Canine Christmas, New Year Cards

Rascal 2013 Teaser….

Tomorrow, I will unveil our 2013 New Years Card but first a little Holiday card history…..

It all started with the 2004 Christmas card (below) I had one of those “good ideas” that I am famous for—the kind that that strikes terror into the hearts of family members and friends. Milo (the Deerhound) would be our Christmas tree, surrounded by pup presents in wrapped boxes. My mother and my aunt were visiting and were invited to participate in pulling the shoot together. They wrapped boxes and helped keep the pups in them. I took the picture. It was FUN; ok, it was hard work. However, despite some nay saying and complaints about my unmerry attitude—the card was produced and the results were outstanding. The whiners gave me credit for my vision, and I thanked them for not stuffing me into one of the boxes and duct taping the lid shut.

The next year, I asked Barbara Ciurej—my friend and photographer extraordinaire—if she would help me produce my 2005 Christmas card. I outlined my idea of a Christmas card, which would be done in the style of the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials: a team of pups pulling a sleigh of presents, with my littlest pup in front. It would bring a tear to the eye of everyone that opened it. Barbara agreed to help me. She loved my theme idea. However, after mulling it around a bit, she wondered if perhaps the Budweiser commercials were not a little overdone for our purposes; perhaps something more original and reflective of my pups’ lives would be more appropriate. She was right, of course. I thought bringing in an outsider might hurt my family’s feelings, but they took it surprisingly well and Barbara became the creative effort behind photographing my holiday cards. I wrangle the pups while she wrangles her camera, lighting and bits of flying treat.

Holiday cards through the year’s…..

Christmas Tree 04

We wish you Merry Christmas! What is amazing about this card is it was done without photoshop except for the background. Note to sweet mother…Milo could have used a hanging ornament or ten. Note to son who just looked over my shoulder and remarked, how I was such a  “pain in the ass” when we took this picture…Your Sweet Mother, and Sponsor Of All Things ‘Audi A4’ is Never A Pain In The Ass. So there.

Howley Nigh

Feliz Navidog!  Trinket was baby Jesus because we were waiting for puppy Rascal to join our family.

Anticipation 2005

This window and I have a long history.

Snowflakes 06

Skippy (black Schipperke) always shined in pictures. We sure missed him this year.

Sledding o9

The pups were on sleds, in costume for this picture. It was taken in Cole’s bedroom.

Ornaments 08

I still wonder how my sweet Mom talked me into making her Dobe the star. Oh well, we all know who the star is…and she is wearing an elf hat.

Skating 010

Scooby (Beagle on the bottom……far right) has never really forgiven me for this card.

Occupy 011

Occupy Happiness. Loved this card. Did not remember until these cards were in the mail that two of the featured pups had human parents that worked in banking. Of-course, we were poking fun at the occupiers and not the banks…REALLY!! Love those banks!

This is not a holiday picture. (I just wanted to reassure you that I have not left my family and friends out of the picture entirely.)

Turtle in a tutu

My mother’s eyes only twitched a little when I asked her to sew a tutu for Maxine the turtle, and Vickie was more than willing to take on the role of turtle wrangler as we captured what I believe to be the only picture in history of a turtle in a tutu. I mean, really…have you ever seen a tortuga in a tutu? If there were justice in the world, this picture would have gone viral! Update: Turtle in a tutu was googled and we had the only picture! Ha.

See you soon but until then Odd Loves Company!

15 thoughts on “Canine Christmas, New Year Cards

  1. Morno,
    Those dogs must be trained actors. Admire their patience, your imagination and your helpers ability to keep up. Looking forward to your lastest offering.
    Thanks for the heads up about chocolate covered cherry day. Although I think I will pass. The fruitcake toss sounds interesting. Almost makes me wish I had one to take a golf club too.
    See later. Going into the office for a few hours. They miss me.
    Make it a good one.

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  3. These are great. I remember the turtle in a tutu and I agree it should have gone viral. I love the skating pups. Wonderful collection of cards. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These are furbulous!! Wish I’d thought of them — perhaps you’ll let me borrow and embellish the idea next Christmas, featuring Darling Doggie, of course?!

    • Debbie…everything I post on Odd is welcome to be “borrowed.” I am flattered and would also be happy to help you brain storm an idea for a card with DD.
      Thank you!

  5. Awe I remember anxiously awaiting for the one you sent me. I love it still today. You run a terrific camp. So glad you share your world with the rest of us.

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