12 Original Ideas To Drive People Crazy

blue milk

In celebration of Temporary Insanity Day, here is a list of ideas to drive people a little crazy. I have tried most of them myself. I suggest starting with love ones, friends, and co-workers with a sense of humor.

1.  Tell everyone you managed to get all your cable TV channels for free.  Naturally, they will want the details. Tell them it was easy, you slept with the cable guy.

2.  Specify that your drive-through order is “to go.”

3.  Call and make an appointment for February 29th–insist on it.

4.  Begin all your sentences with “ooh la la!”

5.  Staple papers in the middle of the page.

6.  Dye the family milk blue or better yet slip some blue food coloring in a friends milk. This is crazy fun and one of Cole’s favorites.

7.  Change the toilet paper roll to the opposite of how your friends have it in their bathroom. If they go over…put it under.

8.  Ask a friend who is always “freshly pressed,” If they feel ok..and when they say, “Yes, why?” answer “Oh I don’t know you just look a little wrinkled today.”

9.  Work the word puzzle in the paper before your spouse, but don’t fill it in…when they start to work it..glance over their shoulder and solve it. (compliments of my sweet mother)

10. At Work: Send an E-mail messages that says there will be cake, or pizza in the break room a 1pm. When people arrive and complain because the promised food is not there, lean back, rub your stomach, and say “You’ve got to be faster than that.”

11. Put the silverware in the fridge produce drawer and when you are questioned, just say you wanted it to be fresh.

12. This works especially well with kids and spouses: When you’re asked where something is say, “I hid it.” And when they say..”NO REALLY.” Continue to insist you hid it and then try to remember where you hid it while you help them look for it.

I have so many more  ideas, but I don’t want to overwhelm you, go forth do good work and I will share more. In fact, I have a plan for Cole this week, If only I can pull it off…..

Feel free to add to the list! The more the crazier!


19 thoughts on “12 Original Ideas To Drive People Crazy

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  2. I might dye the milk blue the next time college boy is in town. It would feel good to get a little revenge on the teaspoon of milk he left in the carton for my cereal. I will keep it in mind!

    • Revenge is great…Be sure to act like you aren’t surprised a bit…after all Blue Milk just happens, right? Your son is old enough to know this. . . 😀

  3. The next time the kids are in town I am going to try a couple of these…and I may try number 1 at my lunch with the girls. Sometimes we get a little stale with our conversation and fall into complaining.

    • Go for blue milk the next time your son is visiting or if you visit him if he drinks milk or puts it on cereal. When he wonders WTH—be nonchalantly and say, “Oh, that just happens sometimes.” In my case, my DH jumped it and said, “Katybeth blue milk does not just happen sometimes….” I of-course insisted that it did. . .Which made it even funnier.

    • Our funny bones are easily tickled around here… I once had a friend call my mom and pretend she was responding to an ad in the paper for a Doberman that sounded just like my mothers. . .payback was hell but so worth it. 😀

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