Cheers! National American Beer Day!

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October 27, 2012 

harvest sunrise

★~ Today’s Quote: The government is us; we are the government, you and I. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

★~ American Beer Day: 

“Of all my favorite things to do,
The utmost is to have a brew.
My love grows for my foamy friend,
With each thirst-quenching elbow bend.
Beer’s so frothy, smooth and cold–
It’s paradise–pure liquid gold.
Yes, beer means many things to me…
That’s all for now, I gotta pee!” (anonymous)

Beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in the United States, where over 1,400 breweries produce more than 6 billion gallons annually. Breweries across America include large, well-known brands, regional beers and increasingly popular craft breweries.

Celebrate American Beer Day with a nice, cold pint of your favorite American beer

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1873 – Farmer Joseph F. Glidden applies for a patent on barbed wire. Glidden eventually received five patents and is generally considered the inventor of barbed wire.

♥~ 1922 –  The Navy League of the United States organized the first Navy Day. because it was the birthday of the navy-fan President Theodore Roosevelt. The Navy’s official birthday is  October 13, 1775.

♥~ 1963 – Peter, Paul and Mary were sitting pretty at #1 and #2 on the U.S. album chart with Peter, Paul and Mary and In the Wind.

♥~ 1982 – China announced its population had reached one billion people plus. By July 2004, China’s population had increased to 1,298,847,624.

♥~ 1975 – Bruce Springsteen appeared on the cover of both TIME and Newsweek.

★~ Born Today:

♥~  1728 – Captain James Cook, British explorer.

♥~ 1811 – Isaac Singer, inventor of the sewing machine.

♥~ 1858 – Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States (1901-1909). married to A. Lee, E. Carow [four sons, two daughters]; nickname: TR, Trust Buster; first president to ride in a car, submerge in a submarine and fly in a plane; initiated the National Monument System; died Jan 6, 1919

♥~ 1872 – Emily Post (Price) etiquette authority: author: Etiquette: The Blue Book of Social Usage; syndicated newspaper columnist. Emily Post has been dead nearly half a century and many believe good manners died right along with the woman who gave us the ultimate book on etiquette in 1922. But would she be shocked by the boorish behavior — from rampant cellphone abuse to undie-less celebrities — we see around us today? “No,” says Peggy Post, her great-granddaughter-in-law. “She’d be fascinated.”   “Etiquette is such a funny topic,” Peggy Post ( says. “Even in Emily’s day, everyone thought everyone was rude. It just seems more in the spotlight today.”

♥~ 1923 – Dylan Thomas, Welsh poet.

♥~ 1939 – Sylvia Plath, poet and novelist.

♥~ 1940 – John Cleese, actor-writer best known for comedy productions (Monty Python, Fawlty Towers).

♥~ 1950 –  Fran Leibowitz, writer (Metropolitan Life, Social Studies).

★~ Did You Know:

My, how times have changed. Just compare some “rules” from the very first edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette (1922) to the most recent version, the 17th, published in 2004.

Etiquette, 1922

♥~  As soon as the young woman’s father accepts the engagement, etiquette demands that the parents of the bridegroom-elect call at once (within twenty-four hours) upon the parents of the bride-to-be.

♥~  A polite hostess waits twenty minutes after the dinner hour (for the late guest), and then orders dinner served.

♥~  One inexorable rule of etiquette is that you must talk to your next door neighbor, at a dinner table. You must, that is all there is about it!

♥~  A gentleman writes in the hotel register: “John Smith, New York.” Under no circumstances “Mr.” or “Hon.” if he is alone. But if his wife is with him, the prefix to their joint names is correct: “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, New York.”

♥~  When a gentleman is introduced to a lady, she sometimes puts out her hand — especially if he is someone she has long heard about from friends in common, but to an entire stranger she generally merely bows her head slightly and says: “How do you do!”

Etiquette, 2004

♥~  Divorced couples do not return wedding gifts. However, if a marriage is annulled and the couple never lived together, gifts should be returned.

♥~  Avoid questioning children about the relationships in their (same-sex) family. Whether Bobby’s “uncle” is a blood relative or a parent’s partner is really no one’s concern, and no child or adult should be put on the spot to satisfy idle curiosity.

♥~ While the computer brings people together, its impersonal nature can lead to remarks (in e-mails) that people wouldn’t think of saying in person. Do whatever it takes to stay courteous.

♥~ It is not uncommon for men to be included on baby shower guest lists these days — and some lucky guys even become shower honorees.

♥~  The most recent annoying movie audience trend is talking and yelling back at the screen. … If the noise is intolerable, complain to the management and ask for the return of your money. Better yet, avoid the opening weekend of the latest action, sci-fi, or teen flick.


Sorry we missed each other yesterday. I was busy. Very busy. I know you will understand, we had all these pesky license plates sitting on a dusty window sill in our garage for, oh I don’t know, about 20 years and yesterday I could stand it another minute……

I feel SO MUCH better now. Today, we might put away the garden rake! Stay tune, What are your plans for today? If you live in Sandy’s path take care and batten down the hatches.

Odd Loves Company!


Some sites list today as National Potato Day, however according to our El Morno Research team Potato day is on August 19 

Today is also Cranky Worker Day but the El Morno content team feels that grumpy and cranky have been covered enough in the last few weeks.  However If you do want to celebrate by all means click… Cranky Worker Day.


6 thoughts on “Cheers! National American Beer Day!

  1. Morno,
    Beer Day! I felt good but now I’ve up graded good too great…it’s beer day! I have a buddy who brews some half way decent stuff.
    Looks like those licenses plates have been around awhile. Catching up today. Golf tomorrow.
    Have a good one!

  2. El Morno!
    Glad you back and feeling fine Mike ^. It’s a little nippy for beer but I will give it my best shot.
    Interesting etiquette facts. Things have changed but as my mom would add “but good manners never go out of style.”
    Off to a pumpkin patch with my best friends and her kids. Should be fun.
    Is arranging your sock drawer in your future today?
    Enjoy your day.

    • Hope you have fun at the pumpkin patch. I have a yen for apple cider donuts so we might drive out to a pumpkin patch that has them today.
      No sock drawer.

  3. I figured you were up to your ears in one of Cole’s projects — hope that motor finally started working!
    I’m multi-tasking today, trying to watch a couple of football games (including ND, of course!), read blogs, and figure out a nagging coding issue — I figured out the one I was having before, so I’ll keep at it until this one’s resolved, too.
    Domer and the ND Band are in Oklahoma this weekend — he said it was a L-O-N-G bus ride! I imagine a beer will be somewhere in their future, haha!

    • WOW. Long trip on a bus! Beer and Cheers for the band. Ya know, I am not much of a football watcher but I think I would love watching my kids college team play. Hope you figure out your coding issues. If it was more complicated than double spacing a list on wordpress. Im sorry but I can’t offer to be your sounding board. 😀

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