Letter from Newton,Connecticut

Connecticut State Police Patch

On December 14, when our hearts broken over the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., I wanted to reach out and do something…but I was unsure as to what might be helpful.

Later that day, I wrote a blog post quoting Mr. Rogers that talked about looking for the helpers during a disaster. A few days later, Oma wrote a post on his blog, Blurt, “A Thought About Helping Newtown.” In it, he made the suggestion that we write a note to the Newtown Police Department, Connecticut State Police, firefighters and paramedics, and let them know we recognized them and their efforts during this horrific time. Oma wrote, “Later they’ll think of what they read and your thoughts will make that ‘something that is wrong’ just a little better.” I felt this was the perfect suggestion. A letter was just the personal touch I was hoping to extend to the grieving community. And so I wrote letters acknowledging the men and women who responded and witnessed such an unspeakable tragedy and still went forth to do their jobs with professionalism and compassion.

Yesterday, I received a hand-addressed envelope from the State of Connecticut, thanking me for my letter. . .


I’m sharing this letter with you, because I know your words, thoughts, and prayers were right along side mine. We make a difference, we are a beacon of light.

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12 thoughts on “Letter from Newton,Connecticut

  1. Very nice, a meaningful and heartfelt gesture. I think of those poor families and the Newtown community often. It has only been 3 months. The press is over it but those families and their community live the reality every single day. God Bless them.

  2. That was thoughtful and kind of you to send that letter to those helping with the Newton tragedy..I know all those involved are appreciative..God bless them and God bless you.

    • Thank you. Felt awfully good to reach out. One of the benefits of blogging–other bloggers pass along addresses and good ideas.

  3. what a lovely response that was from lt. hofbauer. i am impressed that he took the time to write such a warm letter. i can only imagine the compassionate words you sent off to troop a southbury. proud of you!

  4. Impressive that you sent a letter and that it was responded to in such a thoughtful manner.
    Thanks for letting me know El Morno will be delayed. I will look for it later.

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