Three Kings Day, Cuddle Up Day, Bean Day!

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January 6, 2013

The Star of Bethelem

★~ Today’s Quote: 

star of wonder, star of light
Star with royal beauty bright
Westward leading, still proceeding
Guide us to thy perfect light.

★~ Three Kings Day:


Three Kings Day (also known as The Epiphany) is a Christian holiday that commemorates the biblical story of the three kings Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar. The three kings followed the bright star of Bethlehem to bring gifts to the Christ child.

Various countries around the world celebrate Three Kings Day. Each has its own customs and traditions associated with the holiday. On the twelve days leading up to Three Kings Day, many children in Latin America dress up in king costumes and go door to door in their neighborhoods, singing carols.

In Argentina, sweet wine, fruit, and milk are left outside the night before for the three kings and their camels to enjoy. In France, people eat galette des Rois, or “king cake,” that has a trinket or bean hidden inside of it. The person who receives the piece of cake with the trinket becomes the “king” for the day.

Happy Three Kings Day!

 ★~ Cuddle Up Day:


Cuddle up with a child, spouse, or pet—heck, have a big old puppy pile and all cuddle together. Cuddling with a good book and some time alone can also be a great way to spend an evening.

★~ Bean Day:


North Dakota is America’s top bean grower. The USDA suggests adults eat more than three cups of beans each week to take advantage of their health benefits, which include reduced risk of heart disease and certain cancers. My mother has a soup recipe called ‘Fart Soup’ that is excellent to sip, if you are starting the New Year with a goal to lose weight. I don’t know all the ingredients but one is beans. Maybe the recipe will be shared in the comments.

★~ Today in History:


♥~ 1912 – The Land of Enchantment, the territory acquired by the U.S. as a result of the Mexican War, entered the United States of America this day as New Mexico, the 47th state; the state, yours truly was born in.  Santa Fe, the oldest city in New Mexico, and the capital of New Mexico. The state bird is the roadrunner. the state flower: yucca; tree: pinon; animal: black bear; vegetables: chili and frijol; gem: turquoise; and insect: tarantula hawk wasp. The state motto is in latin: Crescit eundo, which translates to “It grows as it goes.”  The state motto is Odd. Why Latin? Why not spanish? But alas nobody asked me. Nobody ever ask’s me. They should, they really, really should. ..

♥~ 1973 – Carly Simon’s ‘You’re So Vain’, (with Mick Jagger on backing vocals), started a three week run at No.1 on the US singles chart.

♥~ 1975- Wheel of Fortune made it’s debut, hosted by Chuck Woolery. Pat Sajak became host in 1981, assisted by Vanna White. Over 90 million Americans have never known a world without Wheel of Fortune.

♥~ 2007 – David Whelan and his son Andrew hit pay dirt with their metal detector in a farmer’s field near Harrogate, England. The pair discovered a Viking trove of coins and jewelry that had been buried for more than 1,000 years. The collection of valuable relics was traced to Ireland, France, Russia and Scandinavia.

★~ Born Today:


♥~ 1412 – Joan of Arc (Jeanne D’Arc) Maid of Orleans: French heroine: liberated the city of Orleans from the English; burned at the stake as a witch at the age of 19 May 30, 1431.  Church:  Oops we made a mistake. So sorry. No worries,  25 years after you are burned at the stake there will be an inquisition and you will be found innocent and made a saint. Mistakes happen, right?  Editorial: How much has changed?  Of-course, we don’t burn anyone at the stake anymore….progress.

♥~ 1912 – Danny Thomas (Amos Jacobs) Emmy Award-winning Best Actor: Make Room for Daddy [1954]; philanthropist: St. Jude’s Children’s Research Center, Memphis, TN:

♥~ 1913 – Loretta Young (Gretchen Michaela Young) Academy Award-winning actress: The Farmer’s Daughter [1947]; Emmy Award-winning actress: Letter to Loretta [1959]

★~ Outrageous,Delightful,Devilish:

♥~ I like to imagine, that I might be able to imagine myself, walking in these shoes.  Designed by London-based architect Julian Hakes the Mojito, is an elegant pair of high heel shoes made from a single spiraling strip. The Mojito is available to purchase in many colors at Cloggs, an online retailer. Click here for the video: Hakes Mojito shoes Spring Summer


♥~ Rogue the Dog Drives a Power Wheels Electric Car All by Himself.  Cute . But  if you teach your pup how to drive, he will want a car of his own and then one day….  he will shave, gargle with Listerine, splash on some old spice, put on some dashing clothes and drive away leaving you waving goodbye out the window. Really.

♥~  Click: How to tie an Eldredge knot. I text this picture and video to  Cole while he was out with his friends last night. I wanted him to know that his mother is ALWAYS thinking about him…( Debbie take notes...)


♥~   A Banana slicer!! I have wanted one my whole life!  Note to Mom: Please don’t buy one for me, remember what happened when you went to Walmart to buy me a Rachel Ray Garbage bowl?  Joe died. True Story….When I told my mother Joe died, in the horrific after hours she said to me  “I had  just came home from Walmart when you called, I was buying you the Rachel Ray garbage bowl you said you always wanted, so I could bring it to Chicago. . .”   Oh, the things you remember that make you smile.

Banana Slicer

♥~ El Morno Friend, Carol sent me an e-mail featuring some fabulous street art.  I’m not comfortable sharing the web site where the e-mail originated from so I am sharing the rest of the images via my Evernote account.  Check them out—Lots of amazing talent out on the street.

Street art

♥~ Out On A limb blog post from Seth Godin: “Your are an artist–not the art. If your art doesn’t work you will be back tomorrow with more and better art.” Listen to the short recording at the end. Did I ever tell you, I own a Seth Godin action figure? I do. I also just bought his new book The Icarus Deception: How High Will You Fly?  Amazon sells Icarus but for this book, why not support your favorite local book seller.

Seth Godin


Yesterday we took Cole’s car in for routine servicing but before we drove off the lot, we watched as a couple was shown to their new $80,000 dollar Audi. Cole wondered out loud if he would ever be able to buy a similar car.  I answered, “of-course you can…” and suggested that he snap a quick picture and create an inspiration board. I then went on to  explain a little bit about the effen 90 day transformation course, I had started and he surprised me by saying, “That sounds fun.” Fun?  I’ll let you know….

How will you spend your Sunday? I’m thinking of making a few loafs of Banana nut bread.

Odd Loves Company!

12 thoughts on “Three Kings Day, Cuddle Up Day, Bean Day!

  1. Morno,
    Is it bean soup again already? A pot of bean soup is a good for a Sunday. Must have cornbread with it. I am going to take a three kings cakes to Sunday dinner. It was a big hit last year. Back to work full time tomorrow. I’m ready.
    Hitting the gym, then the coach for some football.
    Have a good one.

  2. I’d never heard of an Eldredge knot for a tie — it’s actually quite pretty and the video was easy to follow. Another good thing, it eliminates the “what to do” with the little end!
    I get that “Amos Jacobs” would become Danny Thomas, but why would “Gretchen Michaela” become Loretta Young, when Michaela is such a pretty name?
    Yes, we moms are always thinking of our kids, aren’t we?!
    Make it a Good Morno!

    • I text Cole fascinating tidbits like the Eldredge knot when I want to tweek his attention…during parties, when he is hanging with friends, on school trips or off on an adventure Just once…just enough to remind him of his all knowing mother. It’s a blessing of modern day technology. It annoys him a bit but I try to pick out things he would be genuinely interested in and besides it my job to annoy him a bit.
      Thanks for drawing my attention to all the name changes..I include them but before you pointed it out did not pay much attention. I agree Gretchen and Michaela are much prettier than the replacement name.
      It was a pretty good morno. Long day.

  3. Great stuff on El Morno, this morno. I bought a cake with a trinket last year might be a fun desert for tonight. If I can still find one. Everyone starts back to school tomorrow. It will feel good to move into the year. I watched Wheel for years. Still do once in awhile.

    • The Kings cake is fun. There is also one for Mardi Gras. We start back to school tomorrow, too. There is no joy in Mudville but once we are in the swing of things it gets better. . starting always the hardest part.

  4. my mom always made sure the christmas tree & decorations stayed up until epiphany. my tree has been recycled a while ago, but just removed the wreath from outside the door.
    carly simon has a great voice. like her songs.
    healthy bean soup yet at a cost……
    dinner time & haven’t cuddled yet. unfortunately cleaning like there’s no tomorrow which is kind of true work-wise. tonight we will!

    • I think my DM missed the request for her recipe. Or she is ignoring me…. :-D. I like Carly. Good job on your cleaning. My focus was sadly lacking today perhaps I will hit my stride this week. Dobermans are excellent cuddlers.

  5. I’m making fruitcake! Yes, fruitcake. I bought all the stuff for it before Xmas and just ran out of time and energy. So, today’s the day.

    • But I don’t like fruitcake. Why would you make something I didn’t like? Who will eat it or are you planning toi invite the family over for a fruitcake toss?

  6. The snow is meltlng, the snow is melting.. yea!!! To get in the 50’s this week, so the rest will go, I’m sure. No more is needed this winter. We are past Christmas, so no need now. Santa made it with his sleigh and delivered the toys.We can all relax now.

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