Cut Box, Eat Cereal

Cole has been a big help while I’ve felt poorly…..taking care of our pups and campers, finding ways to amuse himself. . .

and amuse me!  (nowhere in the directions, is it written, EAT CERAL FIRST)

16 thoughts on “Cut Box, Eat Cereal

  1. Too funny! And look at those nice straight lines. Just pour it in some tupperware and no harm done. Did he use a good knife?

  2. cole……excellent idea! i have great memories of my brother & me playing table top football. we didn’t have the fancy frosted flakes goal posts though. we had to settle for pointing the index fingers together & extending thumbs skyward. it was fun, wasn’t it?!

    • I remember Joe showing Cole how to do that we he was much younger and the football was made out of a small piece paper folded multiple times in a triangle. If only we could finish the cereal first….Oh well there is always tupperware.

  3. I sure hope that nasty bug you have/had has left the ol’ bod! Be well and back to your old self come morning.

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