Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends, Milk Day, Hot Toddy Day

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January 11,2013

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★~ Today’s Quote:  “The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.” E. E. Cummings quotes

★~ Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day:


If you live in a warm climate and are feeling mischievous this holiday might offer you a little winter amusement. If you live where the climate is cold, and puddles are frozen or slushy you might want to wait until spring io celebrate. In either climate, before you splash, you might want to first consider how fast you can run in your wellies. Just sayin’ ….

★~Milk Day:

Milk bottles

Got milk? On January 11, 1878, milk reportedly was delivered in bottles for the very first time.  Prior to this, milk was brought door to door in large metal cans and they’d ladle you out a portion, which means long before the phrase, ‘Dear, could you pick up some milk on your way home?’ came the delightful, ‘Honey, the big can of milk is here. How much ya want?’ We still buy our milk in glass bottles from a local dairy and ice cream shoppe. Cold milk in a bottle is just so much better than cold milk in a carton with an impossible-to-open spout. Being a Waldorf mom, I have been exposed to all the hazards of milk since Cole was first enrolled at the Chicago Waldorf School. We have tried goat milk, soy milk, raw milk, camel milk…once.  In our opinion, Bessie does it best. Cole has never broken a bone and has strong teeth, and I give full credit to the goodness of milk. Click for more M00velous Milk facts

★~ Hot Toddy Day:


Another soothing beverage that is a bit more adult is the hot toddy made with honey, lemon, and hot water, and whiskey, brandy, or rum. It’s the perfect way to warm up on a cold winter day, and a few sips can also relieve cold or flu symptoms.

Hot toddies originated in Scotland sometime during the 18th century. Historians believe that the recipe was developed to make the taste of Scotch whisky more palatable. (Apparently the women of the day didn’t care for the smoky peat flavor.) One theory suggests that the word “toddy” evolved from “Tod’s Well” (also known as Todian Spring), the water supply for Edinburgh.

Why not mix up the original hot toddy recipe or try a hot buttered rum tonight?

★~ Today in History:


♥~ 1770 – The first shipment of rhubarb was sent to the United States from London. Benjamin Franklin sent the plant to his buddy, John Bartram in Philadelphia.

♥~ 1878 – For the first time, milk was delivered in glass bottles — by one Alexander Campbell, in New York. Up to that time, moo juice had been ladled out of a container by the milkman, right into the customer’s own container.

♥~ 1935 – Amelia Earhart Putnam became the first person to fly solo from Hawaii to California. She had also been the first woman to solo across the Atlantic three years earlier.

♥~ 1984 – Thriller, the album by Michael Jackson, became the all-time best-selling LP. Thriller, with ten-million copies sold, surpassed the previous bestseller, the soundtrack from Saturday Night Fever. Among its precedent-shattering achievements, Thriller spent 37 weeks at number one on theBillboard album chart (longer than any contemporary rock or pop album’

♥~ 2003 – Two-year-old Elliot O’Sullivan, who wanted to build a snowman, was upset when no snow fell near his home in Totton, England. So his dad Shaun, who was working 110 miles away in snow-covered Kent, filled his Mercedes Sprinter with snow and drove the whole way home with the heater off to keep the snow from melting. Then, dad, mom, and son built a snowman. Does anyone else wonder why they did not take the kid to the snow?

★~Born Today:

Amanda Peet

♥~ 1946 – Naomi (Diane) Judd Grammy Award-winning singer: : The Judds: Why Not Me, Have Mercy, LP: Heartland; mother of singers, Wynonna, Ashley

♥~ 1958 – Vicki Peterson musician: guitar, singer: group; The Bangles: Walk like an Egyptian, Manic Monday

♥~ 1962 – Kim Coles actress: In Living Color, Living Single, One, Frasier, Six Feet Under, Celebrity Mole, Wig, Hell on Earth, Kids in America, The Show With A.J. Calloway, Strictly Business; author: I’m Free But It Will Cost You

♥~ 1968 – Tom Dumont: musician: guitar: group: No Doubt: Just a Girl, It’s My Life, Hey Baby, Bathwater, Sunday Morning, Hella Good, New, Underneath It All

♥~ 1972 – Amanda Peet: actress: The Good Wife

★~ Did You Know: Sharing A Few FUN Milk Products (not affiliated with any links)


♥~The Dipr:

Milk Dipper

Invented by a husband and wife team, the dipr is a specially-designed spoon to dunk your favorite sandwich cookies in milk. This curved device holds the cookie by the cream, preventing the cookie from falling in or crumbling when dunked. It comes in five colors and is available to purchase online.

♥~Heifer Pitcher:

Heifer pitcher

Udderly irresistible. The Heifer pitchers clever double walled glass design pours milk, non-dairy creamer and more as if it came straight from the cow– only, literally, much cooler.


Never eat soggy cereal again! Obol® has two sections—an upper area for your cereal, and a lower reservoir for milk. Scoop a spoonful of your cereal into your spoon, then swoop into the milk for the perfect bite every time. Yes. I know. This product is a bit techie so click on over to the Obol web site and watch the video….

♥~ Milk Night Light:

If your best inspiration comes in the middle of the night after a glass of cold milk, this Milk Glass LED Lamp will get your creative juices flowing without getting out of bed. Amazon 

♥~ Milk Bottle Chandelier:

Milk Bottle Chandelier

For those of you who want more than a night light,  Bonne Plat’s created a Milk Bottle Chandelier that offers a full, diffused light with a single bulb! The bottles are removable and of-course the Chandelier is environmental friendly.


FUN: I was given one of the milk products list ^ above as a gift.  Guess which product it was in the comments! I will hold a drawing of all the right answers, pick a name and some lucky person will receive one of their very own!!

My sweet mother is chairing a tracking event this weekend in Albuquerque. New Mexico. It’s January. It is not up to us to wonder WHAT WAS SHE THINKING…please just send her warm and toasty thoughts. Thank you.


11 thoughts on “Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends, Milk Day, Hot Toddy Day

  1. Morno,
    Yep it’s Friday and a Hot Toddy sounds good. Not much of a milk drinker these days unless it is on something. I bet someone gave you the cereal bowl! Keep warm Kb sweet Mother. Have a good one

  2. Good Morno,
    I’m up early for a routine doctors appointment. I remember when milk delivered in bottles was common and it had the cream on top. It was delicious. I use to drink a Hot Toddy after my kids went to bed, it was a nice way to unwind a couple nights a week.
    Hope you mom stays warm and dry. Temps are suppose to drop this weekend. I will guess the pitcher. Everyone needs one of those, right?

    • Hope the doctor has you in and out speedy quick. Unwinding with a hot toddy sounds so sophisticated..did you wear pearls? Oh yes! Everyone one needs one of those pitchers.

  3. i still drink milk with my meals although now it is now skim. milk direct from a dairy in glass bottles…..i’d like that. i remember the insulated metal box outside our front door the milkman would place milk bottles.
    dpir is my guess.
    never had a hot toddy. never too late to begin!
    if i lived closer, i would volunteer to help your mom this weekend. stay warm, marcie!

    • Local tip for you: Promiseland milk is sold in glass bottles. They are hormone free and not terribly expensive. Whole Foods in your neck of the woods is rumored to carry it. Skim milk is available.
      Never to late for a Toddy! Go for it.

  4. My guess is that you received the Obol, which I think is a great idea for a cereal bowl!

    Dress in layers, Mom!

  5. I can see you getting any and all of those, so it’s really hard to guess. I would love the bottle chandelier, but I’m thinking it would be way too expensive to offer as a prize. The milk jug is udderly cute, but I noticed it’s on back order so I’m guessing you would never promise something you couldn’t deliver. The milk light is fun, but not nearly odd enough. So I’ve narrowed it down to the obol and the dpir. (I hope you are appreciating my process of elimination. If I’m already wrong, you don’t have to keep reading.).

    Hmmmmm. Obol or Dpir. Which is odder? The obol is kinda quirky, but also seems a little practical (who likes soggy cereal?). So I’m going with what seems the oddest, least useful, yet most fun – the Dpir. Final answer!

    Here’s a fun fact for you. In Canada they sell milk on plastic bags! No hard to open cartons for Canadians. Just one Litre clear plastic bags. Good luck getting to it without scissors or a sharp knife.

  6. Thank you all for the warm wishes, unfortunately they didn’t work! I got dressed this morning, first my warm camisole, then my long underwear, then my sweatshirt, then my warmest vest, wool socks, ugg boots, knit hat, parka, gloves. I still was frozen through! It was 6 degrees when we got to the tracking site. UGH! I hate the cold. What was I thinking when I said I’d chair this event!

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