Rants in our Pants! Tuesday is Rant Day!

Rant!! Today is Tuesday, and on Tuesdays we rant! (Better late than never.)

The rants I collected today from various and sundry ranters nclude:

Ranter 1: Today marked the third time within the last couple of weeks that, as I was BACKING into a parking space and looking in my rearview mirror, I slammed on my brakes, as there was a human being suddenly standing there. In my space. Thingies in his ears. Oblivious. Crossing the street. Between parked and PARKING cars. For a millisecond you think, “You obviously want to die, and I have the big, several-ton machine here that can take care of that for you.” My poor kids get the brunt of it. “THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE…AND IF YOU EVER…” There goes Mom again! Wake up, KID IN RED SNEAKERS! There are cars in parking lots!

Ranter #2: Chicago teachers’ strike. Why does the Teachers Union meet in the afternoons? So they can be home most of the day taking care of their kids? Would it have been too much to ask for the teachers to have clued parents in about the curriculum so maybe we could have worked with our kids while they were out of school? Yes, I support the teachers…but if the strike does not end soon, someone is going to have support me because I’ve missed so much work due to unreliable childcare.

Ranter 3: Phone numbers made from letters, e.g., “YOURCTA,” “4FELDDO,” etc. This is so irritating.

And finally my rant…

Grocery store cart battles. I made a run to the grocery store today. I tried to pull out a cart from the corral, but it was stuck to all of the other carts. I then tried the front cart in the next row, and it was stuck too…but I fought a hard fight and shook it free—only to turn and see a woman in her late 70s with a cane approaching the carts. FINE. I handed over my cart. I huffed, puffed, kicked and twisted my second cart free—and lo and behold, a mom with two little kids (one in arms) approached the carts. You know what happened; I’m too nice. The third time was the charm and I finally pushed away with my shopping cart, deciding to stop by the Jewel service counter to lodge a complaint.
The customer service person launched into a rant of her own about people stealing carts. To which I responded, “I can understand why, once you have wrangled a cart free, you never want to put it back into the corral again.” She gave me a surly, angry look, but when the old woman pushed by at that moment and shook her cane and chewed out the clerk out loudly in Polish, the store management could hear us loud and clear! Set our carts free! The revolution has begun.

Do you have a rant to share? Rant, and we will rant with you!

One rant we can cross off the list–The Chicago teachers strike is over! Kids back in school tomorrow! YAY!

P.S. Feel free to rant on into Wednesday since I posted this so late in the day 😀

8 thoughts on “Rants in our Pants! Tuesday is Rant Day!

  1. I know this rant is almost cliché but would it be so hard for fast food places to put english speaking employees at the drive through window. Today I could not place my order because the order taker could not understand or speak English beyond Welcome to……may I take your order please. And to top it off my order was wrong which of-course is no surprise since the order taker could not understand me. I know in the course of world problem my rant is insignificant but it’s so irritating.
    Thank you. I feel much better now.

  2. Repair people who keep you stuck at home most the day, finally call to tell you they will be there in 15 minutes and then don’t arrive for another hour. I was so ticked off today at the “professional” plumbing people. I wanted to tell them to get lost but then we would’ve had to start all over again. I wasn’t very pleasant when they arrived and plan to call the company tomorrow. This rant does not end here.

  3. Why do people when you call them on the phone say, “Can I call you right back”? I have someone on the other line. You, like a dummy say sure, and they NEVER call you back. Now I feel that is just down right rude. I guess from now I will say NO. don’t call me back. I really don’t want to talk to you anyway.

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