Peep Show and Tell


This week is Peeps Week on Odd.

Every day I will post one project that showcases the sweetness of Peeps. Today I made a plan and bought my craft supplies and my Peeps. We all know that I’m not a crafty person, but I picked projects any peep could do — or at least that is what the instructions said, the instructions wouldn’t lie to me, would they? Not again!

Today I made a Peep decorative candle. I think it turned out cute, although a little more of the white on the Peep showed than I would have liked — I hate it when that happens. I’m also afraid I’m going to have nightmares of Peeps screaming, “I’m melting . . . let me out!” I tried pretending that they were all sitting around the fireplace, but it’s kind of hard since they are facing out, clawing at the glass pitifully. You know what? This might not be the right project for me after all. Take a quick peep because after these pictures, I am rescuing these Peeps and setting them free. I don’t want Peta after me.

Easter Peeps Peeps

I bet you can’t wait for tomorrow’s peep show!

Odd Loves Company,


11 thoughts on “Peep Show and Tell

  1. Love the idea of a “peep show,” can’t wait to see what else you come up with over the week. I agree tho, don’t let the poor peeps melt to death. Unless you are making a S’more of-course!

    • S’mores are scheduled later in the week along with peeps popcorn…you have a lot to look forward too.

  2. So those are marshmallow peeps that you’ve placed around a hot glass jar with a burning candle inside? How long are they supposed to last before it’s time to scrape them out?
    I think you should have majored in science, think how much fun you would have had experimenting.

    • Ha. The outside of the volitive holder is cool. So the peeps won’t melt–BUT I felt sorry for them…they looked sad. So I set them free. Today, I am making a Peep wreath. I bet you can’t wait!

  3. Poor darlings! I could almost feel the heat from here. Please tell me tomorrow’s Peep Show doesn’t include anything blowing up!!

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