Downton Abbey Breakfast: Popovers Included


Inspired again by the Masterpiece Theater series Downton Abbey, I decided to make a gracious breakfast using some of the ”good stuff.”  It would be wonderful to have Mrs. Patmore cook and a few footmen to serve, but alas I manage the breakfast menu and Cole opened and poured the champaign.

The Menu:

Perfect Popovers 

Scrambles eggs with sausage


Bacon ( it was a sausage and bacon sort of day)

Fresh Orange juice

Champagne Lauren-Perrier (Thank you Brother-In-Law, Tom)

Downton Abbey


Downton Abbey Breakfast from Katybeth on Vimeo.



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12 thoughts on “Downton Abbey Breakfast: Popovers Included

  1. When you coming over to our house to serve us a Downton breakfast? Yum! Looks awesome! and not a pup in sight…?

    • I would be so intimidated to cook for you! 😀 My pups are really good when we eat and usually lay in their crates because they know afterwards there will always be a little something for good pups. If I did not have a no beg rule every meal would be like eating in a shark tank. Pats for your pups!

  2. I am joining the party late but oh what a party it is–WOW. Are those popovers really as easy as the recipe suggests? I love Downton Abbey! Such a great series.

    • Pretty easy—sometimes the poof more than other times but they always taste good. I do suggest a popover pan, tho. It gives them an added lift.
      Loving Downton Abbey!

  3. O so delicious looking. Inspired fun indeed. And I can testify that you make great popovers! (just curio: bacon in the traditional frying pan or the that newfangled waffle iron?)

    • Thank you! I bake my bacon now…I put it in the oven on a foil lined cookie sheet when I put the popovers or Dutch Baby pancake in the oven and it’s ready to come out about the time I need to turn the oven down for the final 10 minute of cooking for the popcover/ Dutch baby. Everything is reasonable hot by the time it reaches the table and baking bacon is easy and mess free. Soon I will invite friends over to join me…after a few more dress rehearsals. 😀

  4. Rats, I missed the party! And it looks like it was a smashing success, too! Odd, but I don’t see any furs begging at your feet — want to borrow my Sheltie?!!

    • My furs go into there crates (on their own–doors open) when we eat at the table. Because they know that afterwards it will be their turn for something tasty. If I let my dogs beg at the table it would be like eating surrounded by sharks.:-D
      It was fun, and Shelties are always welcome.

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