Quotesmiths Invited To Share Their Quotes!


Every one of us is a quotesmith. We craft and share short sentences that draw from our everyday experiences, and our family and friends will repeat and pass them forward. We also repeat and hand down quotes from family members and friends.

I’m working on a project to capture the quotes of the everyday person and would like to invite you to share the catchwords, watchwords, war words, winged words, maxims, mottos, sayings and quips that are original to you, your family, your four-year-old, your teen.

Examples from my own life include:

“Nice people don’t eat breakfast.”—Marcie M Jensen (my mother, who is not fond of mornings, to me when she wanted to push breakfast into brunch)

“You can get used to hanging if you hang long enough.”—Nana

“Death really sucks.”—Cole

Now it’s your turn to share.

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41 thoughts on “Quotesmiths Invited To Share Their Quotes!

  1. “if you don’t stop that, i am going to light my hair on fire and run through the street naked.” (Mom)

  2. ‎”with good costumes, all things are possible” (Isabel)
    It’s not much but it’s gotten me through a few bad plays and more than one event that I didn’t want to attend.

    “In this life, I got funny adults” (Sam)
    This is one of my favorites from my son.

  3. A few from my dad:
    “Don’t let your mouth overload your ass”.
    “If bullshit were music, you’d be a brass band. ”

    A friend’s mom told them when they went out as teens –
    “Don’t bring home any puppies.”

  4. “When the street lights are on, you’re in.” (My parents, Neighborhood grown-ups) Sometimes followed by,
    “or you’ll be kicked into next week.”

    “Only a sucker beefs.” (Dad)

    Everyone thinks their ducks are swans. (Mother)

    “Keep your dignity.” (Parents)

    “Make the right choices.” This was my mantra as my swans went out on the town – they cringed every single time.

    “I’m the best friend you’ll ever have.” (My dad.He was.)

  5. The reason I’m so fat is from all of the “never”s I’ve eaten in my lifetime. (not sure)

    “Life is not fair. If life was fair we’d all be wearing diapers like babies and old people. Are you wearing diapers? No? Then life is not fair.” Carla for Bob Early.. When the kids would complain about things being fair

  6. “Done” Joe Ruscitti. After a personal accomplished was completed. He said it after Cole was born and after our wedding kiss.

  7. QUOTES?: There was one we had in the Navy when it came to “rumors”, “hearsay” or what we called…”Scuttlebutt”: “Believe NONE of what you hear…HALF of what you see…and ALL of what you DO!!

  8. “making pants for fish” (my dad when we would ask what he was doing.

    ‘I’ll sleep when I get old” (a friend)

  9. My dad used to say whenever things got tough: “You didn’t think it’d be easy, did you?” (Dave O’Connell) That’s helped me in a lot of sticky situations — reminds me that tough times are just part of life.

  10. My Dad:
    ‎”90% of success is attitude” Ron Carpenter
    “Attitude is everything” Ron Carpenter

    My Mom:
    ‎”The road to hell is paved with good intentions” Suzanne Carpenter. I’m pretty sure she said it first 😀

  11. Hawk Durham My grand dad used to turn to me drolly in a slow moving place and say “exciting stuff this” Completely deadpan of course. Made the DMV almost tolerable.

    The most interesting relationships in nature come packaged with Hair, Teeth and Claws. If you don’t believe that; then take a look at an attractive member of the opposite sex sometime and tell me about the first three or four things you look at……and don’t kid yourself, Armani and Channel qualify as hair in these cases.
    ~ Hawk Durham

    I’ve met your Mom…..and obviously I’m not her, so pick up your socks.
    ~ Hawk Durham

    Just about the time you think you’ll start droping eggs you’ll realize that you were juggling grapefruits anyway. It’s ok, yesterday you were convinced they were chainsaws.
    ~Hawk Durham

  12. After asking series of questions Tyra (my daughter) thinks I’m the smartest mom in the whole world. Then I told her you have to be smart to be a mommy. She agree and added ” mommies are the smartest people in the whole world!”

  13. I can’t think of one right now because Abigail’s comment broke me up! Still laughing. When I calm down a bit – I will be back with one! Great idea!

  14. “Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty & well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, & loudly proclaiming — Wow, what a ride!”
    – don’t remember who gets the credit, but i did remember to clean this up before submitting!

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