How to Carve a 3-D Apple Puzzle


It’s Puzzle Day and to celebrate Cole will demonstrate how to carve a 3-D Puzzle Apple Puzzle.

Just so you know, If it wouldn’t have interrupted the flow of the video, I would’ve encourage Cole to cut away from his body parts.

And… Cole drew you a handy print out diagram.


I have no idea what I’m going to do when this kid goes off to college….follow him I guess.

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11 thoughts on “How to Carve a 3-D Apple Puzzle

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  2. I can do this!!! Cole gave great instructions. No mess…unless the knife slips. Can’t wait to buy an apple and amaze my kids. Maybe a couple of apples.
    Thanks Cole!

  3. Oh wow, this is so cool. Cole makes it look so easy. I take an apple to work almost everyday, I am going to try this…

    • He seemed to think it was easy…I have to think–right tighty–left loosey and sing my ABC’s so easy is always relative…but I bet you can do it.

  4. my macintosh apple travels to work with me daily. very clean demonstration!
    no, no, no! the world does not need more helicopter parents. i’m quite sure you will find something worthwhile to do in cole’s absence. a new normal.

  5. Easy, Peasy! Thanks for the suggestion. I’m with Irene on this one — we don’t need more helicopter parents. When Cole goes off to college, you’ll be sad for a while and you’ll miss him lots. BUT you’ll be amazed at how much time you have on your hands, time that can (and should!) be used wisely. Didn’t you find the same thing out when he got his driver’s license? I sure did, with Domer. Suddenly, my taxi days were over (and truth be told, I kinda missed that, though I didn’t think I would!)

    • The knife is more dramatic effect…the really sharp knife (the only knife he has ever cut himself with is tucked in drawer). I bet you can’t wait to try this.

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