Oreo Cookie Day, White Chocolate Cheesecake Day, Frozen Food Day

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March 6, 2013

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★~ Today’s Quote:  “Light tomorrow with today.”  ― Elizabeth Barrett Browning

★~ Oreo Cookie Day:


Once every several generations, an invention comes along that fundamentally alters the course of human civilization. For those living in the 15th century, it was Gutenberg’s printing press, which enabled a rapid dissemination of knowledge that ushered in the Protestant Reformation, the Age of Enlightenment, and the Scientific Revolution. In the 18th century, it was the steam engine, which set in motion the Industrial Revolution and its attendant social upheavals.

Today, it’s the Oreo Separator Machine, which removes unwanted creme from Nabisco’s iconic sandwich cookie.

Developed by physicist and copywriter David Neevel in Portland, Ore. over the course of “0.04 years” – which is how scientists express the concept of two weeks – the OSM uses a hatchet to split the cookie in half. The two halves are transported, Rube Goldberg-style, to a tray where a CNC router removes all remaining traces of the offending creme, all without human intervention.

Like Pliny the Elder, Sir Francis Bacon, and Marie Curie before him, Neveel thought nothing of sacrificing his well-being in the pursuit of science. “I didn’t get to see my girlfriend or my dog for hours at a time sometimes,” Neveel says of his hours spent laboring in Portland’s chilly Mad Dog Garage. “And I had to try to find, like, a good sandwich in this part of the city and stuff.”

Neevel also added that it was hard to “learn how to build robots and make them work.”

Celebrate Oreo Cookie Day with or without the cream, I will leave this important decision up to you.

★~ National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day:

White Chocolate Cheese Cake

A Greek writer named Athenaeus recorded the oldest surviving cheesecake recipe. The ancient dessert called for just three ingredients—cheese, honey, and flour. Despite its simplicity, the Greeks believed that cheesecake had special powers. Brides and grooms ate it as wedding cake, and athletes enjoyed it before the first Olympic games in 776 BC!

The cheesecake we know and love today relies heavily on cream cheese, which wasn’t invented until the 1870s. By the early 1900s, cheesecake appeared on almost every restaurant menu in New York City and soon became a nationwide sensation. People love to experiment with interesting cheesecake flavors like piña colada, turtle, pumpkin pecan, crème brûlée, red velvet, and today’s reason to celebrate, white chocolate.

★~ National Frozen Food Day:

Frozen Food Day

Ice Cream, TV dinners, peas, pizza, where would be without frozen food? President Ronald Reagan was such a fan of frozen food that he proclaimed March 6th as Frozen Food Day back in 1984.

Clarence Birdseye  was the innovator behind frozen foods. Working for the government up in the frigid Arctic regions of Canada, Birdseye noticed the combination of ice, wind and cold temperature instantaneously froze fresh-caught fish.   And even better, when the fish was cooked days or weeks later, it still retained its wonderful flavor.

When the biologist/businessman returned to New York, he eventually founded the General Seafood Corporation.  Birdseye started selling his frozen foods in select stores on March 6, 1930.

★~ Today in History:


♥~ 1976 – The Waylon & Willie (Jennings and Nelson) song, Good Hearted Woman, started the last of three weeks at the top of the country music charts. Waylon and Willie wrote the song in 1969 during a poker game in Ft. Worth, TX. According to Jennings, “I’d been reading an ad for Ike and Tina Turner and it said, ‘Tina Turner singing songs about good-hearted women loving good-timing men.’ I thought, ‘What a great country song title that is!’”

♥~ 1981 –  Walter Cronkite, American television newscasters, said “And that’s the way it is” for the final time, as he closed the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite. An audience estimated at 17,000,000 viewers saw ‘the most trusted man in America’ sign-off.

♥~ 2000 – Eric Clapton was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and became the first musician to be inducted three times.

★~Born Today:


♥~ 1475 – Michelangelo (de Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni) Renaissance artist: Sistine Chapel ceiling; sculptor: David; architect: St. Peter’s [Rome]; died Feb 18, 1564

♥~ 1806 – Elizabeth Barrett Browning (Moulton) poet: Sonnets from the Portuguese – “How do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways.”; Robert Browning’s wife; died June 29, 1861

♥~ 1885 – Ring Lardner sports reporter, humorist, writer: Alibi Ike, You Know Me Al, Elmer the Great, June Moon; died Sep 25, 1933

♥~ 1947 – Rob Reiner Emmy Award-winning Best Supporting Actor/Comedy Series: All In the Family

♥~ 1959 – Tom Arnold actor: Roseanne, The Jackie Thomas Show, Tom, True Lies

♥~ 1996- A special shout out to El Morno friend Debbie! …. “Her favorite ND Domer,”  turns 22 today and will soon be a Notre Dame graduate.

~ Did You Know: Unique Frozen Foods.

Obama Fingers

Nothing like cashing in on popular people and trends with a frozen food product…..

Breakfast pizza

Breakfast Pizza? . The toppings? Yogurt, granola and freeze dried berries. Soggy Pizza is more like it…

Pickled Pops

Frozen Pickled Pops on a hot summer day? So wrong.

chicken breast ring

Chicken Breast Ring…One has to wonder WTH?

Saving the best for last….

Frozen Faggots

“Faggots are traditionally made from pig’s heart, liver and belly fat meat as well as other meat cut offs.” Basically an American hotdog in meatball….frozen.


We have about 8 inches of snow outside my door and more behind my garage – -where my van is parked. It was a lot more fun yesterday when the snow was falling and we were tucked inside my toasty house. Today, I have a million miles to travel before I rest and will have to venture out into the frozen tundra; I will fortify myself with coffee and visions of springtime dancing in my head.

Hope everyone has a warm, witty, Wednesday…..

Odd Loves Company!

11 thoughts on “Oreo Cookie Day, White Chocolate Cheesecake Day, Frozen Food Day

  1. Frozen pickles? Sounds awful but not as bad as the last frozen food on the list. I like frozen Sara Lee Frozen Cheesecake, tho. The white chocolate cheesecake looks very tasty,
    Hope you are shoveled out soon. Snow is awful stuff when you have to move around in it, I remember from my short stint in the North.
    Happy Birthday to Debbie’s son. ND graduate, is exciting.
    Stay safe and have a good one.

    • Frozen pickles does sound awful…who would eat such a thing?
      We are shoveled out today (Thursday)and the sun is shining so life is looking up!

  2. Kb, thanks for the shout-out — I know Domer’s going to have lots of birthday wishes, but it means a lot to me that you remembered!!
    I’m sorry you got 8 inches of fresh snow. Really, I am. We got maybe two. The wind howled all night like a wild thing, though, and that 50 degrees they promised for this weekend can’t come soon enough!
    Oreo cookies would be bland without the creamy middle. Dunking, or not. Just my opinion!
    Have a warm day!

    • I agree…we must have cream in the center of our Oreos! Hope Domer had a wonderful Birthday.
      Oh well into every life a little snow must fall if you live in Chicago….but it has seemed endlessly grey this year.

  3. Happy Birthday Domer! I have a nephew born today. Interesting about cheesecake. An oreo without the cream is a sad oreo. Talented inventor tho and dedicated giving up time with his girlfriend AND dog.
    Hope the snow melts and the sun comes out soon.

    • The inventor is talented but his girlfriend and dog need to keep him a lot busier. The sun is out today! I keep walking around, looking up and saying Da Sun, Da Sun.

  4. a late in the day happy 22nd birthday to domer!
    oreos with no middle makes no sense.
    don’t have cheesecake often, but it is a favorite.
    i enjoy clapton’s music especially 60s & 70s.
    wow…..that snow did hit you. stay safe & warm!

    • You have to have the cream! I agree 100%. The sun is out today and the snow is melting…I think, I hope, maybe…that was our last big snow hurrah for the season.

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