Christmas Whisker: Rascal’s Show & Tell

Rascal wanted to show off her Christmas Whisker. She is growing it out. It has become so long that soon we’ll have to wind it up into a little bun.  We tried to color it red but sharpies don’t work all that well on whiskers so I drew you an arrow.

From the file… Katybeth doesn’t has a life.  . .



10 thoughts on “Christmas Whisker: Rascal’s Show & Tell

  1. is rascal going through *the change*??? i would have had to snip that errant strand. cute little profile though!

    • My mother would have Rascal trimmed up in a heart beat But we love her little errant whisker and will wait to see how long it grows before we snip it. I don’t know if it’s the change or not 😀 good question.

    • She is growing her whisker out, I tell you. She wants to be in the Guinness book of records. I offered to snip it and she shook her head no…look at how proudly she is showing it off. Not moving a muscle!

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