Answer Your Cat’s Question, Blonde Brownie Day

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January 22, 2013

★~ Today’s Quote:  Every adventure requires a first step. Trite, but true, even here. ~ Cheshire Cat

★~ Answer You Cat’s Question Day:


Cats and humans have a long and illustrious history of cohabitation. Historians believe that cats were domesticated as early as 12,000 years ago, but we still don’t fully understand each other. Today, be prepared to answer their questions: Why is a slobbered-on ball more appreciated than the mice I drop at your feet? (UH???) Why can’t I sun myself on the kitchen counter? Why do you label me a picky eater when I am really just a discerning gourmand? Have you ever considered matching your decor and wardrobe to me instead of constantly complaining about my hair? Why do we have a dog?

★~ Blonde Brownie Day:


No. A brownie is not called a Blonde Brownie because a blonde forgot to add the chocolate to the recipe. Firstly, this dessert is not a brownie at all.  It’s a Blondie trying to pass itself off as a Brownie and I object. It’s not an awful dessert if you use it as a base for your ice cream sundae add a few chocolate chips, or drench it in carmel but it’s not a Brownie.  It’s just not. If you want to make a pan of Blondies  I used this recipe last year

★~ Today in History:


♥~ 1959 – The Coors Brewing Company of Golden, Colorado, began offering its beer in aluminum cans. Coors was the first American beverage company to manufacture and market its product in the new container.

♥~ 1968 – Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In” premiered on NBC. The first 14 shows earned Laugh-In  4 Emmys. And “you bet your bippy,” Nielsen rated it #1 … for two seasons. “Say good night, Dick.” “Good night Dick.”

♥~ 1976 – A bank robbery in Beirut netted a world record haul. Boxes of cash and other valuables taken from the British Bank of the Middle East in Bab Idriss were estimated to be worth some $50 million.

♥~ 1990 – A jury in Syracuse, NY convicted graduate student Robert T. Morris of federal computer tampering charges for unleashing a ‘worm’ that crippled a computer network. Morris was the first person to be convicted under a U.S. law designed to protect computer systems from malicious break-ins and viruses.

♥~ 1990 – Nairobi police arrested a Greek nun for trying to smuggle 6,000 bees into Kenya under her habit. She said she wanted to use the bees’ wax to make candles.

♥~ 2010 – Police in Mexico City rescued 150 ferrets from armed robbers after a high speed chase. 14 boxes of ferrets imported from the U.S. had been taken from a truck by robbers after it left the Mexico City airport.

★~ Trending Right Now:

♥~ Michelle Obama Wears a Second Inaugural Ball Gown by Jason Wu

♥~ ‘One Today’: Full Text of Richard Blanco Inaugural Poem

♥~ The Following’ premiere review: Kevin Bacon, Edgar Allan Poe, violence, vodka, and regret

★~Born Today:

My favorite Martian

♥~ 1934 Bill (Wilfred Bailey) Bixby actor: My Favorite Martian, The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, The Incredible Hulk, Fantasy Island, Rich Man Poor Man; died Nov 21, 1993

♥~ 1940 – John Hurt actor: Wild Bill, Rob Roy, Spaceballs, 1984, The Elephant Man, Alien, Midnight Express, A Man for All Seasons

♥~ 1959 – Linda Blair actress: The Exorcist, Airport ’75, A Woman Obsessed, Bail Out

★~ Did You Know: 

crème puff oldest cat
♥~ The oldest cat is Cream Puff as recorded by the Guinness World Record. Cream Puff,  was born on August 3, 1967 and  died in 2005 in Austin, Texas, at the age of 38 years and 3 days. Many have claimed they have older cats over the years, but without substantial proof, Guinness World Record will not accept their cats age as record.

♥~ The world record for the cat with most toes belongs to Jake who has 28 toes, with 7 on each paw. (Cats with more than 5 toes on a paw is called polydactyl cats)

♥~ The longest whisker on a cat measured 17.4 cm (6.8 in) on July 30, 2004 and belong to Mingo, a Maine coon (also the biggest breed of domesticated cats), who lives with her owner, Marina Merne in Turku, Finland.


Shout out to Dawn whose Sheltie Katie just earned her  Rally Novi Advanced Title. The video shows GREAT teamwork. Dawn did you ever find your Mom’s ‘Blondie’ recipe? If so please share!

It’s cold out there. Chicago Winter woke up this weekend with a blast of arctic air.. This Morno the temp is about 4 degrees. Brrrrr.

I’m in a quandary about my ringtone right now…I’m so tired of it…but I can’t decide what to change it too. Yes, I know on the scale of world problems my ring tone quandary is not terribly important, so if you’re solving World Hunger, in line for a Noble Peace Prize, or are upset because Michele Obama wore a second Inaugural ball gown by Jason Wu, please don’t give my ringtone another thought, BUT if you’re not in the midst of solving more important problems and want to share what your ring tone is and make a recommendation for mine…I would appreciate it.

These have been the suggestions so far:

James Bond
Ride Of The Valkyries (Richard Wagner)
Bold As Love (Hendrix)
Elton John in general
Angel (Hendrix)
Little Wing (Hendrix)
Who Let the Dogs Out (Done this one…)
Sugartime (McQuire sisters)

All good suggestion but none of them are quiet right. BTW, I am not a Hendrix fan but the suggestor is….just sayin’.

Odd Loves Company! 


22 thoughts on “Answer Your Cat’s Question, Blonde Brownie Day

  1. It’s blond brownie day AGAIN? Seems it was blond brownie day just yesterday. My Mom made the best blond brownies. Yum. Thanks for reminding me!

  2. Morno,
    I’m back. Internet is fixed or so they tell me. I don’t have a cat and like chocolate in my brownies. The Inaugural Poem wasn’t, as EL Morners would say, my cuppa. I did like My Favorite Martian. It was kind of silly but entertaining at the time.
    My ring tone came with my phone. I’m heading in slowly today, a cold seems to have tagged me.
    Stay warm and have a good one.

  3. Deb had a ringtone that was a recording of her son saying “Mom! Answer your phone” — I always kind of like that one.

    As for “answer your cat’s questions” day. Sure I’ll play as long as one of them answers my question “why do you always have to puke on the carpet right after I have it cleaned?” 🙂

    • I can only imagine that ring tone causing complete havoc if you forgot to turn it off in a movie, or a concert…would be funny to watch but not to have happen to you 😀
      That seems to be a very common cat question…..which remains mysteriously unanswered…..

  4. cats are too independent for me. i just don’t understand them.
    i like original type brownies. a lot.
    congratulations dawn & katie^!
    speaking of wiskers……how’s rascal’s lone wild whisker growing???
    james bond ringtone! i’d like that one. well….maybe your favorite singer/group or movie? mine is a barking dog. of course.

    • I don’t think cats are meant to be understood…OMG…I completely forgot about that whisker!! Checking on it right now and I will get back to you.
      Barking Dogs? That would be like a teacher having a ring tone that said her name 25 times in 5 seconds. 😀

  5. Brownies should be chocolate — period!
    We’re cold here, too. Eight degrees but feels like 3 (as if five degrees makes a big deal of difference, one way or the other!)
    My ring tone, of course, is the Victory March! Secondary is the fight song from my alma mater. Hey, at least they both stand out (unless I’m at ND’s Bookstore, where LOTS of folks start reaching for their phone when mine rings, haha!)

    Debbie Just Blogged: Thoughts about Manti Te’o: (posted by Kb/comment Luv error)

    • Because his owner is cheap and doesn’t love him??? Ok. Sorry…because you heard it wasn’t good for cats and are looking out for his best interest!!!

  6. Congratulations Dawn and Katie, that’s super. I like Cats as long as they are someone elses.
    Your ring tone should be Toby Keith’s American Ride.
    Stay out of the cold!

  7. How about “God Bless America”? I think EVERYONE needs to have that one and just maybe we can start to feel like we are loving our country again!

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