Pins and Needle Day, Bavarian Cream Pie Day

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November 27, 2012

Winter berries

★~  Today’s Quote: Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny. —Lao-Tze

★~ Pin’s and Needle Day:

pins and needles

Today has a dual meaning: It refers to feeling anxious or nervous and it is also the anniversary of the pro-union play “Pins and Needles.” (1937). The actors in the play were from the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union, hence the name of the political satire.

“Sing me of wars and sing me of breadlines, Tell me of front-page news. Sing me of strikes and last minute headlines. Dress your observation in syncopation. Sing me a song with social significance. There’s nothing else that will do. It must get hot with what is what, Or I won’t love you.”

Perhaps the best way to celebrate “Pins and Needles” day is to do what you can, with what you have, where you are, with kindness and consideration

★~ Bavarian Cream Pie Day:

Bavarian cream pie is a delicious chilled dessert made with a cooked egg custard in a pie shell and layered with whipped cream and toppings.  Cream, custard, and pudding pies have been around since the Middle Ages. After the technological advances in cornstarch extraction in the 1900s, instant pudding and custard mixes helped popularize these kinds of desserts.

If your Thanksgiving desserts are all gone, and your heart desires more sweet you could  make a Bavarian cream pie or if you have had your fill of desserts, just take a pie pass until sometime late January. A nice compromise might be a Bavarian Cream donut.

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1935 – Eeny Meeny Miney Mo was recorded by Ginger Rogers and Johnny Mercer. The tune was recorded at Decca Records in Los Angeles.

♥~ 1977 –  It was a big day for sweat hog Vinnie Barbarino, formerly of TV’s Welcome Back Kotter. His new character, Tony Manero, set box office records as Saturday Night Fever made a superstar of John Travolta. The soundtrack album, by the Bee Gees and others, sold more than 11 million copies.

♥~ 1983 –  1983 – Stores across the U.S. were inundated by eager shoppers trying to buy Cabbage Patch Kids — dolls with computer-designed faces.

★~Born Today:

♥~ 1940 – Bruce Lee (Lee Jun Fan) actor: martial arts cult star; The Green HornetGame of DeathReturn of the DragonFists of FuryEnter the DragonChinese Connection,Marlowe; subject of the movie, Dragon

♥~ 1942  Jimi (James Marshall) Hendrix musician, singerFoxy LadyPurple HazeAll Along the Watch TowerThe Wind Cries MaryManic DepressionSpanish Castle Magic 

♥~ 1957 – Caroline (Bouvier) Kennedy American author, attorney, Ambassador to Japan, and  daughter of U.S. President John Fitzgerald “Jack” Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Lee “Jackie” Bouvier

♥~ 1960  Kevin Henkes children’s author and illustrator He’s best known for his mouse books, featuring a cast of spunky, colorful mice, like Lilly, the main mouse in Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse (1996). His picture books are about things all kids deal with, like anxiety and pride and getting teased. His newest book is My Garden (2010). Kevin Henkes said: “I want my characters to be believable. I want the story to be convincing. And I want to write good sentences. It’s as simple and difficult as that.

★~ Did You Know:

Caviar vending machine

How many times has this happened to you? It’s Tuesday night, late, and you’re fresh off your shift at the diamond factory with a hankering for $1,500 caviar. You pull up to your favorite local beluga slinger and—blasted!—it’s closed. With a heavy sigh, you return home to bust out those old white truffles from the freezer. Night. Ruined.

Well, no longer! Just in time to ease the pain of Holiday shopping, Beverly Hills Caviar has launched a trio of high-end caviar vending machines throughout Los Angeles and are expect to expand to other upscale malls soon.  Inside these vending machines you’ll find everything from a pink mother of pearl spoon for $4 to Imperial River Beluga Caviar for $500 an ounce.

I guess no one has told the innovators of the Cavair ATM machine that we are are teetering on a edge of a fiscal cliff….


Speaking of fish eggs…Did I tell you we’ve been gifted two new Koi for our fish aquarium? They were hand netted from my brother-in-law and sister-in-laws pond, and delivered on Thanksgiving day.  We appropriately named them, Thanks and Giving, and love watching them swim and frolick in their aquarium! Cole and I hope, Thanks and Giving, live long and happy lives.  The emphasis on LIVE. Wish us luck and perhaps offer up a prayer for their well being. Isn’t there something in the bible about God loving all the little fishes-he didn’t turn them into loafs of bread did he? ,. A picture of Thanks and Giving will be forthcoming soon.

Tuesday’s is always Rant Day on El Morno so if you have a rant you want to get out of system please feel free to share. Odd Loves Company? 


10 thoughts on “Pins and Needle Day, Bavarian Cream Pie Day

  1. Morno!

    Bavarian Cream Pie? Think I might have to go the donut route. If that vending machine is not serving up champaign to go with the caviar just forget it. I am not paring it with vending machine pepsi. I have standards.
    Happy birthday Jimi. One of my favorites.
    Good Luck with the fish. I think giving you two was a good idea.

    Make it a good one.

  2. I wonder why you can’t get fresh donuts from a vending machine? Maybe you can. Did you see those awful pictures of that poor child Honey Boo Boo (pageant kid) buying sprinkle cup cakes from a vending machine? I think she got stuck or something. Anyway, I would buy a donut and while I do like Caviar I don’t think I would want to buy it from a vending machine and sit in a mall and eat it for at $500 an ounce.
    Congratulations on your Thanks and Giving. May they both live long and fully appreciate there new home.
    No pie. NO.

    • I did see that about Honey Boo Boo when I was searching for a link. What a mess that kid is or is going to be. I agree caviar should not be eaten in a food court. That is just wrong!
      Thank you for your fish support!

  3. Donuts always sound good — I think I’ve had it with pie for a while!
    Yeah, you got two new fish! Let’s hope they “live long and prosper.” God did NOT turn fishes into loaves of bread! Jesus MULTIPLIED a basket of bread and a couple of fish to feed the hungry masses. God created the fishies on the fifth day of Creation, I believe, and instructed them to “be fertile and multiply.” Perhaps Thanks and Giving will do that, and you’ll need a bigger tank!!

    • Thank you Debbie! I knew I could count on you to send me down the straight and narrow. However just to be perfectly clear we don’t multiple in my house. No. I have never wanted to “have puppies” because no home would be good enough for them, or kittens for the same reason, we had one sugar glider not two even tho they pair nicely we just provided the extra attention. If these fish “multiple” I will sneak over and return all baby fishies to my brother-in-laws pond. But thanks for the heads up as it never occurred to me. I have now instructed them to keep their fins to themselves!!

  4. international ladies’ garment workers’ union……i haven’t thought about this in decades. i remember as a kid sitting with the family watching tv & tearing the ilgwu tags from rolls to be sewn onto the backs of collars of women’s blouses at my dad’s mills. my small eastern pa town, 75 miles from nyc, was filled with textile mills. good memories!
    may think about bavarian creme pie in a little while.
    much luck with thanks & giving. what do the cards say about their future?

    • Wow. Interesting background information about something probably very few of us know anything about. Thanks for wishes for luck. Good question I have not pulled a card for them…I have never read for fish before…a dog, cat, and a bird but never fish.

  5. You will need to dig a pond in your yard before they get too old. They get as big as baby whales!!!! There are some at the Japenese Garden in Rockford and they are HUGE!. However…good luck with them.a And may they live a long life.

    • Thank you Carol. Big fish? That could be a problem. I would love to have a pond…my mother has one, my in-laws have one, but I don’t have one. When Cole was little we used to pretend we had a pond and one day he told he put ducks on it! And when I asked him if our campers would play nice with the ducks….he smiled and said, “duck for dinner!” Aren’t kids just awful!

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