Joy Germ Day, Male Watcher Day, Bubble Bath Day, English Toffee Day

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January 8, 2013

"I'm Not Speaking to You!"

★~ Today’s Quote: “Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.” ― Marianne Williamson

★~ Joy Germ Day:


Today, we go forth and spread January Joy. To keep inspired, Joy germs have their own “rap”….

“Men, women, and children on fire with the desire to conspire and inspire, who elect to collect, infect and direct those ‘down in the dumpsters’ to develop resilience to rally round the rigors of reality by hugging, smiling, laughing, grinning, and winning victoriously over regression and depression.”

Smile, Spread Joy.

★~ Male Watcher Day:


Ladies, Feel free to gawk but not please don’t grab the guys today.

★~ Bubble Bath Day:

003|365 Bubble Bath

The warm water and steam open your pores, clean your skin, and loosen up that knot in your neck. I enjoy a bubble bath with a piece of cake…other people enjoy reading a book, and still others like to close their eyes and let the cares of the world drift far, far away. Don’t forget to roll up a towel to put behind your neck, and make sure you have something comfy and cozy to put on when you emerge from bubbles and bath.

If you are truly a shower person and refuse to soak your bones in a bubble bath, at least treat yourself to a new bath product today.

★~ English Toffee Day:


Toffee became popular in England, in the latter part of the 1800s. The best way to celebrate English Toffee is to enjoy a piece. Making it is surprisingly  easy and takes very few ingredients. Here is a recipe by Paula Deen and a very easy recipe from Recipe Shoebox.

★~ Today in History:

mule team ad

♥~ 1856 – Borax (hydrated sodium borate) was discovered by Dr. John Veatch near Red Bluff, California. It became a multiuse product that was popularized during the era of TV’s Death Valley Days. Remember 20 Mule Team Borax?

♥~ 1955 – After 130 home basketball wins, the University of Kentucky lost — at home — to Georgia Tech, 59-58. It was the first Kentucky loss at home since January 2, 1943.

♥~ 2001 – A Japanese man choking on a sticky rice cake was saved when his daughter sucked the glob out with a vacuum cleaner. Family members first tried to remove the food with their fingers. Then the man’s 46-year-old daughter grabbed a vacuum cleaner, took out his dentures and stuck the hose into his mouth with the switch turned to high. The 70-year-old man had fully recovered by the time paramedics arrived.

★~Born Today:


♥~ 1935 – Elvis (Aron) Presley singer: That’s All Right, Mama, Mystery Train, All Shook Up, Love Me Tender, Suspicious Minds; 90 top-20 hits; actor: Jailhouse Rock, G.I. Blues,Blue Hawaii; over 30 films; died Aug 16, 1977

♥~ 1942 – Stephen Hawking author: A Brief History of Time

♥~ 1947 – David Bowie (Jones) singer: Space Oddity, Fame, Changes, Ziggy Stardust, Peace on Earth-Little Drummer Boy [w/Bing Crosby]; actor: The Man Who Fell to Earth, Just a Gigolo, The Last Temptation of Christ At the revamped website for David Bowie, At the revamped website for  David Bowie, it was  announced today that he is releasing  “The Next Day,” his first album in ten years (pre-order). The first single from the new album, “Where Are We Now?,” is available now and the song’s video can be seen at Bowie’s site.

★~ Did You Know:  The many uses for Borax


♥~Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Pour 1 cup of borax into the toilet bowl at night before you go to sleep. The next morning clean out the toilet bowl with a brush. You will find the job effortless because the borax has loosened all the grime buildup. Note that this method of toilet cleaning works very well for rust rings.

♥~Flea Killer: Sprinkle borax on dog beds, carpets, and other areas where you suspect that fleas are hatching. Borax releases boric acid, which is a poison (note that very high doses would need to be ingested to harm a pet or human).

♥~Mold Inhibitor:This method of inhibiting mold is very good to use on areas where mold and mildew is growing but that you don’t need to worry about paint being damaged. Make a thick borax and water paste. Smear it on the moldy area. Let set until dry (overnight or longer). Sweep up the powder, and rinse off the rest.

♥~Mice Deterrent: Sprinkle borax on the floor along the walls (mice like to run along the side of walls). They don’t like getting the borax on their feet, so they are less likely to return to that area of the house.

♥~ All Purpose Cleaner:  Put 2 teaspoons of borax in a spray bottle with 2 cups of very hot water. Shake to blend.

♥~ Shampoo: Some swear it is the best shampoo ever, leaving your hair soft and silky

♥~ Face Cleanser. Borax gets rid of liver spots, It clears your skin of acne and pock marks and makes your skin soft and smooth.

♥~ How to make Borax Snowflakes


Go Fetch

A few weeks ago,  I was invited to a dinner party by good friends that included a family I’ve known for years, but have never really known. If you know what I mean. They are very into his and her twin sweater sets, Matching lamps, and vacations at the same destination every year, staying at the same hotel, preferable in the same room. They usually ask me about, “that school” I send my kid too, and spend a lot of time sharing their rather narrow values. This year, our hostess must have felt the need to bring us closer together, because she announced while cutting the dessert cake, that I enjoyed eating cake in the bathtub.  The table went silent and then I was asked, “Why in the world would you do such a thing.”  I couldn’t help myself, I calmly took a bite of my cake, and responded, “It’s an ancient pagan custom.” And then I tugged my ear and starred at them. While they are probably still a little twitchy; it brought me great joy.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Odd Loves Company,

12 thoughts on “Joy Germ Day, Male Watcher Day, Bubble Bath Day, English Toffee Day

  1. Morno,
    Everyone was very glad I was back yesterday. I knew they missed me. Today I will tell them feel free to admire me from afar. If it will bring them joy.Toffee could be a challenge. Does Walgreens sell it?
    Come backs timed well are one life’s greatest pleasures.
    Have a good one.

  2. you mean to tell me there is only ONE male watcher day??? bummer.
    i’m sure the cake you were eating at the dinner party turned out to be one of the sweetest ever!
    borax……i like products with lots of uses.
    rainy day although we do need the rain. cooler temps is a-ok with me.

    • There could be more…the year is young. True, I ate every bite of that cake. It was very sweet.
      It is suppose to be 52 in Chicago today (Jan 11), wet, muddy and rainy outside. Not sure if it better or worse than ice, slush and snow in my biz :-D.

  3. So eating cake in the tub is an “ancient pagan custom ” ?? I love that..I will have to remember to say that the next time someone asks me a stupid question..too funny..That Paula Dean Toffee recipe sounds great..I must try that, thanks 😀

    • I made the toffee last year and it was pretty good and worth the effort. It is a very ANCIENT custom. Normally, I wouldn’t share but the alliance allows you to share during a face down with matching his and her twin sweaters sets.

  4. Wonderful comeback — served ’em right for their thinly disguised criticism!
    Love your many uses of Borax. I hadn’t heard those before, and I’d like to give a few a try (especially as a toilet bowl cleaner, ‘cos that’s one of my most disliked chores!)

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