Draw A Bird Day, National Empañada Day

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April 8, 2013


★~ Today’s Quote: The mind is everything. What you think you become. ~ Buddha

 ★~ Draw a Bird day:


Draw a Bird Day began in the UK during the late 1940s as a way to boost morale after the Second World War. Since then April 8th has been celebrated as a day to draw our feathered friends and share our pictures with the world. Grab your pencils, ready, get set, Draw A Bird!  This day is not about artistic ability so don’t be intimidated. There is also no preference shown towards any particular species of bird. If vultures are your thing, draw a vulture. Peacocks, sparrows, seagulls, they’re all fair game.  If you draw a bird and send it to me, I will share it on Odd.

★~ National Empañada Day:


An empanada is a delicious Spanish and Portuguese type of stuffed bread, also known as “delicioco.” Empanadas can be served hot or cold as the main course or as a side dish.Empanadas are made by folding dough around a premade stuffing of chicken, cod, or pork loin. Other ingredients include tomatoes, garlic, and onion sauce.

Though this delectable dish originated in Europe, immigrants brought the recipe to various countries around the world where it was adopted and slightly altered to fit the tastes of that particular country. In Argentina, for example, empanadas are sometimes made with a fruit filling and served as dessert. In Jamaica, empanadas are referred to as “Jamaican patties” and are made with crispy pastry dough.

Cole is lucky enough to have two friends with Mother’s who make DELICIOCO Empañada ,and are teaching him how to make them (above). I’m lucky that he always brings home a few to his Mother!

★~ Today in History:


♥~ 1820 – Venus de Milo, famous armless statue of the goddess Venus (or Aphrodite) was discovered, on the island of Milos.

♥~ 1957 – Jimmy Dean began a morning show on CBS-TV to compete with the first 45 minutes of the Today show on NBC-TV. No, he didn’t stand around in an apron cookin’ sausage and singing Big Bad John for the audience, though it may not have been a bad idea. No sponsors were found for the show and it was back to the smokehouse for Jimmy when CBS quickly sliced the show from the network

♥~ 1968 – The Beatles went gold again, receiving a gold record for the single, Lady Madonna.

♥~ 1971 – Chicago became the first rock group to play Carnegie Hall in New York City. Through the 1970s and 1980s, Chicago scored big with these hits: Make Me Smile, 25 or 6 to 4, Saturday in the Park, Old Days, Baby, What a Big Surprise, Hard to Say I’m Sorry and many others,

♥~ 1974 – It was one historic night in sports in Atlanta’s Fulton County Stadium. Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s home run record by collecting his 715th round-tripper. Hammerin’ Hank trotted into baseball immortality as the Braves beat the Los Angeles Dodgers, 7 to 4. Aaron finished his career two years later with 755 home runs; a record that still stands.

♥~ 1985 – Comedienne Phyllis Diller underwent a surgical procedure for permanent eye liner to eliminate the need for eyelid makeup.

♥~ 1986 – Actor Clint Eastwood was elected mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. Eastwood won in a landslide victory, receiving 72.5 percent of the vote. And he did so without fanfare any paid advertisements, just buttons and bumper stickers. Apparently, a few voters had already heard of him.

♥~ 2005 – Four Australian performers called The Wiggles topped BRW Magazine’s list of Australia’s 50 richest performers of 2004. The band had an estimated gross income of $34.5 million, up from $10.7 million in the previous year.

★~Born Today:


♥~ 563 B.C.– Buddha (Shakyamuni) ‘The Enlightened One’ in the Buddhist faith; died Feb 15, 483 B.C. Buddha birthday is celebrate in Japan on this day-in Southeast Asia the celebration will be held on May 10.

♥~ 1941 – Darlene Gillespie, TV personality (“The Mickey Mouse Club”), turns 70

♥~ 1960 – John (Richard) Schneider actor: Second Chances, Heaven Help Us, Grand Slam, Dukes of Hazzard, Night of the Twisters, Texas, Speed Zone, Stagecoach, Cocaine Wars, Smokey and the Bandit

★~ Did You Know: What do these wits and philosophers have in common? None of them had a day job. (EL MORNO Research team is back on the ball and Did You Know appears once again–uhm, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE, WE APPRECIATE YOUR READERSHIP) 


♥~ Socrates: Aside from a possible brief stint as a sculptor, Socrates seems to have spent most of his hours ambling around the agora—the gymnasia where Athenians exercised, which was also Athens’s central public meeting place and marketplace. When he wasn’t milling about the town, the old philosopher could be spotted going to parties and loitering in taverns where citizens and foreign guests gathered. All this isn’t to say the poor guy enjoyed the lush life. Socrates lived and dressed simply, wore neither shoes nor shirt, and owned only one coat. He also ate poorly, lived hand to mouth, relied heavily on the charity of his friends, and refused gifts when they were offered. Like, for instance, the time his friend Charmides offered to give him slaves who could have made money to support him. He also refused to accept presents from powerful leaders of Greek cities, not wanting to ever compromise his integrity. When the great philosopher was put on trial for allegedly teaching sacrilege, Socrates tweaked the Athenian assembly by suggesting that far from being a criminal, he deserved free room and board at their expense. Unamused, they condemned him to death.

♥~ Oscar Wilde: “Cultivated leisure is the aim of man,” Oscar Wilde once famously said, and he certainly lived his life by that dictum. Wilde was brilliant, winning a gold medal in Classics at Trinity College in Dublin in 1874 before earning a scholarship to Oxford. When his father died, however, Wilde left the family’s finances to his older brother Henry, and worked only once in his life, a brief two-year stint as the editor of a women’s magazine called The Woman’s World, from 1887 to 1889. Wilde spent the rest of his time writing, giving lectures on aesthetics, coining pithy epigrams, and generally being a wit. Sadly, Wilde was forced to do hard labor near the end of his life after he was found guilty of immoral conduct for homosexual activities. A broken man, he died shortly thereafter, in 1900.

♥~ Buddha : Buddha, like Socrates, was a full-time thinker whose schedule of meditation, contemplation, and conversation didn’t leave any time for work. Born around 563 BC, Siddhartha, as he was called when young, was the son of a king who ruled a small kingdom in the northern floodplains of the Ganges River in India. The young prince led a life of leisure in his early years before growing disgusted with the materialism of the royal palace. Instead of sticking around, Siddhartha wandered off into nature at the age of 28, and after seven years of travel, meditation, and conversation with Hindu mystics, he attained enlightenment under a Bodhi tree. Receiving visitors and teaching students from under the tree, he spread the message of moderation and separation from material want that became Buddhism—and never did get a job.


Monday is errand day. It’s always been errand day. Growing up it was the day my sweet Mom ran to the bank, did the grocery shopping, picked up dry cleaning, and completed various and sundry running around chores. I’ve never been able to shake the feeling that going to the post office, or the bank is all wrong if you do it on Tuesday. The grocery store is different, I just go when we need to eat. Vickie (friend and Camp helper) is coming this morno to hold down the fort while I head out into the fall of it all. Or something like that.

Kind of interesting that Buddha and Darlene Gillespie (“The Mickey Mouse Club”) share the same April 8th birthday. . Whose the leader of the pack BUD DHA BUD DHA …BUDHA. It might work. Maybe.

Raining like cats and dog this Morno in Chicago.

Wishing you a Merry Monday!

14 thoughts on “Draw A Bird Day, National Empañada Day

  1. Morno,
    I thought something was missing. Can’t draw a lick, but wouldn’t mind one of those empanadas they look really good.
    Chicago great group.
    Have a good one.

  2. Good Morno,
    Rainy here too. Wishing I was a rich lady of leisure and could just sleep in, read, and eat chocolates today. I love empanadas and the best ones are homemade by someones mom. Draw a bird? I wouldn’t know where to begin. I bet Cole drew your El Morno bird?
    Hope some sun shines your way.

    • Cole did draw the El Morno bird. You are absolutely right the best empanadas are made by someone else!

  3. We’re awaiting t-storms, too, but in the meantime, I managed to take DD on a long walk. Signs of Spring are popping up everywhere — must take camera along soon.

    You know I can’t draw worth beans. No way would I subject your other readers to a picture of a stick-bird!

    Interesting how those “thinkers” managed to make a name for themselves, without taking a lick at a snake!

    • I’m your sick-bird would be just fine. We took a walk too! After the rain stopped it was a beautiful day. Your right, spring is spunging…or something like that.
      Without taking a lick at a snake..I’m sure I will quote that one.

  4. We’re having a storm too—a dust storm! It’s so bad we can’t even see the mountain. So we went to a movie.
    Cole did draw the bird. I think he’s very talented.
    His Mother is also very talented but in a different way. She managed to find another pair of my favorite earrings when I lost one. She is a jewel herself!

    • Thank you Mother. it was nothing really. I know you hate the dust, but Cole probably finds it very exciting. Did you like the movie?

  5. Definitely am not going to attempt a drawing of a bird but was happy to see and hear my Chicago song here! As for the Wiggles—-I am very glad my boys are too old to have “experienced” that. Ugh.

    • i’m sure you could draw a lovely bird. Yep, thanks for choosing the song! We were a non-television family for the first 12 years of Cole’s life so we missed out on most of the more popular trends. And look at the depths we fell too…Magic Mike 😀

  6. Good Tuesday Morno from Down Under! Alessia and I saw the wiggles performing in 1993, she was only 3 years old and they weren’t yet famous. I still have their first album on cassette with all their autographs. I wonder if it’s worth any thing. Enjoy your evening.

  7. ornery system today. wiped out my previous attempt. also thought i had thanked the powers that be for my subaru. it was a subaru, wasn’t it? will look forward to my sugru in the mail!
    not much of a drawer & admire those that can. like cole apparently!
    love chicago’s music.
    go blue vs. louisville!

    • Odd was ornery? I wonder why. No it is NOT SUBARU…it is sugru. SUGRU. I’m sure you will love and swear by it.
      Yes, Cole can draw, his mother can not. I can however track down a pair of earrings. I’m sure your bird would be lovely.

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