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Debbie—fellow blogger, dog owner, mother of a man child, loather of sewing, lover of pizza and all things Irish—bestowed upon Odd the Inspiring Blog Award. Henceforth, you may all call me “O Great Inspirational One.” No need to bow or curtsey, although it would be a nice touch. I humbly accept this award and thank Debbie.

My first task as a newly honored inspirational blogger is to share with you seven little-known facts about me. I found this task very difficult—first, because I am an extremely private person, and second, I was having a hard time thinking of things about myself that I had not already shared with you. In order to overcome this problem, I went to my friends and asked them if there was anything about me that they were dying to know. . .

Sherri in Southern Illinois wondered where my name came from.

Katy was the first name of my mother’s roommate and best friend in New York. Katy, a model, was tragically killed during a fashion show when she was blinded by the stage lights and took a misstep off the runway into the orchestra pit, plunging to her death. A drummer and guitar player were also fatally wounded. My grandmother’s first name was Elizabeth. So my mother combined Katy and Beth to create my name, Katybeth.

Diane, the proprietor of Brow Boutique in Chicago, wondered if I had any OCD tendencies.

I do not have OCD tendencies. However, I do believe things should be done correctly and efficiently. For example: My dishwasher has to be loaded with plates and bowls in alternating colors. The bottom rack toward the inside of the dishwasher is where the plates go, and the smaller plates go on the other side. Bowls must surround the plates. Glasses go on the top rack, tall glasses in the first row, small glasses in the next row. Spatulas and such go in the middle facing toward the inside of the dishwasher. Silverware faces down, and I am happiest if each utensil compartment has the same number of forks, spoons and knives. For questions, please refer to the diagram posted on the fridge.

Cynthia in Evanston Illinois asked how I liked to eat my Oreos.

I don’t usually separate my Oreo, instead preferring to enjoy the cream and the cookie together with a small glass of whole milk. In the interest of full disclosure, I will admit to occasionally gently unscrewing the top and bottom of the cookie and eating the cream center, followed by the outside cookie after I have dunked each into my milk.

Carol in Rockford, Illinois wondered about my least favorite household chore.

Scrubbing down and disinfecting our garbage cans. Oh wait—I never do that. It’s laundry. In my house, it is never done.

Daina in Chicago evilly asks which of my dogs is my favorite.

I love all my dogs to pieces, and they are each my favorite for different reasons. Skippy is my favorite because he is always sweet and patient with Rascal when she steals his treats and toys; Scooby is my favorite because he is Rascal’s best friend and loyal servant; Lada is my favorite because she allows Rascal to hold her nose in her mouth during thunderstorms. Rascal owns my heart.

Cousin Carla in Georgia wonders what famous person (living or dead) I would most like to have a conversation with

Bill Gates or God.

Maryann in Arizona wanted to know who or what inspires me

My mother, people going through tough times who get up and do it all over again the next day, people who share their stories with me, nature, comments on Odd, enthusiasm, kindness, inclusion, risk taking. People who can sew and cook!

My second task as a newly honored inspirational blogger is to pass the award on to seven other bloggers.

  • Change is Hard: Click over and meet Dawn and her sheltie, Katy. Dawn constantly inspires me by pushing beyond her comfort zone.
  • The Kitchen Witch: Dana is a hoot in the best of times and the worst of times. She shares great recipes and serves them with a side of stories.
  • Hippie Chick Chronicles: You’ll like Debbie. She is all things Southern and regularly shares the craziness that lives in her life and in her head. I bet you can relate.
  • The Word 1111: Don’t count on a blog post from Rachel all that often—but when she does post, she is worth the click tenfold.
  • FatMumSlim: Chantile is from Australia and is FUN. She blogs about everything from Pinterest to family life.

I hope I have inspired you to click over and read some of these marvelous bloggers, and perhaps some of the nominated bloggers will be inspired to tell us a little more about themselves and share some of the great folks that inspire them.

Now I have a question for you. Ready? Who would you chose to be stranded on a desert island with you?

Odd Loves Company!


AKA Oh Great Inspiring One

14 thoughts on “Inspiring! Inspirational! Me!

  1. Congratulations to you (I offer a small curtsey). Love the questions and answers. Bill Gates or god? In that order. :-D?

  2. Lovely. 🙂 I enjoyed learning more about you, Katybeth. Interested in checking out the blog sites you linked up as well. I loved the answer to the dog question best.

  3. Glad I stopped back bye to honor the Old Great Inspirational one. Or was that O Great inspirational one? So confused. Loved learning more about you but how can I question this delicately….KATYbeth orchestra pits usually don’t have guitars and drums. . .just sayin’.
    I find your humor very inspirational.

    • Liz, Liz, Liz it would be O Great Inspirational one, thank you.
      All I’m going to say is…the second part of my name is from my grandmother who believed the truth should never get in the way of a good story.

  4. You said you were having a tough time coming up with seven interesting facts about you — well, I think you did an OUTSTANDING job, Oh Great Inspiring One!! I totally get your feelings about Rascal — Darling Doggie is my soul-dog, and I think he knows it. Love your comment above about your grandmother, too — might she have be Irish, or have kissed the Blarney Stone?! And now you’ve given me lots of new bloggers to check out, just when I’ve got to figure out how to announce the Sheltie’s name!

    • Well thank you. Having friends ask me the questions was helpful Starting is always the hardest part–It Was Fun! My mother’s maiden name was Murphy 😀 My grandmothers other great saying was, “trust everyone but always cut the cards!” Not sure who said it first but she said it best!

  5. it’s interesting learning fun things about people. question concerning your stranded island question: does this person need to be alive now? no…..i wouldn’t care to be there with an already deceased person!

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