Elf On The Shelf Adventures

Sally, our elf-pixie on the shelf, had a busy week!

Look quick! It’s an elf….no it’s a pixie… in the tree!

Our pixie is a swinger

Mugging for the camera

Peeping Pixie!

Naughty not Nice!

PLEASE! BEWARE! SALLY IS LOOKING FOR THINGS TO “DO” WHILE SHE IS IN CHICAGO. DO NOT!! GIVE HER ANY IDEAS. THANK YOU. Sally will be back next Saturday to share more of her FUN adventures on Odd.

Odd Loves Company,

12 thoughts on “Elf On The Shelf Adventures

  1. STOP IT! You’re making this whole elf on the shelf thing look like too much fun. I have resisted for two years.
    Hey, Sally…whip cream is very fun! Ha.

  2. i have a sally as a friend & she is very active, too.
    looks like sally is enjoying herself. too bad elf on the shelf was not around a few decades ago when i was still at home. there was this small koala like thing with arms that worked like a clothes pin that i would place around the house for my mom to eventually locate. when she did, koala was off to a new destination. if i had only invented elf on the shelf……

  3. What fun. Your pixie is adorable and you have such a good ideas! Will look forward to seeing what Sally is up to next week.

  4. Ohh…I will share the milk idea with my sister who has an elf visting her house too. I’ll ask if she has any ideas to pass along back your way.
    Thanks for sharing Sally’s adventures.

  5. I ran into a guy at WalMart this morning, and he told me his daughter is doing Elf on the Shelf for her son, his grandson, who’s just four years old. What a fun way for the kids to lead up to Christmas!

    • It is so much fun. We got a late start but better now than never and Cole and I are both having a blast. I imagine with little kids–the “wonder” makes it even more exciting.

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