Frozen Clothing Sculptures – Odd Inspiration


 Welcome to the first showing of my Frozen Clothing Art Installation!

I definitely see more of this kind of art in my future! These first few pieces are not for sale. However, if and when I do decide to sell some sculptures, Odd readers will be the first to know and receive discounted prices.

The upside of creating frozen clothing sculptures: Materials are available and inexpensive, and there is very little mess beyond dripping water. The downside is frost bite, and climate control.

This short video will share the artistic process. Followed by some individual close up pictures.



Frozen Soccer

Resting soccer player

Bunny hill

Beginner Skier on bunny slope

Sock superhero

Frozen super hero


Chinese New Year Snake

Easter Bonnet

Easter Bonnet

Odd Loves Company!

18 thoughts on “Frozen Clothing Sculptures – Odd Inspiration

  1. I like it! Maybe in the summer months you could use a freezer to freeze the sculptures and then let them melt outside and it could be called Melting frozen clothes sculptures!! Just a thought.
    The snake is my favorite. If you put it up for sale, I might be interested.
    Oddly yours!

    • The freezer!Excellent idea. You are always thinking Liz! I liked the snake too. If I decide to let him go…you will be the first to know.
      Oddly right back to you! ♥

  2. This is very odd but meaningful art often is so I give you two thumbs up! I think the Easter bonnet is very nice perhaps you could freeze handkerchiefs and make ice flowers for it. Just a thought!

    • Meaningful! That observation means so very much to my fledgling artistic spirit. Thank you! The ice flowers are a wonderful idea!!
      Thanks for stopping by odd with the encouraging words.

  3. First time I’ve heard your actual voice, and I’ve got to say, you sound just as I knew you would! Yeah, both of us (me for guessing, you for sounding so friendly!)
    Interesting frozen sculptures — good thing you put them in the front yard, for the campers, I’m sure, would love to drag them around back! DD would, too!

    • Thanks. Early morning, voice and a little breathy from the cold. The problem with this project is the cold.
      Yes, the front worked much better. Although I did get a few Odd looks.

  4. what was the temp there during the exhibit? i can imagine the stares you must have gotten this morning! my personal favorite is the resting soccer player. every athlete needs a place to get off their feet. the icy cold lounge chair will help with inflammation incurred during play. and here you thought it was just a chair to rest in! nooo.

    • It was cold. Thanks for adding to description of the resting soccer player. It could be considered an artistic expression of the importance of ice in athletics. Yes. I like it!

  5. Between the ice sculptures in Quenbec on Knatolee’s World and now your frozen clothing sculptures, I had to get under the covers for any further reading.

    You’re always full of surprises. Crazy surprises. Keep it up.

    • I recently discovered the wonders of heating pads. I used one for a back that was out of whack and have not wanted to give it up…however, Rascal also loves it while I am willing to share she wants the WHOLE thing. I swear she thinks it is her magic carpet.
      Have to check out those ice sculptures for inspiration!

  6. Ah ha ha ha ha. Too too funny. And wow, you are a creative genius. I dealt with frozen clothes for years and never ever thought of turning them into art. I think you want six more weeks of winter to hone your craft. I’d love to know what Cole thought – or was he your partner in the venture?

    My favorite was the Easter bonnet, but only cause he looked like Carnac the Magnificent!

    • Cole did not help. I had to chose between asking him to make me a rose out of a coke can and sculpting frozen towels. He has homework, ya know–or so he likes to remind me.
      Carnac the Magnificent. I like it!! I think that bonnet could be a lot more decked out with practice!

  7. Why is it when I look at your ski slope I see Marilyn Monroe over that hot air grate? or I also saw a cheerleader kicking up her leg. Just sayin’

    • Excellent eye. It does have that Marilyn Monroe edge doesn’t it? I like the idea of a cheerleader kicking up her leg and may need to develop that a little more in my next installation!

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