Dear Fellow Moon Howlers and Odd Friends,

I have a good idea! (STAY. Don’t move.)

As usual, I was busy solving the problems of the world on Facebook when this good idea struck me.

Katybeth: Tonight is the full moon–the Beaver Moon. I wonder what would happen if we ALL went outside at 11 p.m. Central Time…and howled at the moon? Do you think anything would happen?

(It was quiet on Facebook, so I had to continue on my own.)

Katybeth: Long howl. Short howl. Loud howl, soft howl…here a howl…there a howl. Everywhere a howl…howl…

(Still no response. Is it possible I was being ignored? No way.)

Katybeth: We could pledge to howl.

(Finally a friend…but I wasn’t worried, I knew they would show up. I’m irresistible)

Lisa: The only thing I can pledge to do at 11 p.m. is sleep.

(Eureka! A better idea flashed before my eyes)

Katybeth: You’re right! People could just pledge to howl tonight or tomorrow night at whatever time they feel the urge. We don’t all have to howl at the same time. And then people could post their howls on Facebook and tag me. FUN!!

Lisa: My son will howl with me. I’m not sure I can convince my daughter.

(I believe in incentives. Always have.)

Katybeth: Offer her a silver half dollar. Offer them both a moon dollar—if they howl at the moon. A nice howl is worth a shiny moon dollar. Or let them throw glitter up at the moon. Cole loved to throw glitter when he was a tyke. I wonder what it will take to convince Cole to howl for me. More than a shiny half dollar probably… I wonder if the glitter trick will still work?

(I then received an anonymous message from a fellow lunatic who offered to sponsor my moon-howling endeavor. I have such great friends. My sponsor offered to give away half dollars  (moon dollars) to everyone who posted a howling video or picture on the My Odd Family Facebook page or right here on my Odd blog.  A shiny half dollar! FUNNER THAN FUN.)

Ok, fellow howlers and wannabe howlers. Here are the official howling rules.

Leave a comment below pledging to howl at the moon tonight or tomorrow night.

Post a howling video or picture on My Odd Family’s Facebook page. You do not have to join Facebook to access this page. If you would rather post the picture here, on my Odd blog, e-mail it to me. I’m so easy.

At least 50 real half dollars will be awarded along with an official “I Howled at the Moon” certificate. Shipping included.

Pictures/video entries will close on 11/30 or sooner. I have a short attention span. So post right away.

EVERYONE who pledges to howl at the moon tonight (11/28) or tomorrow night (11/29), by leaving a comment on this post or My Odd Family Facebook page will receive an official “I Howled” certificate. An official, honest to goodness, real certificate in the mail. In less you would rather have it e-mailed to you . . I’m so easy.

One moon dollar and certificate per family. Probably.

Tip: Moon Rise in Chicago (11/28/2012) 4:36pm.  (11/19/2012) 5:23pm. Find out when the moon will rise in your neighborhood by clicking Moonrise and Moonset. Don’t forget to change the location to your city and state.

I will make exceptions to all of these rules…because rules bore me.

Odd Loves Company!!

29 thoughts on “Dear Fellow Moon Howlers and Odd Friends,

  1. Everyone will think I am a “lunatic” if I go outside and howl at the moon..wait a minute, they probably already think I am a “lunatic”..there is something about a full moon that just fascinates me..hmmm ! Just had lunch with your mother , Katybeth, so now she is on her way was really good to see her..

    • first howling comment! A pledge perhaps? You could just pretend it’s Rosie and send her picture!! Just talked to my mom and she said she had the BEST LUNCH with you except she ordered the wrong thing—-thats my Gemini mama!

  2. I will send the children out to howl. It will do them a world of good. We will proudly display out “We howled” award.

    Thank you.

  3. You want me to pledge to howl at the moon. In exchange for a half-dollar and a “I howled” certificate? My neighbors will think I am looney but as why not. Count me in.

  4. I Carrie, do solemnly pledge to howl at the moon to the very best of my ability.

    Thank you for this Odd Opportunity.

  5. WE WILL HOWL! The whole dam family will howl. In fact I told my wife to call the neighbors. I will report back to the howl master when our mission is completed.

  6. Jim is a hard act to follow. I feel like I should yell…HELL YES I WILL HOWL. But I’m old and don’t want to be carried away. However, I will agree to howl!
    I have one question, with all due respect do you lie awake at night and come up with these “good ideas” or do they just flash across your forehead like a storm warning?” 😀

  7. I told the kids about your howling idea after school and they were so excited. So I guess you can count us in. I don’t suppose the neighbors will wonder about us any more than they already do. I will just proudly display our “We howled” certificate and let the neighbors continue to live their boring lives…as you can tell there is no love lost between us anyway. Maybe we will howl and pretend to be werwolf’s is improvising allowed?

  8. It has been a long time since I have howled and I have never been invited to Howl so this will be a first for me. I pledge to howl. In fact I might howl several times. Hope that is allowed.

  9. My funny funest friend. Here I am one more time stepping up to agree to one of your good ideas. This one seems harmless enough but one is never completely sure. At least it doesn’t pose the risk of being kicked out of a convention center :-D. Our family will howl in honor of the tonights Beaver Moon and at the requests of our looney but lovable Kb.

  10. Count me in. It’ll have to be tomorrow though because I just read this and it’s already past 11. I can tell you though that when we were walking the dogs earlier on the golf course I kept marvelling at the November full moon and Joey was definitely howling!

  11. strange happening yesterday when nikki thrust that long nose upward & howled a few times in succession & abruptly stopped…………

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