Kite Flying Day, Molasses Bar Day

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February 8, 2013


 ★~ Today’s Quote:  “Try it before you doubt it, because it might just be for you”  ― Rayvon L. Browne

★~ Kite Flying Day


February is not the ideal kite-flying month if you live in Chicago. Maybe today is for those of you who live in warmer climates and have cabin fever.

El Morno Friend Nancy offered a great kite flying tip last year: “I like to fly a kite with a fishing pole attached to the string. Really easy to let it out and easy to wind it back in!”

★~ Molasses Bar Day:

 Molasses Bar

Molasses is a thick, sticky syrup that is produced during the refining of sugar. The word molasses comes from the Portuguese word melaco, which is derived from mel, the Latin word for honey.

The quality of molasses can differ tremendously, depending on the maturity of the sugar. Molasses was first discovered during the 1500s in Europe; it was commonly used there as a sweetener in baking until the invention of refined white sugar. Molasses’ distinctive taste is still used in many recipes including the molasses bar, a popular snack in the southern United States. The Kitchen Magpie offers this recipe for Grandma Marion’s Molasses Bars

★~ Today in History:


♥~ 1837 – The U.S. has had three vice-presidents named Johnson. The first one was Richard Johnson, who served under President Martin Van Buren. Johnson was chosen for VP by the Senate on February 8th, 1837, when no candidate could get a majority in the Electoral College.

♥~ 1910– Chicago businessman William D. Boyce incorporated the Boy Scouts of America on this day in 1910. He didn’t, however, conceptualize the scouting movement — the Boy Scouts were originated by Englishman, Sir Robert S.S. Baden-Powell.  Pressured by advocates on both sides, the Boy Scouts of America is delaying until May a vote on whether to change its policy banning gay troops and leaders, the organization announced Wednesday.

♥~ 1922 – Radio made its way into the White House for the first time on February 8th, 1922, when President Warren Harding brought the new invention into the mansion.

♥~ 1926 Jim and Louise Sullivan won the National Charleston Dance Contest of the World at the Trianon Ballroom in Chicago (Feb 8/9). Ginger Rogers took second place. The contest had a $10,000 first prize. Later, the Sullivans toured for two years in ballrooms and in vaudevilles throughout the U.S.

♥~ 1985 – It was a sad day for The Dukes of Hazzard fans. The series ended its 6-1/2 year run on CBS television. It was credited with using more stunt men than any other TV series in history.  Waylon Jennings did the theme song, The Dukes of Hazzard (Good Ol’ Boys).

♥~ 1992 – The single by R*S*F (Right Said Fred), I’m Too Sexy, was #1 in the U.S. It was a smash, staying at number one for three weeks, then dropping to number two for three more. “I’m too sexy for my car; too sexy for my car; Too sexy by far; And I’m too sexy for my hat; Too sexy for my hat; what do you think about that…

★~ Born Today:


♥~ 1925 – Jack Lemmon (John Uhler Lemmon III) Academy Award-winning actor: Mr. Roberts [1955], Save the Tiger [1973]; The Apartment, The Odd Couple, Grumpy Old Men series, Some Like It Hot, The China Syndrome, Airport ’77, The Fortune Cookie, Irma La Douce, Days of Wine and Roses, Bell, Book and Candle, My Fellow Americans, Out to Sea; died June 27, 2001

♥~ 1931 James Dean actor: Giant, East of Eden, Rebel Without A Cause; killed in car crash Sep 30, 1955

♥~ 1932John Williams Academy Award-winning composer: film scores: Schindler’s List [1993], E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial [1982], Star Wars [1977], Fiddler on the Roof[1971]; Jurassic Park, Home Alone series, JFK, Indiana Jones series, Born on the Fourth of July, The Accidental Tourist, Superman series, Jawsseries, The Deer Hunter, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Black Sunday, Midway, The Towering Inferno, Earthquake, The Paper Chase, The Poseidon Adventure; conductor: Boston Pops

♥~ 1940 -Ted Koppel, Broadcast journalist. Lyndon Johnson was vice-president in the summer of 1963, when Ted Koppel began his journalism career as the youngest reporter ever hired by ABC Radio. Koppel was only 23.

♥~ 1941Nick Nolte actor: Down and Out in Beverly Hills, The Deep, Blue Chips, 48 Hours, The Prince of Tides, Extreme Prejudice

♥~ 1955John Grisham author: The Confession, The Associate, A Time to Kill, The Firm, The Pelican Brief, The Client, The Rainmaker; attorney; legislator

★~ Odd News

McDonalds-Fish Mcbites

♥~ Just in time for Lent, McDonalds is adding a new option to their menu! Fish McBites join Chicken Nuggets on the Happy Meal menu – tailored towards kids and adults who are looking for fish options during the lead-up to Easter.

♥~ These days, it isn’t that weird for a baby to have two mothers—but how about two mothers and a father? One 23-month-old girl now legally has just such a family, after a Miami-Dade judge approved a settlement in which her biological mother, her mother’s wife (the two married in Connecticut), and the man whose sperm made it all possible will all sign her birth certificate as parents, the Miami Herald reports. “We’re creating entirely new concepts of families,” says the dad’s lawyer.

Of course, the story isn’t as happy as it may sound. The settlement follows a two-year paternity battle. Gay stylist Massimiliano Gerina agreed to provide sperm for his lesbian friends, Maria Italiano and Cher Filippazzo in a handshake agreement. But whereas they saw him as merely a donor, he saw himself as a father for the child. Under the final ruling, biological mother Italiano has “sole parental responsibility,” but Gerina can visit twice a week with the mothers’ permission.

★~ Did You Know: Creative ways to spend time this weekend

♥~ Make a shopping cart ring. . .

shopping cart ring

♥~ Go Sledding . . . 


♥~ Take up an instrument . . .


♥~ Walk with a friend…

walk with a friend

♥~ Play a game of chess…


♥~ Install new gutters . . .

 install new gutters


My sweet mother and her Doberman Trinket qualified for the advance tracking test yesterday, so now we all have to keep our fingers and toes crossed that they go out and blaze the tracking trail in seven days. If they do, Trinket will add the title Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) to her long list of titles. Which means she can track lost children, and find the one purse in 1000 with the ham sandwich in it.

Cole stayed over at a friends house last night to watch the season premier of Community. A very big deal when you’re 16. Tomorrow after school he is heading to Bloomington Il with family friends, to visit their daughter at Wesleyan University. I’m considering this his first college campus visit. You have to start somewhere. I will be staying home to let my campers in and out and wipe muddy paws. I’m not sure what the rest of weekend holds in store….what about you? Any exciting plans?

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11 thoughts on “Kite Flying Day, Molasses Bar Day

  1. Morno,
    Dukes of Hazard a classic. I still catch it in reruns every now and then. Thanks for the weekend suggestions. The shopping cart ring looks interesting but I think it might be a group project.
    I mentioned last year that my granny use to make good molasses bars but I don’t have the recipe and neither does my sister. Who by the way went out of town for a few days so Sunday dinner is on hold. I told her she should have timed her vacation with mine. No consideration for her brother.
    TGIF. If was a long week, glad it is warping up.

  2. Friday..ahhhh. The kids and I both made it through the week. There were times I had my doubts.
    We kite fly at least once a year. I always have this Mary Poppin’s, Von Trapp, Walton moment…when I see my kids all holding tightly to colorful kite strings, smiling brightly. Their parents standing back proudly. The reality, my husband and I trying to sort out a mass of tangled kite strings, swearing while the kids whine that their kite won’t go up. But one of these years…..Is that Cole ^ sure is a cute picture.
    Birthday parties this weekend but nothing much else. DH and I are escaping for an early Valentines dinner tomorrow night with friends.

    • THE WEEKEND! Yes, the picture is of Cole. Thank you! I think most people experience kite flying like you described it–heading out with the best of intentions…but then reality sets in.
      Dinner out sounds fun!

  3. Fish McBites? Isn’t that just another way to “hook” kids on more greasy, fried food disguised as healthy??
    Congrats to your mom and Trinket!
    Good for Cole, starting his college visits — hope he enjoys it more than Domer did (except for ND, of course, which he LOVED — and still does!)
    Supposed to be mostly sunny this weekend. Looking forward to working through a snag in my novel.
    Happy Weekend!

    • Sounds awful. I like a McDonalds Happy Meal on occasion but would never order fish. I do think McDonalds tries harder to offer kids somewhat healthy choices (apple slices in Happy Meals under the French Fries). Parents and kids need to work out their food choices..I can’t imagine making that a fast food places responsibility. I think the Fish McBites is more marketing towards Lent.
      Cole just thinks he is going to visit a friends sister who happens to be on a college campus. :-D. I am calling it a college visit and the friends promised to point out a few things.
      Good luck with the novel snag. Sun! Did you say SUN!!!!

  4. wsa never that great at flying kites although the older siblings told me a few times to go fly one anyway…..
    big congratulations to marcie & trinket! much luck & good practices between now & the test. who doesn’t like initials beside their name?
    looks to be a beautiful weather weekend. volunteering at a dobe rescue event with nik in tow.

    • Siblings are like that, I guess.
      Yep…more initials are a good thing. A very good thing! As Debbie mentioned ^ it is suppose to be sunny in this party of the country too….if the sun comes out I am giving it a standing ovation!
      Sounds like both you and Nik have some fun planned for the weekend.

  5. I thought that was Cole! Try the pocket fisherman size fishing pole for the kite (or a Toys-R-Us version for kids).
    KB, it looks like you a getting a taste of empty nesting with campers….:)

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