A Good Puppy is a Sleeping Puppy

Cooper a 10 week week old Vizsla pup is camping with us this week. We love him.

Capturing a picture of  Cooper when he is awake is a challenge because he is a puppy in motion….but when day is done, so is Cooper.




But don’t be fooled…there is a reason God made puppies this cute. . .half an hour earlier he decided to make off with my Ugg boot, pull Rascal’s tail, spill a drink, try to dive face first into the popcorn bowl, chase a pug around the table, and grab the pink pig away from Lada…..it is hard work being a puppy, that is for darn sure!

Odd Loves Company,


Photo Credit: Cole!

14 thoughts on “A Good Puppy is a Sleeping Puppy

  1. Oh how cute. Cooper is adorable. I love puppies but you are right they take constant care and management. Worth it, tho!!

    • I have the best of both possible worlds–I get to love on other people puppies and I enjoy every minute. Cole is smitten with this boy, too.

    • He is a cutie…when he stands on “point” in the yard, he just cracks me up. So serious with his tail out and nose pointing forward. If he would stand longer than 3 seconds I could snap a picture. . .if only.

  2. I want him!! So cute. I think you are making up stories about him..he looks like a little angel. 😀

    • Mine began with a lonely puppy in need of immediate attention at about 5am. It’s a good thing those puppy kisses are so sweet.

  3. I’ve heard it said that dogs don’t sleep like this (on their backs, sprawled out) unless they’re oh-so-comfortable. Good for you, making this BIG puppy feel that way!

    • Yes…this puppy felt right at home…no doubt about that…he left this morning and I already miss the little devil.

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