Happy Easter from our Rascal of Many Colors!


Its Good Friday 2006 and the family is dying Easter Eggs. Cole reaches over and puts a dot of dye on Rascal….I say NO. STOP.  Joe then reaches over and adds a couple dots of dye to Rascals head.  Sternly and with a great deal of authority I say “I MEAN IT…YOU MAY NOT DYE  Rascal.”  I turn my back for one back for one minute and Cole and Joe have turned Rascal into a rainbow of Easter colors. Her blue tale is wagging blue dye all over kitchen. I sigh and tell Cole and Joe “I thought, I told you not to dye Rascal.” and then I smile and tell a wagging Rascal she looks beautiful and Easter Dying Rascal became a family Easter Tradition! Of-course every year, I still say sternly, YOU MAY NOY DYE RASCAL.” I’m responsible that way……

Happy Easter! Passover! Spring!

Rascal Easter Parade from Katybeth on Vimeo.
Video can be enlarged by clicking dohickey in right hand lower corner


Odd Loves Company!


For anyone who may be concerned the dye used is easter egg dye—safe for young, old and pets.

18 thoughts on “Happy Easter from our Rascal of Many Colors!

  1. I have a Jack named Fred, he is not as good a sport at Rascal, but he is always ready for action and fun. Rascal wears pastel shades well, they don’t wash her out a bit. It’s a shame Fred and I don’t live in Chicago, I’m sure he would love to meet Rascal for a play date. :-D.

    • I’m sure Rascal would love to met Fred as long as she could bite him just once–it’s her way. Yep, Jacks are full of fun!

  2. Happy Easter Katybeth, Cole and Rascal! Looks like fun and I can tell that ‘no animals were harmed in the making of this movie’. Rascal’s so darned cute!

  3. Always makes me smile to see Rascal’s Easter outfit — I did not know, until now, how the tradition got started. Rascal seems to know and appreciate being part of the Odd Family 😆

    • Everyone has a job and a part….so far she does not seem to mind. The tradition was started because I was ignored—nobody listens to me…I’ve tried working on it, but the secret is out…If there is a story in it, despite my protests, I am usually game.

  4. Dallas, with his long fur, wouldn’t be a good candidate for Easter dyeing. Rascal, however, is just perfect. What an added blessing that he’s such a good sport about it!

    • Nope…I would skip dying Dallas…although they do some amazing “color,” with poodles. We had a white standard poodle with a “colored do” in Chicago that was AWESOME. Some people, of-course, thought it was close to animal abuse….Hardly, the poodle strutted with pride and loved his owner to death–it was mutual. They were quite the pair, I’ll tell you.

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