Day Of The Dead: Greetings from the Beyond!

Thin veil between the worlds where
visible and invisible embrace.


Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) began Thursday, November 1, 2012, and ends Friday, November 2, 2012.

Originally the “Feast of the Dead” was celebrated in Celtic countries by leaving food offerings on altars and doorsteps for the “wandering dead”. . Extra chairs were set to the table and around the hearth for the unseen guest. Apples were buried along roadsides and paths for spirits who were lost or had no descendants to provide for them.

It is believed during this time that the veil between the worlds is thin and communicating with ancestors and departed loved ones is easier. Today is also a good day to watch for number sequences that might have meaning to you, and to pay close attention to synchronicity that might show up as you go about your day.

In honor of the Day of the Dead I will pull a tarot card for each person who leaves a comment on this post and post a very brief message for you from….well…let’s just say, the beyond…

Please don’t ask a question when you leave a comment; it will be more insightful to let the card send you a greeting. However, if you are comfortable sharing the first name of  the departed one you would like to connect with, your relationship, and their favorite food that would be fun. Or you can just write, please pull a card for me..


6:14pm Update: I will start pulling cards at 8pm and post the message immediately. I may not go in the order the questions were asked. but I will pull reply to every comment!  I will accept comments until I run out of steam or 12m whatever comes first. 


Saturday 11/3: I will pull cards for the stragglers 😀 tonight but will then close this post. I may offer to pull   “general cards” next Friday. Watch for the post. ♥ 




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    • Images more than words. Lots of blue and gold. Two girls running and laughing in the rain. Hates your mom sweater. Bulky. Best friends today, tomorrow and forever.

      • Deep Blue and gold are the colors in the afghan Lisa made for my first baby. She would hate much of my current mom wardrobe. Thank you so much!

      • KB, Jimmy Ray was my slightly older brother. He was shot when I was a teenager. I always remember he loved RC Cola and moon pies. I did to. Not so much now without him. Thank you. Reading sounds about right. Wished I could make you a heart. Cause I love the reading.

    • Not speaking. Showing heart full of love. smokey. wants to move closer, game of hide and seek. so proud of children. young child knows me. (Broken speech pattern) Do Love better now.

      • Thank you Katybeth. Was this hard for you? It’s sad to see so many people missing someone, but I really appreciate it.

        • Not too hard. The messages are sent to other people so I don’t breath them in as deeply as I would if they were being sent to/for me. i hope the sadness is offset by the hope and love that every message included. . . Thanks for asking!

    • So long (time).Hurt you so much. So sorry. So very sorry. Funny. Remember when it was funny. We laughed and laughed. I never left. The hole was so big (?). You’re so good. So talented. You’ll be fine, Ok. Don’t be scared. Cook that dish. You know the dish. Please cook it. (offering hug)

    • Miss our funny times. You were always there for me. I was less afraid when you were with me. Did I ever tell you that. Probably not. All you can eat cheetoe buffet…spins off singing some goofy song?…..turns back and waves.

    • They are all talking at once. How can I tell? Just kidding. Sort of. Maybe something about a brother. Extra support needed but won’t ask? Overall they just seem happy you asked about them and each one wants you to know they love you, the kids, the other kids, and the other kids, kids. Did you change a recipe recently? Leave something out. Take a shortcut? If so don’t do it again..this one lady isn’t pleased about it. Turning this card over now. Sheesh. ♥

    • Laughing. Eyes fill. Overwhelming love. Reaching out towards Madeline. Turns to you….so so proud of you honey. Shoes? Trying to tell you something about a pair of shoes…you’ll know.

    • Smiling. overwhelming hug. special one. take care of older sister (Susan?). Little children. Great grandfather. Tell them stories. overwhelming hug. Joy. Holding something out to you…take it. take it.

      • That’s my dad. I needed to hear from him. He loved his grand children, all kids. He was the best. I’m thinking he’s giving me money. Always slipped me $100 at thanksgiving, since we hosted the gang. <3

    • Up and down. Up and down. Lots of fruit. The message is Do what you want. Person seems to be trying to push you towards a desirable outcome. Seems confused as to why you are so resistance. Seems like it is your mother or a person like your mother. Not a lot of words.

        • I’m amused. So few people show up announce “they are awaiting there reading”, provide absolutely no information before or after the reading and then almost, but not quiet, demand another card–with a question mark and a smily face? ONE MORE. ♥
          Both cards I have pulled for you have been very positive. You are being asked to accept the good news that your life is on it’s way to becoming more stable and fun. The messenger is trying to persuade you to open your arms too good fortune. Who the person is still remains unclear but she wants you to know that you can trust her and the message is sent with a great deal of love.


    • Ok Christa. Your turn

      A warm, vibrant, man seems to be encouraging you towards some new opportunity. Showing you seeds–perhaps in a garden–(not real clear) that indicate wealth, prosperity and new opportunities. This man seems to like tea and know a lot about it. Or something that looks like tea. It has not always been easy between you. That is over. He needs you to know that you are loved. Very loved.

    • Hi Peggy,

      I see your mom as a winged angel. A messenger. Funny, your mom is almost presenting her message too me. She is telling (not asking) you to bring balance, patience, and moderation to your life. Balance and harmony seem to be important to her although it doesn’t seem that either came easily to her. She keeps pointing to your hair (I think) and smiling. She puts her hand to heart and poofs rather dramatically.

    • So pleased you want to make contact with him. Wants to blanket you with love. Goofy boy. Grabs a toy or item that he is always wants but can’t have—kind of a joke? (please be sensitive to Miss. Piggy’s feelings…) But Howard Lee suggests it is time for a REAL DOG. Howard Lee seems to have a wonderful sense of humor and wants to help you laugh? He stops. Soulfully looks out. He misses you too.

    • Yum. Apple streudel. I like Grandma Mary Terket.

      Seems to be encouraging you towards a new path. Time of renewal. New start. Hanging on to something from the past (long ago past) Hard to let go. Need to let go in order to succeed at love. Seems to be saying. Listen to me I know these things. Wants you to take a trip? Something about Lily and this women? Trying to reach out to her. Sends love..not sentimental mushy love but staunch love. If that makes sense.

    • The man I am seeing has a rather cunning smile. He seems to be smart and perceptive. A shrewd business man. He seems to show love through business advice. He wants you to get the best deal, to watch your investment. You are smarter than the rest–(smarter than the average meatball?) Quick hard hug. Proud of your success and how you have turned out.

    • The card brings a message from a man. He doesn’t seem to be a particularly wise man but he does have a very large and generous heart and a funny sense of humor. The man is very impressed with how smart you are, he tells you that he did not realize his dreams in his last life but he has no regrets –his life was a good one. However, he want’s you to know that you can fullfil your dreams and that you are loved.

    • Beautiful girl. Party. Dancing. Smiling. Suddenly sad. So happy to see you. Left much to soon. Sisters good. Love babies. Not babies. Beautiful girls, (not handsome better than handsome) boy. Proud very proud. worried about some sort of betrayal outside of family…warning caution. No man? (Huge surprise) So beautiful. So smart. A teacher!! (impressed) Don’t be sad, no worry (Dad offers hugs) my family. Dress–netting of some type? your mother is asking about? Good. Happy to see you happy. Want you to be more happy. Mom showing you love with her hands.

      Antoinette…sorry this is so random, It came in at me in a stream consciousness and I just wrote it all down exactly like I heard it. Hopefully you will be able to make heads or tails of it. The love was overwhelming
      :-D. Ask me if you need me to try and clarify.

      • Thanks Katybeth, this sounds so much like my mum. She left us all much too soon and never met my children. I’m guessing the betrayal is my brother and the way he’s rejected/left the family. Oh, and my mum had the softest hands. I loved watching her baking and kneading the dough to make pasta, cookies and pastries. Beautiful, beautiful memories. <3

  2. Hi Katybeth! Ooh, ooh! I want a message! Are you still drawing? BTW, did you get my message last week? Oh, and how about Nani? I’d love to hear from her. 🙂

    • What a fun card. So full of joy, hope and pride. Nani is fine. Happy. Wants to know all about you and Lucas. Wanted to feed you something that she described as sweet and sticky? Seemed very proud of your accomplishments and self confidence as a women. (does this make sense?) Loves, Loves, Loves Lucas. He still catches her watching him from time to time.

      Found facebook message earlier today. Will respond. Thank you xoxo ♥

      • Thanks so much, Katybeth! How lovely! Nani was always trying to feed me something, and she always had See’s candy for me, so it’s probably a chocolate caramel or something like that. 🙂 She and Lucas are two peas in a pod, aren’t they? So much of her is evident in him. Always wondered how much was genetics and how much has been her influence on him from “beyond.” xoxoxo

    • Sybol wants you to remember a story she told you once a long time ago. She wants you to tell it to yourself. She says your soul (being?) is sad and wants to bring you a message of hope and optimism. Believes in your creativity, and energy to create something wonderful for yourself. Take your turn. Loves her great grandchildren. Such a good mother. So proud of my……. (uses a nickname or is referencing something about you that I can not hear…)
      Love. Lots and Lots of Love. ♥

  3. Hi Katybeth,
    I also wish I had made it here sooner! I heard a voice last night and realized what time of year it was and while searching the internet for some insight came across your blog. I would love if you could pull one for my Grandma.
    Antionette, Grandma, Hard-Tack Candy. Thank you!

    • Hi Maria,
      Welcome to Odd.
      The card I pulled for you can be expressed (I think) with one of my favorite quotes ” “Promise me you’ll always remember: you are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” – A.A. Milne (Author of Winnie the Pooh)” I am not sure why (of-course) but it seems your Grandmother wants to gift you strength. She wants you to know you are on the right path. She seems happy that your financial situations is either secure or becoming secure. She is showing me something stuffed that may have meaning to you…I don’t think it is a bear. There is also a silver frame she wants you to fill (not with her picture) it seems to be about 4 by 7. Seems excited and happy for you.

    • Your grandmother seems to have really valued friendship especially the friendship between women. She seems to be sending you a message about connecting or reconnecting with a girlfriend or maybe a sister. She seems to be sending you the message that you will receive the love, support and compassion you need right now from your girlfriends. She is telling you to take a break from your worries. She is giving you all her love but also seems to want to send love and peace to someone else she is close to that does not seem to be feeling very well…sad? or sick? maybe.

    • Not sure which one of the three showed up but it feels like Frank. Smiling. Seems pleased for you. Someone is sending the message that it is not to late to learn a new skill. Something about a coat. The pocket might need to be fixed. Look for an article in the paper than might have significance to you. Take care parking. Message of good news. Sending love to you and family.

  4. Hi,

    This is Katybeth. Thank you all for sharing your family and friends with me. I hope the message you received has significance and meaning to you.

    If the message seems totally off or even crazy–I suggest sitting with it for a few days, and making your own associations to the message. Of-course, I may have been miles off the mark, but a little time and your memories may bring the message more into focus. Or you might have a dream, hear a piece of music, see a number sequence….

    Please feel free to leave me feedback on this post. I am, however, closing it to readings. I will open another “reading salon” (fancy name for fortune telling–do you like it? :-D) in the near future. This was fun and insightful for me too!


    “And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” ― Roald Dahl

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