thank you. A request is coming your way, or someone is going to try and dump something back on you that they agreed to do—say NO!—and then let that person figure out the solution. You may not like that solution, so go ahead and badmouth it and judge the person as lazy and woefully lacking if you must—but don’t take the responsibility back. Stop waiting for Godot, step up to the plate and take your turn. Ok??

      How did I do? Have a feeling more is coming up around you, and when it does…I will send it your way. ♥

    • Hi Jane Dough, 😀

      Do you know Betty Bread…Just a little fortune humor–I know very little. Moving on…

      Money. I see stress. Ok, that’s novel. Let me try again.

      It feels like something has come due—more than a library book, less than a balloon payment. It’s confusing. Money is available, so why aren’t you taking it? It looks like your financial situation is on its way to straightening itself out, but there are some steps you are going to need to take first…something that is being hidden from you or that you are hiding. I may need more information to tell you much more, but I will tell you that I don’t think you are in dire straits. I also don’t think you’re going to win the lottery. You have talents you are not using that could help pull you out of the hole.

      Ok, I’ve got it. The money you are not taking comes from your talents, of which you have many. You’re not too old to reinvent yourself. Go for it.

      How did I do?

    • Hi Lotus,

      My first thought is of not believing in money and also believing it represents too much of a compromise—perhaps even resenting it. I wonder why? Money is fabulous. Would it resonate with you if I said you feel like you are beyond money? Better than money! If so, that could be part of the problem. Why not start saying, “Money I love you. I welcome you. I would be such a great rich person. Universe, you are really screwing up by not adding money to my bank account”?

      xoxoxo Back to You-

      How did I do?

    • Who really loves you? Why everyone of-course.♥ Money? Is there something you are thinking of selling? Or maybe you will have an opportunity to sell it? SELL. No you won’t become a burden to your family. Watch you health, tho, be pro active.

  7. Okay, here’s one. I’m nearing the end of my law school journey. I will be opening my own practice, but I’m torn between a few areas of law. Can you tell me what direction I should take?

    • Hi Joanne!

      What a major accomplishment! Keep in mind I know very little about the various kinds of law beyond the obvious so my answer will be a little fragmented feel free to clarify. Law that has to do with the internet, or maybe patens or copy write? I don’t see you under a stack of books and research but engaging and advising people or maybe mid size businesses. There seems to be a middle person or research between you and the actual “case” Law looks dismal around many people right now but the card I pulled for you is good fortune! I suspect the right opportunity will present itself or may have already presented itself. There is a man in a really nice expensive suit (think… tall, dark, and handsome) standing near you (business, friendship, family) he is a good guy. You can trust him. Money is surrounding you as well. Not the lotto but a tidy sum–just in time to put it towards some sort of house repair? Sorry /
      Feel free to ask me to clarify–this may be a little too vague.

      • Katybeth,

        I found your response interesting, especially where you mentioned “internet,” “engaging and advising people or maybe mid size businesses” and that an opportunity may have already presented itself. One of my ideas encompassed all three of those comments.

        I’m intrigued by the tall dark man – I will surely keep on the lookout as he may be a future mentor or partner in my venture.

        I will let you know within the next six months how things go!

  8. Very cool KB. Ok, here goes: Should I consider getting another dog? (another camper, so I would guess the answer is yes!) On a serious note: Had my business for 22 years. Time to do something else or keep going? Thanks!

    • Hi Nancy,

      New puppy fever? My first response is no. There are other things to do right now, and two dogs are more manageable than three (as well you know). Having said that, I wouldn’t “get another dog” because then you’ll have four again. I am betting the third dog will find you and you won’t think twice about giving it a forever home. Wait and see.

      Your company is pretty attached to you—kind of lives under your heart. Is there a possibility of changing directions instead of starting over? Living out another dream through your current situation? Funny…last time you were here with the pups, I had this feeling about you and food. Not being a chef, but some sort of cooking gadget—something cool like you might see for the first time at a state fair, innovative. You’re packaging up something…an “as seen on TV” item? It’s not related to dogs. Let me think on it a bit and see what floats by.

  9. Wow Katybeth! Who could resist, not me! You don’t know me but to give you some reference, I’m part of the Ferdinand group and I knew your husband back in the day. Thanks to Julie, I’ve had the opportunity to read your blogs regularly and have thoroughly enjoyed them; even the sad ones. So, my question: my second oldest son and his wife are expecting my first grandchild in early February. Any idea what the sex will be? Ourgender reveal day is Monday so I’ll be able to let you know after that. But of course I can’t wait to find out! I have my own feelings about it already. Thanks I look forward to your response!

    • Congratulations on the upcoming grandbaby! Tricky granny—I sent you a question via e-mail that may give me a better chance of making a gender prediction. Regardless, though, the baby will be a keeper. 😀

      Just a quick prediction you didn’t ask for (sometimes the cards are pushy): Your daughter-in-law needs to lower her stress level and watch her health. NO—I don’t think anything is wrong. I don’t want to worry you, but I do want your daughter-in-law to be proactive about her health…is she a bit “over the top”? Type A personality? I think your son needs a little something extra from mom—not worrying or finger shaking, but just some reassurance. He feels afraid to me. And whoever is teasing him in an “adult way” needs to stop. Not funny.

      As soon as you answer my question, I will take a guess at your question…but I suspect I answered some of your real concerns and now you may have a few follow-up questions. Feel free to ask.

      P.S. My guess…. A girl.

      • Well, you made me a believer in you “gift”! My daughter-in-law is type A to the hilt. She is high energy, high stress, high anxiety, both in work and every day life. My son evidently, has been getting teased by my oldest son about his readiness for fatherhood. Guess I’ll have to reprimand my 28 year old today! I think you’re talking about me when you say he needs something from his mom-not worrying or finger shaking. I can’t help but worry; mom by definition has that characteristic! Me, I may take that to another level than most! No finger shaking though. I’ll let you tomorrow about your gender guess. I have no real feeling either way, but I’m guessing boy tonight. All I want is healthy and happy! Have a great day!

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