Fortune Telling! Step Right Up and Ask Your Questions!

I’m back! My crystal ball is fired up and I’m ready to tell your fortune!

Fortunetelling is offered each week on Sundays. I’ll leave my crystal ball’s light on until Monday midnight, answer your questions, give you time to reply and offer feedback, and then flip the switch off until the next Sunday’s post. You are always welcome to leave feedback and ask general questions.

Yes, you can ask a question using an anonymous name but please use a real e-mail address (visible only to me) or you will be tossed in my spam folder.

Please just ask one specific question. This will give me time to give you a more in-depth answer and offer more people readings.

Intuition Tip:

Triple Numbers Add Meaning to Your Life


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10 thoughts on “Fortune Telling! Step Right Up and Ask Your Questions!

  1. I am considering buying an expensive piece of art but for some reason keep putting it off. I have the money and the space and I love the painting but I just don’t seem to be able to take the final step.
    Any thoughts or is this a silly question?

    • Hi Laurie,

      The piece of art you are considering buying seems to represent where you are in your life right now but the cards seem to indicate a shift in your life (positive) and when that shift occurs the art might not appeal to you as much as it did when you first bought it. In fact, you may look at it and wonder, “what was I thinking?” My suggestion is to wait a few months before making the investment.

      Thanks for dropping by Odd!

  2. My husband and I want to leave our kids with family and get away for a few days. My kids are in grade school and my husband and I could really use a break but I’m so anxious about leaving them. Something I have never done before. Is the second week in November a good time to go and do you see any problems while we are away?

    • Hi Kim,

      It looks like clear sailing to me Kim and a needed well deserved break is showing up in a big way when I pull cards for you! I suspect the anxiety you’re feeling is centered more around being tired, needing a break, and realizing that it takes effort to get away. The effort will be worth it. The children are in good hands and I bet your own intuition tells you they will enjoy a break from routine family environment as much as you and your husband. Go and come back and share the fun and adventure with us!

  3. I’m in the middle of a business law suit that should be settled in the next couple of weeks. My wife suggested I ask you if you have any thoughts about the law suit.

    • Hi Tim,

      A compromise will be offered. It’s a fair offer and I would suggest considering it thoughtfully. It is less than you hoped for but if you factor in the energy this law suit has extracted from your life and the time it has cost you away from things that matter more to you then it’s a very good offer. Tell your wife that I see a hopeful resolution very soon.

      Thanks for dropping by Odd!

  4. Okay, you know I’ve been hating on my name for a long time now. Finally, I think I’ve decided on the perfect answer — a pen name! Maybe you suggested that? Anyway, I’ve been “living” in my pen name for a while now, and I’m growing more and more comfortable with it. The problem? My dear mom, who is regularly reminding me that “you’re half-Italian, too, you know,” whenever I mention anything Irish. Any good time to let her know my new moniker??

    • The cards indicate that you are in a pretty defensive mode right now. The name is new, you’re excited by it and really don’t want to discuss it, beyond being congratulated on having found the “perfect answer.” The best time to share the name with your mom is when you can take her comments with a grain of salt, humor and empathy. Perhaps reminding your mom that you will always be Italian on the inside and suggesting you head out for an Italian dinner to celebrate your new moniker!
      (side note–the food in Ireland is beyond the beyond bad).

      Congratulations on your new pen name. Do we get to guess it??


  5. I think this mostly asking for an advise. My husband was in hotel management field. He went back to school to pursue passion on becoming a teacher. He got his degree this summer,but getting a teaching job not as smooth and easy as we thought it will be. He went back to hotel, 3rd shift, just anything right now. He just recently accepted as substitute teacher for one of the school district here. But as you know, its an on call thing. I’m having a hard time with his schedule working 3rd shift, and i know he want to teach as well. Should we gamble on quitting his hotel job and depend on this on call thing or should we stick to this steady income while wait for a full time teaching. What are your thought?

    • Hi Sendi,

      I’m going to assume you have looked at the financial risk of both options and won’t starve if your husband leaves the hotel management job and doesn’t work five days a week.

      The cards suggest that your husband aligns himself with becoming a teacher.-This would indicate to me that this might be the ideal time for him to quit the hotel management job and start building contacts and relationships in the teaching field through substitute teaching. Since he won’t be subbing over Christmas and holidays he needs to consider other income source. He might also supplement his income with tutoring. Tutoring in Chicago starts at about $40.00 an hour. Does he have any other skills he could offer the school districts besides classroom teaching? Is he qualified to teach a special skill (elective) in private school?
      There is every indication that your husband will be a successful teacher and a valuable member of the educational community.

      This is a mixture of card reading, and musings on my part. I hope it is helpful. 😀

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