Missing Me?

back soon

El Morno is taking today off. . . But do not despair, Odd and Ends will be posted later today, along with a riveting garbage disposal story. AND you can check out EL Morno April 6, 2011 and EL Morno April 6, 2012 to see what has happened on this illustrious day in the past.  Very quickly, I will remind you today is Caramel Popcorn day….now, really I must go.

Goodbyeeeeeeeeeee, Totsiens, Farvel, Auf Wiedersehen, Selamat tinggal, Aloha, Viso gero, Namaste, Do widzenia, zulu. Au devoir, Arrivederci, Hej då, Hasta la vista…..

Odd Loves Company,

10 thoughts on “Missing Me?

  1. Fine. Go off and leave us high and dry with just a little popcorn to tide us over. I will take my sorrows to the golf course and check back later.
    All seriousness, hope you have a great day.

    • Thanks Mike. Hope the popcorn and the golfing got you through the day. It was a good day of just laying low.

    • As I type it is thundering up a storm. The rest of the day seemed damp, but not too stormy. Hope it did not rain on your parade! You weren’t out stealing golf carts, were you??

  2. GOOD for you!! Sometimes life just intervenes (or the sunny weather beckons!), and we have to tend to other things. You’re certainly “forgiven.” Now go enjoy yourself!

    • Thanks. I took Cole to the airport, bought some snacks and laid low most of the day. Reading, napping, and shaving my legs (which may fall into the too much information category :-D)

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