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Brocoli poodle

I love Nancy Boy, products! The products are developed and tested by the owners (hence the “tested on boyfriends, not on animals” slogan). Products are simply packaged, high quality with the emphasis on great ingredients rather than fancy containers or design. Nancy Boy products are only advertised by word-of-mouth, and by people who love their stuff. Money that would be spent on advertising, is instead used for hyper-premium product ingredients, including natural essential plant oils. Want to try Nancy Boy products? Leave a comment on today’s post, for a chance to win a  travel size selection of Nancy Boy products from shaving cream to lip balm.

★~ Odds and Ends Winner:

Congratulations Cynthia, for winning last weeks Odd and End give-away! We will ship out your copy of Hugh Macleod book, Ignore Everyone and 39 Keys to Creativity, on Monday!

★~The Whole Story:

 Adria Richards, PyCon, and How We All Lost: Any opinions? I have lots!  

★~ What’s on Your Happy List? 

Sunshine is on my list!


★~ Irresistible!

I must have a baby elephant!!


★~ She said Yes! 


★~ Picture Is Worth A 1000 Words:


Cole will usually ask me, before his first bite of food, if I want to take a picture. I have trained him well!


Peeps…in every color….I ate 64 this week, thanks to my Aunts care package.


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★~ Can you relate? 

Could be pup, cat, or kid….


Don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win a basket of Nancy Boy goodies. I will throw all the comments in a hat and draw one lucky winner to be announced on Odds and Ends next Saturday (3/31).

And finally a new word for you…. Procaffinating: Drinking coffee while procrastinating


Odd Loves Company!

13 thoughts on “Odds and Ends: Fun Links

  1. Well, since I am the first to leave a comment , for sure I will win the Nancy Boy products !
    Love the new word..I do a lot of that !! 😀

    • Well, your name does go into the hat first! I’m sure that will be lucky!
      I am all for procaffinating! Don’t put it off 😀

  2. Is that true? The first to leave a comment wins??? Did Kate go to the prom with that cute kid? I hope so! I don’t have a dog, but I can sure relate to that cartoon with kids. On my happy list today–is dinner out and the kids having a great time with my in-laws until after lunch tomorrow!

    • No comment. I think Kate did try to go to the prom. Sounds like you have a great evening planned!!

  3. I bought Nancy Boy shaving cream for my husband (your suggestion)for Christmas and he love it. The links are all great. The baby elephant is so cute! You ate 64 peeps? I like them but not that much…I usually have one from the kids Easter basket.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • I did eat 64 Peeps. Someone had too. Glad your husband liked the shaving cream, I haven’t found anyone who doesn’t like it! Good stuff.

  4. Love the picture of the broccoli and cauliflower. I hate most veggies, but those in particular and avoid them like the plague when they are included on a veggie platter. Next time, though, I’ll be snapping them up to play with. What would this be called – veggigami?

    And even as I type this, I’m procaffinating. My DH says I can put the pro in procrastinate. Next time he tells me that I’ll explain he’s not quite right. What I’m really doing is putting the pro in procaffinating.

    • PS. I would NEVER eat 64 peeps in the week after I received them. Instead I would unpackaged them all and leave them in the open air on display (high, out of reach of dogs and kid) for the week, maybe longer. Once they got nice and stale, then I would snarf them all!!!

      One fun thing I like to do to speed the process is microwave them. Put a peep on a plate and watch as you nuke it for about 30 seconds. Funny as heck. And nice and crispy stale when cool!

      • Veggigami? Clever! Glad you will find the use for the word procaffinating!
        I like stale Peeps, too! I just could not wait to snarf them down. I was week. The microwave trick sounds like a good one. It’s Peeps week on Odd, so I will be trying all sorts of tricks!

  5. Peeps are not my thing. Too sweet for me.. Might as well take a cup of sugar and scarf that down. Nancy Boy??? Never heard of it. What is it? Is it a Chicago thing? I do like those black jelly beans that are in the Easter baskets though. Will eat only them. Some of them don’t have that licorice taste though, and that is what I want. Guess I’ll just go buy me a bag of black jelly beans and forget that expensive basket. Not enough Black ones in there anyway.

    • Sweet! Yes, they are, wonderfully sweet!!! Nancy Boy is a line of products out of California. They sell a wonderful shaving cream for men and I love there creams for women. It’s all natural, less expensive than the cosmetic counter, and they don’t advertise other than by word of mouth–spending money onhyper-premium product ingredients, including natural essential plant oils instead of advertising. The products are also tested on humans and not animals.
      I think you should treat yourself to, two bags of black jelly beans!! And enjoy every single one!!

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