October 2, 2012: Calling In Sick Day!

★~♥~♥~★~ El Morno! ♥~★~★~♥ ~
October 2, 2012

I’m calling in sick today (cough). Some sort of bug. I’m blaming Cole for passing it on to me (sneeze). Darn kid.

It (sneeze, sneeze, sneeze) almost nabbed me last week, but I fought a hard fight and managed to push it away. Obviously, it just waited to grab me when I was least expecting it (pass the Kleenex, please), and this time, I just surrendered.

Here is an abbreviated El Morno. If you want more information about these holidays — to find out how many wives Brighman Young had when he was arrested for polygamy or some facts about the Mormon Church, which may be more relevant this year than last year — click El Morno Oct 2, 2011.

♥~ National Custodial Day: Say thanks to the person who mops the floors and empties your garbage cans at work.

♥~ Guardian Angel Day: Behave today and give your angel the day off.

♥~ Name Your Car Day: I’m sure most of you have named your cars, but if you haven’t, please do so today.

♥~ Fried Scallops Day: Here is a recipe. Bon appétit!

Hopefully, tomorrow El Morno will be back in its entirety. What makes you feel better when you feel icky? A Facebook friend suggest pickle juice for a sore throat. Why not.


20 thoughts on “October 2, 2012: Calling In Sick Day!

  1. Morno,

    Drink some OJ, get some rest, and feel better soon! When I’m under the weather I wear warm socks and sleep a lot.

    Hope tomorrow is a better day!

  2. It seems every one that I know has a fall virus.Sorry it nailed you too! When I feel yucky and finally feel like eating I usually want tomato soup. Odd I know. I also wear some old flannel jammies with clouds on them. Very comforting and soft.

    Sending you lots of feel better wishes!

  3. Poor Katybeth — here’s sending Good Health wishes your way! I always enjoy a cup of HOT tea while sitting on the sofa in my flannel jammies and watching mindless TV or reading a good book when I’m sick. My mom used to mix up something for us when we had the “bug,” too — some odd combination of whiskey, sugar, and lemon juice. I suspect the medical profession would frown upon it today!

    • Thanks Debbie. I am making Bourbon pork chops for dinner tonight maybe that will kill the rest of what is left of this bug. The medical profession always plays second fiddle to mom–in my book. I have been reading Nora Roberts and JD Robs and this bout of the bug reminded me I need new flannel jammies!

  4. Sending you positive healing energy!!! I’m worn out myself, Kalia caught something too and didn’t sleep a wink last night! Now I’m dragging myself at work and feel a bit something in my throat… no good!!

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