A Fresh Start-A New Year, Feast of the Fabulous Wild Man, Curried Chicken Day

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January 12, 2013

Winter is Here

★~Today’s Quote:  I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.  Hunter S. Thompson

★~ A Fresh Start- A New Year!

A New Year

Good intentions often fall to the wayside by the second week in January and, 4 out of 5 of us — which equates to millions of individuals –won’t keep the promises we made to our hopeful selfs now that the New Year has started. Click here to read 16 ways to stay motivated and beat the New Years Resolution slump. Sometimes all we need is a little help from our friends.

★~ Feast of the Fabulous Wild Man Day:

Manny Puig

Dionysus, a Greek god born from the thigh of Zeus is often celebrated in January. He is the god of wine and drunken revelry, a patron of the theater and an agricultural/fertility god in Greek mythology. Some consider him one of the original wild men.  So, men, drink up, feast and be merry in the spirit of Dionysus, just keep in mind  that while Dionysus was considered wild he was never considered wise.

★~  It’s Curried Chicken Day!


Curried chicken is a popular dish in Asia, the United Kingdom, and the Caribbean. The word “curry” is an anglicized version of the Tamil word “kari,” which means “stir-fried.” While we usually associate curried chicken with a hot Indian dish served over rice, there are many other recipes that call for both key ingredients. In England, curried chicken salad is called Coronation Chicken. Constance Spry and Rosemary Hume created the dish for Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation banquet in 1953. It has been a popular sandwich filling ever since. I have enjoyed Sir Lanken Chicken Curry but have not made it…a reliable resource assures me this recipe is very tasty.

★~ Today in History:

Mark McGwire’s 70th home run ball

♥~ 1773 – The first public museum was organized — in Charleston, South Carolina.

♥~ 1949 – The Chicago-based children’s show, Kukla, Fran and Ollie, made its national debut on NBC-TV. Fran Allison was hostess. The show was phenomenally successful.

♥~ 1966 – Batman debuted — on ABC-TV. Adam West starred as Batman and Burt Ward was the Bat-Boy, Robin. Pow! Zork! Crunch! Holy hot cakes, Batman!

♥~ 1971 – All In the Family  Based on the success of the British comedy “Till Death Us Do Part,” Norman Lear created CBS’s controversial sitcom “All in the Family.” The series was the first of its kind to realistically portray the prevailing issues and taboos of its time with a wickedly humorous bent.

♥~ 1991 – Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 became the first album to generate seven top-five singles on the Billboard Hot 100 (four went to number one). Love Will Never Do (Without You) reached #4 this day and it hit #1 the following week.

♥~ 1999 – Mark McGwire’s 70th home run ball was sold at auction in New York for million to an anonymous bidder. It was the most money ever paid for a sports artifact. McGwire’s ball was retrieved Sep 27, 1998 by 26-year-old research scientist Philip Ozersky, who had been attending the game with a group of office friends from Washington University in St. Louis when the ball came flying at him.

♥~ 2001 – A Missouri man was arrested for dropping his pants and taking a picture of his buttocks on a photocopier — in the crowded lobby of a St. Louis courthouse. The man told police he wanted the copies of his backside as a practical joke for his girlfriend. He was still making copies when police arrived.

♥~ 1981 – Dynasty premiere:  The popular ABC prime-time serial focused on the high-flying exploits of the Denver-based Carrington family.

★~Born Today:

Jack London

♥~  1876 – Jack London (John Chaney) author: The Sea WolfThe Call of the WildWhite Fangdied Nov 22, 1916

♥~ 1951 – Kirstie Alley Emmy Award-winning actress: Cheers [1991]; Look Who’s Talking

♥~ 1951 – Rush Limbaugh (Rush Hudson Limbaugh III) right-wing radio talk show hostThe Rush Limbaugh Show

♥~ 1952 –   Ricky Van Shelton, Country singer

♥~ 1954 – Howard Stern, Radio talk show host

♥~ 1964 –   Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com founder and CEO

♥~ 1992 – HAL, computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey, by Arthur C. Clarke, “born” Urbana, IL.

★~ Did You Know: Not everyone achieves their goals the same way…..

Hunter S Thompson

 Hunter S Thompson  was an American journalist and author. 


Not sure yet what today will bring. I may finally make the banana nut bread I’ve been talking about making for a week. The good news is the bananas are ripe. Do you have any wild and crazy plans to share?

Odd Loves Company,

11 thoughts on “A Fresh Start-A New Year, Feast of the Fabulous Wild Man, Curried Chicken Day

  1. Actually had Curried Grouper with peas & rice last night here in the Caribbean! Delicious. Hunter S. Thompson was crazy!
    How are our Pups? Behaving well I hope!

    • Yum. Last year you had Just had curried shrimp on the beach! Served with rice and green beans!:-D. Your pups are fine—Curled up right now on a dog bed. Maggie is sleeping. Tanner is gnawing on an antler. I will post some pictures this weekend. Enjoy your day—don’t forget to remind
      Wyllys to put on some beads and beat his chest a bit!

  2. Morno,
    Love anything with curry. Is it Feast of the fabulous wild guy again so soon? Guess I need to search out the wenches and start beating my chest again.
    Off to the hardware store. I have a leaky kitchen faucet.

  3. Love anything with curry. Puppies and wild men…El Morno covered it basis today. It’s interesting that London, Stern, and Limbaugh, were all born on the same day.
    I am still on target for my New Years resolution which was to walk 10 minutes every day. Its a small goal that can grow with me and hasn’t overwhelmed me.
    Nancy ^^ is right…Hunter was crazy.

    • We did cover it all. Three wild men–certainly not wise men born on the same–very interesting. I was wondering who would catch the connection.
      Wonderful that you are staying focused and walkin every day. I think we are often encouraged to start too big, fail and then don’t want to “go through starting again.” Walk on!

  4. The video of the puppy learning to go down the stairs was just darling! Reminds me of when my Sheltie first tried to tackle stairs as a puppy. He’s got it down pat now, but going up and down the uncarpeted ones was a real challenge. Read: lots of encouragement, lots of cookies!

    • The stairs are often learned at camp. It’s funny to watch them go through the—OH NO NO NO. I can’t. No really I can’t. Cookie…well maybe I can. I think I can…..WOW I CAN. Cookies and encouragement are motivators for sure.

  5. cute pup & stairs video. nikki met her 1st set of stairs at christmas. everyone else but her came down & didn’t notice for a little while nik was not with us. found her staring down at me! walked up the steps, gave her a pat or two, encouraged her to come down which she did. good girl! since she’s an adult, i forget sometimes that nik has not experienced things during her former non-life.
    wow……that hunter thompson was certainly strange & savage. better him than me with that lifestyle.
    just cleaning (still) today. expected to rain so a good couple of days to watch football.

      • Good to know about Batman. It is fun to catch in re-runs.
        Poor Nik those stairs must have seen like a very odd challenge at first. Of-course she caught on quick–she is a Doberman. One of our camper is an older dog who does the stairs like a champ at camp but insists he can not do them at home. So his human mom and dad carry all 50 pounds of him up and down even after installing special dog carpeting. They have asked for suggestions, I have suggested and now I just agree that he can’t do the stairs. Oh well.

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