Fortune Telling! Step Right Up and Ask Your Questions!

I’m back! My crystal ball is fired up and I’m ready to tell your fortune!

Fortunetelling is offered each week on Sundays. I’ll leave my crystal ball’s light on until midnight, answer your questions, give you time to reply and offer feedback, and then flip the switch off until the next Sunday’s post. You are always welcome to leave feedback and ask general questions.

Yes, you can ask a question using an anonymous name but please use a real e-mail address (visible only to me) or you will be tossed in my spam folder.

Please just ask one specific question. This will give me time to give you a more in-depth answer and offer more people readings.

This week’s Intuition Tip: 

The tip was stolen by the “ones” that are afraid that I’m sharing ancient secret sorcery tips with you.

Ok, not really.

I was sick last week and didn’t write an intuition tip. But if I had it would have been a really good tip. Maybe I will write and post one later today but first I have a date with a pug to take his picture which is another story entirely. . .


(ak Gypsy Kb)


* P.S. I will try to answer all questions by around 10pm. 

13 thoughts on “Fortune Telling! Step Right Up and Ask Your Questions!

  1. Hi!
    There is a something brewing at work that I can’t put my finger on but I would like to know more. Any thoughts?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Carrie,

      It looks like you may be faced with some administration changes—maybe along with a middle management position opening up because that person moved either to a better job or up the corporate ladder. If you are asking about your role in the company, as far as I can see, you look like you are in good shape and considered a valuable player in the organization. It’s possible that you could be asked to lead a team on a special project or oversee a new area or department of the company. Everything around you and work looks very positive. Now would be an excellent time to step forward if you have any ideas or thoughts you would like the company to consider.

      Good Luck!

    • Let’s do a happy Dance!! Wow! The cards I pulled for you bring wonderful, positive energy around love and relationships. In fact, right now is an excellent time to meet someone new. An attractive and sexually appealing partner seems to be right around the corner. Keep in mind, however, that you may have to look at this person twice because he may come across as over-bearing or assertive in the beginning, while he is actually charismatic, energetic, and smart and just comes on a little too strong at first. He also appears to be financially stable and willing to make a long term commitment.
      I’m not sure if this man will be your life partner, but he is certainly worth spending some time with and getting to know better.

  2. Stepping up!
    This is not an earth shattering questions but maybe you can help. My husband and I can’t agree where to go on vacation this year over Christmas and if we want to go anywhere we need to make up our minds. I like relaxing but he doesn’t want to be bored or sit around a pool all day.
    Does Gypsy Kb have any advice?

    • Hi Valerie:

      Oh boy! This is a challenge. Based on the cards, here are a few ideas.

      Santa Fee, New Mexico: The temperature will be mild and the smell of piñon will fill the air. Browse the galleries, relax at one of several great spas, and on Christmas Eve, carols are sung and cider is served at the Santa Fe Plaza, illuminated by 1,000 sand-filled paper bags. If you want more activity, you can also golf or head to the mountains to ski. The cards seem to indicate that both of you enjoy things with an international flavor, and Santa Fee could offer that close to home.

      Charleston, South Carolina: Stay in a southern plantation and take advantage of all that southern hospitality as you tour the city and enjoy the sights.

      San Francisco, California: The city everyone loves and where you can find both fun and relaxation. Sit back and enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean over breakfast or a cocktail.

      One of these three spots is your Christmas holiday paradise!

      Good Luck!

  3. What is in store for me professionally? Will I stay at the same job long term or do you see a change? Anything in store as far as romance? What about money?

    • Hi Wondering,

      It appears that you are happiest working in a stable, conservative work environment that does not experience many highs and lows. Your current work situation seems stable.

      Money looks very good right now. This could be tied to your work. It also looks like a few extra perks could be coming your way. Is it possible that you could be “gifted” some money or something valuable in the near future by a relative.

      Romance looks very positive. There is a partner nearby that isn’t terribly exciting at first glance because he is conservative and traditional and commitment and long-term relationships are written all over him. He is good-natured, but likes the idea of being in charge. He may be exactly what you are looking for!

      Good Luck!

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